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Cosmetic Botox Injections for Men w/ Personal Pictures (Skin Care Guide Part 4)

Botox For Men w/ My Personal Results 
(Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Guide Part 4)

Update: You can really see the big time differences in my skin and complex in this post -

Welcome to Part IV of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care".

We are going to talk about Botox. I decided to save my discussion of other prescription drugs for the next section.

You'll see pictures of me, my experience, my problems and my solutions.

I shy away from nothing and this is no different.

We'll talk about safety and "frozen faces" too.

I could lie to you and pretend I know nothing about Botox.

Or better yet - tell you that Botox is harmful/doesn't work and suggest a shitty alternative that I could collect a commission on.

But I'm not.

This community is about REAL SOLUTIONS and it's up to you whether you want to hear them or not.

Unfortunately, Botox is pricey and doesn't quality for 'Inexpensive', like the other suggestions in this guide. 

pins and needles

Botulinum Toxic (Botox)

Alright then.

Just hear me out before you start yelling homophobic slurs.

I encourage you to RESERVE JUDGMENT about whatever you've heard or "know" about Botox.

You might not know what you think you know.

Lets quickly talk about what Botox is in 78 words.

Botox is a compound that temporarily paralyzes whatever muscle it is shot into.

It has been used for decades to treat neurological disorders that cause involuntary, random spasms and movements in certain muscles. It has been used to treat general spasticity resulting from stroke, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. More recently, It is also used to treat excessive sweating, migraine headaches it is even thought to have potential to treat depression.

Cosmetically, it has been used since 1987.

In my opinion, based on what I have tried -

Botox is the single best non-surgical option if you want to PREVENT and [temporarily] REMOVE lines on your forehead, between your eyebrows (frown lines) or beside your eyes (crow's feet).

Cosmetically applied, like ANY COMPOUND, it's not without potential side effects.

These side effects are almost always temporary, if not completely reversible in a matter of hours.

My History With Botox

I've used Botox, on and off for the past 7 years.

I have always had a noticeable brow line. Never any crow's feet (fine lines near eyes) though.

Even back in high school, I had the beginning of what would be a strong forehead line -
(this is quite significant for a kid in high school, I looked 20-21 when I was 16 - just like Lebron, except White and not good at basketball)


Over the years, accelerated by significant use of anabolic steroids in my 20's, my brow line(s) got deeper and more visible.
(again, steroids will not directly "make" wrinkles or lines on your face, my facial muscles got so strong that any expressions would crease the skin deeper than normal)

In 2007, just before I moved to Hollywood, I decided to try a small amount of Botox (~15 units).

It totally killed all the lines on my forehead - although the "certified injector" placed it poorly and my eye brows were uneven for a few months.
(more on that later)

When I moved to LA, I got it done again from a real doctor and it was done well.

I looked about 3 or 4 years younger.

Through my full-time "career" of picking up girls and non-stop partying (~2007-2010), I would get about 20 units of Botox about every 5 months shot into my forehead.

I didn't get it between my eyebrows (frown lines) too often though.
(getting Botox in your forehead will somewhat calm down the area between your eyebrows too)

My goal was to soften my "angry" expressions a little bit but not kill all the lines that help me look masculine.

Between 2011 and January 2014, I didn't get Botox very often, maybe 1 or 2 times - simply because it is expensive and lasts for about 3.5 months for guys, if you're lucky.

But as of January 2014, I'm back on the Botox train because it is quite simply THE BEST WAY to ERASE and PREVENT lines.

My Typical Results with Botox (2014)


Pictures #1 and #2 are sometime before I got Botox in January 2014.
(if you wanted to see what my hairline looks like without anything in it - Picture #2)

Pictures #3 and #4 are sometime 2 or 3 weeks after I got Botox in January 2014.

I wait until the Botox has completely worn off before I get it done again - usually about 4 to 5 months.

I no longer take steroids so my facial muscles aren't super strong and the Botox lasts longer than the usual 3.5 months.

I'm due for a Botox party later this month.

My Impressions and Thoughts on Botox

Listen -

This is going to upset a lot of bodybuilders and GLL readers, but I'd rather give you REAL SOLUTIONS instead of simply repeating the same close-minded meathead agenda or recommending products that don't work.

I'm an intelligent douchebag before I'm a dumb meathead.

We have our own rules here.

The most important rule is - THERE ARE NO RULES.

I'm probably not going to convince a lot of guys to immediately run to their nearest medical spa, but I want to dispel the notion that is Botox is -

  1. Only for Women, Hot Young Girls, Homosexuals or Male Celebrities
  2. Unsafe

If you are too proud to not look as good as you could - that's on you.

Botox for Guys In Their Late 20's or Early 30's?

I find it ironic that guys are willing to spend 14 hours a week in the gym, inject massive doses of steroids to [supposedly] look better but the idea of injecting Botox (which begins to work immediately) is only for homosexuals or people who are "insecure" about their looks.

Give me a break.

As committed juiceheads approach their later 20's or early 30's - 20-30 units of Botox would help them look better than 1000mg of testosterone.

I'm "pro-steroids", I have an entire [developing] section on it over at Good Looking Loser - Get Juiced and I have spent more money and time on gear than 99.99% of guys. I even sold gear back in college*, was an "underground" personal trainer for college athletes and later for a handful of celebrities in Hollywood.
* legal stuff, of course

But I will recognize THE FACT that steroids will make your facial muscles considerably stronger, especially if you consistently train with intensity and will promote what nothing other than pre-mature aging.

On a kid in his early or mid 20's, the additional masculinity is sexy. The hottest girls go for sexy masculinity over "pretty".

After a while, however, some guys begin to look like a washed up, sun baked, past his prime - bodybuilder.

Add in a high protein (therefore high sodium) diet and the bloat makes him look even worse.


I never understood this at the time but it's so obvious when I look back at pictures of myself.

I was on my way there and sometimes still look like I am.

P1010849uschatPicture is from 2005. Ink isn't real.

Regardless if you use gear or not, Botox is the best way to PREVENT lines from becoming deeper.

Like Doctors tell girls, it's actually better to start early - rather than waiting for the lines to appear.

The good news is - for guys, you don't need a ton of Botox or need to worry about killing or preventing ALL the lines.

Just shoot the the ones that make you look older than you are - it will temporarily kill them and prevent them from getting deeper.

Don't be surprised if you look younger than you are - RIGHT AWAY but also in the future since it pretty much stops aging in the regions you hit.

I have absolutely no shame and no problem admitting that I've use Botox.
(look at my YouTube videos from 2012 compared to now, I look younger and better now)

I have no problem recommending it to guys in their late 20's or early 30's, on a case-by-case basis, based on its safe track record.

holding Botox

Safety Concerns

Botox actually has one of the longest and safest track records of any cosmetic anti-aging compound.

Common sense tells us Botox is fairly safe since celebrities, likely the best candidates for 'Botox abuse', have been using it for decades and not dropping dead.

The average celebrity, especially those in their 50 or 60s, looks considerably better than the average person at the same age.

While ignorant outsiders claim that it's "their genetics", dietitians claim it's "their diet", personal trainers credit "their gym routine" and lying Internet Marketer scum credit "their facial exercise program", the fact of the matter is - CONSISTENT BOTOX (and Juvederm) and Low-Moderate, HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC SURGERY are to thank for Hollywood's age defiance.

Scientific studies, not funded by Allergan (the manufacturer of Botox) says that Botox is safe as well.

The very best summary of Botox safety and risk analysis can be found in the University of Southern California's 'Illumin' Online Magazine which concludes -

Whether used clinically to improve the physical health of a patient or cosmetically to improve the mental and emotional health of a patient, Botox gets the job done. And as aging boomers seek to live up to societal expectations of youth and beauty, they will look to cosmecueticals like Botox for help. Thus, given its safety and efficacy, it is fair to say that the future of Botox is indeed quite smooth.

The article incorporates 20 different clinical and case studies and arrives at the conclusion that Botox -

Remarkably safe, with low toxicity.¹


One reason to not be concerned about the side effects and complications is that the effects of Botox are only temporary, as stated in the May 2003 Journal of Dermatologic Surgery.

Between 1989-2003, Botox was loosely linked to a whopping total of 29 deaths according to the September 2005 "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology".

More people will die of smoking and alcohol tonight.

In fact, Harvard Medical School recently noted that Botox, even in very high doses, doesn't affect brain cells or neurons and wasn't a legitimate "bio-terrorism" threat and the Department of Homeland Security and CDC doesn't need to worry about it.

If you are a healthy adult male or female, you should be fine.

If you are one of the small percentage of people that get side effects or one of the 3.3% of people² that aren't satisfied with your Botox treatment, the next section is for you.

Chris Getting Botox

A Common Sense Approach to Prescription Drug Side Effects and Hysteria

People are always super concerned about 'side effects' when considering taking a compound that they know little about.

They always wonder -

Is it safe?

Does it have side effects?

What are the long-term side effects?

Is it proven that there's no long-side effects?

The questions are reasonable but also evidence of a lack of understanding of how the universe works.

And Nothing that a little research on Internet and common sense can't solve.

First off, ALL prescription drugs can have side effects.

This is not unique to Botox.

Look up any prescription drug, dietary supplement or diet - there will a list of side effects that a small minority can get.

99.99% of the time, with prescription drugs (or anything else), if you don't experience any 'short-term' side effects, you aren't likely to experience any 'long-term' side effects.

It's not like a drug will be working perfectly for 10 years, improving your quality of life and then you'll drop dead late one afternoon.

Almost 100% of the time, the people that get 'long-term' side effects are the same people that experience short-term side effects and choose, for whatever reason, to continue taking the medication.

Want to avoid long-term side effects?

Stop taking the medication if you get any "short-term" side effects.

You'll be back to normal shortly.

That's right, if a prescription drug isn't working for you - you actually have the option to stop taking it.

Imagine that.

I'm not usually sarcastic or negative - but this issue of "How to deal with side effects" or "Are there any long-term side effects?!?", really irritates me.

The Most Common Side Effect

The primary 'side effect' is strictly cosmetic and is what is known as a "Spock Eyebrow".


This is from a misplaced injection or improper distribution (placement ratio).

Whoever did your injections is usually 100% to blame.

I got the Spock effect after my first Botox treatment that wasn't done by a real doctor but I've gotten a minor Spock Brow a few other times -

Chris Spock BrowThis is 4 months after a Botox treatment in 2011. I'm somewhat prone to this. If you get a Spock brow, it should go away faster.

Experienced doctors do not make this mistake and most know how to reverse most of it (additional injections to the opposing muscle).

The Frozen Face Phenomenon

The #1 reason that people don't consider getting Botox is because they heard that it could give them a "frozen face" like this -

donatella versace frozen faceDonatella Versace, age 59

After all, Botox "freezes" your muscles, right?

Yes, it does - but not like this.

This type of "ghostly" look or frozen face is a result of MULTIPLE PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURES and NOT BOTOX.

BOTOX DOES NOT DO THIS and everyone in Hollywood knows this.

Now you do too.

If your a guy, it's even more unlikely to see any complications (let alone a significant 'freeze') from Botox, our facial muscles are 30x stronger than the opposite sex.

If anything, you'll wish your Botox lasted longer and was more powerful.

This jealous ignorant content writer tried to put together a compilation of "Hollywood's Most Frozen Faces After 10 Years of Botox" for Shape Magazine, all of these women look incredible for their age and Botox has nothing to do with the stereotypical "frozen face". Botox misinformation and exaggerations are widespread. 

How Much Botox Do I NeedThe quantities are just about the exact same for men. 

Botox Considerations for Newbies

If you are a virgin to Botox, make an appointment and ask the girl on the other end of the phone, "Will a DOCTOR be administering the Botox injections or just a 'certified injector'?" If a doctor is in charge, schedule the appointment. If not, call elsewhere.

Go to a doctor to get it done. Doctors won't mess up your injection angle and the Botox won't be watered down like some of the medical spas do.

Botox is expensive. In fact, this is the primary reason I don't recommend until you reach your late 20's or early 30's. Groupon and LivingSocial often have some good deals on it. Do a search for 'Botox'.

Results will appear right away but will REALLY APPEAR in about 7 to 10 days.

Don't go to the gym, rub the area or go to sleep until 5 or 6 hours after your injections.

You guys are resourceful and can probably find Botox on some drug website or from a Chinese supplier - don't do it. Injecting on your own is absolutely crazy because the slightest misplaced shot will make you look stupid for 3 months.

"Better than Botox!", "Safer than Botox!", "Just like Botox!" over-the-counter creams and lotions are a complete joke. I've tried a few.
(I even tried a super high-quality one in 2012 in hopes of recommending it to you - you'll never see it on here because it did nothing)

I'm part of the 'Brilliant Distinctions' program that gives a free 20 or 30 unit Botox session after I do 3 or 4 of them. 

guy self-injectingGO TO A DOCTOR. DO NOT DO THIS.

So There You Have It...

Okay, we're done.

Botox is the best option in the world to clear up existing deep lines and preventing further creasing.

It has been used for a host of medical conditions for over 20 years.

The track record suggests that the compound, in appropriate cosmetic doses - is safe.

The most common side effect is "Spock Brow" which is temporary. If you get it done by a doctor, this probably won't be an issue.

"Frozen Faces" are the result of numerous plastic surgeries, not Botox. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

If you look older than you should or just want to turn back/put the breaks on your age - you should consider at least trying Botox.

Seek to 'calm down' your lines, not totally erase them. You don't have to do that.

You don't even have to admit you got Botox, most people can't even tell. They just notice that you "look better" and ask if you have lost weight.

I see absolutely no reason to be ashamed of it though. Obviously.

Additional references cited

¹ A. Blitzer, W.J. Binder, and M.F. Brin. " Botulinum toxin injections for facial lines and wrinkles: Technique." In A. Blitzer, W.J. Blinder, J.B. Boyd & A. Carruthers (Eds.), Management of Facial Lines and Wrinkles (pp. 279-302). Philadelphia, PA (2000): Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

² B. Sommer, I. Zschocke, and D. Bergfeld, et al. (2003). "Satisfaction of patients after treatment of Botulinum toxin for dynamic facial lines." Dermatologic Surgery, 29, 456-60.

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Comments (12)

  1. RandyK

Bravo! I am 54 and started using Botox touch ups since I was 40. Regardless of what people say, the sooner you use it the less sag you get. Bravo to you for brining this up. More men use Botox than you think. On Botox nights at my MD office, I...

Bravo! I am 54 and started using Botox touch ups since I was 40. Regardless of what people say, the sooner you use it the less sag you get. Bravo to you for brining this up. More men use Botox than you think. On Botox nights at my MD office, I would say that 45% are men. Thanks GLL.

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    RandyK

Thanks Randy.

I'm happy the 1st comment is from someone w/ real experience and not some close-minded child.

14 years of Botox huh? And you're still alive? Imagine that.

Yup, I agree that more men use Botox than I know. Few will admit it though.

  1. blah

Well, botox has made a huge difference in my overall feeling of goodness and this is clinically documented. Many recent studies have shown a high impact on botox on alleviating depression as much as 50%. That's a huge number.

  1. Good Looking Loser    blah

Nice info --- how is it administered for depression? and what dosage?

  1. Anon

Great article, but the final question...what does it cost when you go to the doctor?

  1. Good Looking Loser    Anon

It depends on the region (how much you need to get). T

he forehead/between eyebrows is about $250 x 2 for me.

But the side of the eyes (crow's feet) is closer to $90 -- but I don't have lines there.

  1. Good Looking Loser    blah

Wow. Not bad at all.


  1. Anon

thanks for the response! also, I was going to comment on your other article about the $1 per day skin care regimen but it appears that comments are closed.

anyway, after one month my results are as follows:

the African black soap is cool. I...

thanks for the response! also, I was going to comment on your other article about the $1 per day skin care regimen but it appears that comments are closed.

anyway, after one month my results are as follows:

the African black soap is cool. I haven't used bar soaps in years. I actually use one of those shower proof things with it. I don't know how much of a difference it has made to my skin though.

the serum has made my skin look better. the reason I say this is that is was the first thing I used and after one application there seemed to be some improvement. the main area that seems to have been improved is my forehead where the lines have been reduced. however, the lines near my mouth/cheek don't appear to have been improved.

the coconut oil is cool too. I put it on at night and noticed that I no longer experience razor burn on my next. really awesome as a lube for sexy time, never seems to dry out like other lubes. haven't used it for cooking yet. also, it arrived in liquid form and slowly solidified over three weeks. I like it better now as a solid since there is no spillage risk. it converts quickly back to liquid when you scoop it up with your fingers.

overall good recommendations and I will order the products again.

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    Anon

I appreciate the feedback Anon, I always read everything you write-in to us, even if I don't respond. I'm thrilled it's working well for you - these suggestions are seriously great for being so inexpensive.

  1. jeff

I've had really bad eye excema for 4 years. It's caused folds under my eyes. Do you think botox will help this?

Thanks man!

  1. Mat

Chris, if you used Botox a couple times a year for several years and then stopped, would you still look like you basically haven't aged much in those years, or would your face age much faster to "catch up" for the lost time of avoiding the aging...

Chris, if you used Botox a couple times a year for several years and then stopped, would you still look like you basically haven't aged much in those years, or would your face age much faster to "catch up" for the lost time of avoiding the aging process?

Basically, would your wrinkles start getting worse much faster to catch up to how ou would have looked had you never used Botox?

Also, is there any long term risk? Does the Botox just get released safely through the body over the course of 4 months or so?

Read More
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