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Retin-A and Juvederm/Radiesse Filler for Men (Skin Care Guide Part 5)

Retin-A and Cosmetic Fillers For Men
(Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Guide Part 5)

Update: You can really see the big time differences in my skin and complex in this post -

Welcome to Part V of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care".

We talked about Botox in the previous post and I showed you pictures of how good Botox can be and convinced you that you aren't a girl, homosexual or weirdo if you get it.

We are going to talk about prescription drugs and dietary supplements now.

I'll tell you my experience (or lack thereof) with each suggestion.

This is not medical advice, I am a kid - not a doctor. Please run each suggestion by a medical professional before you use it.

Some links, but not all, below are "affiliate links". That means the Good Looking Loser Community receives a small commission (at no expense to you) if you purchase the product through our link. If you do so, thank you. That is how our community makes money since we don't actually sell anything.

Prescription Drugs

The best recipe for good skin is prevention.

While you will be able to "look younger" from our suggestions, it's way better and effective to prevent yourself from looking older in the first place.

I wish I caught that memo in my mid 20's.

Retin-A - Tretinoin Cream (USA Prescription Grade)

Before we start, I want you to know that I do not yet have experience with this compound.

My doctor gave me a tube but I haven't yet used it because it can dry out your skin during the first 10-14 days and I've been doing these pickup videos and I need to look my best.

I'll use it soon and report back.

Also, muy importante, we are talking about prescription strength Retin-A and not any over the counter formulas.

As I have heard and Mike from Danger & Play confirms - the over-the-counter Retin-A (sometimes called "Retinols") does absolutely nothing. Mike is a total expert on male skin care and has taught me a lot recently. I would absolutely defer to him on this subject, he knows his stuff better than any guy I know.

He has used Retin-A, recommends it and claims that is why his forehead is basically wrinkle-free.

Not to oversimplify, but Retin-A o brand-name Renova, is a form of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself.

It works by removing the top layer of skin, the part that is theoretically worn with wrinkles and fine lines and allows for a new layer of skin to replace it.

Pretty simple.

Pretty cool.

Over 25 years ago, Retin-A hit the market as an acne medication.

But doctors and happy patients noticed an untended side effect - it made everyone's skin look fantastic, youthful and vibrant.

I'm excited to use Retin-A because it has so much good feedback and is generally every doctor's first recommendation when you embark on a serious skincare campaign to look better and slow down the clock.

Dr. John Voohees, the chairman of dermatology at the University of Michigan Medical School says -

To my knowledge, this is the only drug for which there has been crystal-clear demonstration that it works on the molecular level.
source: New York Times "The Thing About Retin-A, It Works." (2006)

Just about all the clinical studies in the past 20 years back up Dr. John's claims.

Here are a few -

Since I have not yet used Retin-A, I can't tell you EXACTLY what to expect or offer you any tips.

But it has such a good track record that withholding information about it is silly.

Take it as directed by your dermatologist, just two applications for the first 2 weeks so your skin gets used to it. Stay out of the sun and observe the other precautions that your doctor and this list mention.

  • Ask your doctor about Renova (Don't buy it from an online pharmacy) 

My doctor started me on the (0.05% version).

I'll let you know how it goes.


Juvederm/Radiesse (Line Filler)

update: I haven't gotten fillers since 2014. I don't recommend them unless you need them.

Unlike Retin-A, this treatment isn't one you can take home.

It's similar to Botox because it is doctor administered, helps to fill in lines and is one of Hollywood's biggest secrets.

While Botox is meant for the top of your face and near the eyes, Juvederm or Radiesse is meant for lines near the mouth area, usually called "smile lines" or nasolabial folds.

While I have no fine lines or "crows feet" near my eyes, I actually have very prominent nasolabial folds.

Although I don't "need" it, my doctor cuts me deals and I agreed to try Radiesse.

It helps with prevention and works immediately.
(update: I had to go back in - I needed 2 treatments)

Radiesse Before and AfterUpdated August 25 2014 - The difference in the smile lines is significant. Close to 3ccs of Radiesse

I can't compare it to Juvederm.

I haven't tried that before.

Overall, I give Radiesse an A-, it took me almost 3ccs to get this result. I either needed more than the regular 1.5cc application or it was shot poorly the first time.

The good news is that it lasts for 8+ months. Perhaps 12+ months.

If you have older-than-your-age smile lines or want to prevent them, it's worth asking your doctor about Juvederm and Radiesse.


Dietary Supplements

If you've been around the Good Looking Loser Community or "Get A Life" (Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser), you already know my view on most dietary supplements.

They are garbage and a complete waste of money.

There's a few that work and will help you maintain your skin quality. Or perhaps improve it.

Remember - dietary supplements are meant to 'supplement' (or replace) nutritional deficiencies. If you aren't missing the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytos or specific compound - the supplement will do nothing.

Collagen (Type I and Type III)

In addition to the basic topical treatments (largely, Hyaluronic Acid) that will improve your skin quality and appearance, there is one oral supplement that I take in my new-found quest for skin improvement -

Even if you're a newbie to men's skin care, you've probably heard of "collagen".

Collagen is a complex structural protein that helps maintain strength, tissue and flexibility throughout your entire body.

Collagen peptides I and III specifically support skins, hair, nails, muscles, joints and tendons.

As you grow older and wiser, your body's natural Collagen production (and the ability to use it) declines.

You can expect a decline and an eventual deficiency.

The good news - you can supplement for it.

This is EXACTLY how supplements are meant to be used - for deficiencies.

I've only been using this Collagen supplements for a couple months now but I think I hit a home-run. My facial hair grows faster and I can play basketball pretty hard on a no-carb diet.
(no-carb diets are hard on the joints and I've had 3 knee surgeries from sports/lifting)

I've taken a lot of measures to improve my skin, so it would be disingenuous to credit the Collagen supplement for all my improvement.

But I'm sure it's helping.

I've never really gotten compliments on my skin (other than, "Nice tan, Chris."), but I've been actually getting compliments lately from people who know my age (31) and a few from strangers.

Also -

It's been thought that the over-the-counter hair loss treatment, Minoxidil, can deplete your Collagen stores and cause premature aging.

I'm the hair loss expert but I don't know where I stand on this to be honest.

My initial thoughts are -

It can but will only happen to a very small minority of people.

Prescription drugs, dietary supplements, pretty much anything you put into your body can cause side effects. These side effects occur in only 1% or 2% of cases.

If you use Minoxidil, taking a Collagen supplement might be a good idea.

collagen process

The Amazing Chocolate Greens Formula

You know and I both know that -

You don't eat enough fruits or vegetables.

Regardless if you follow the asinine, out-dated, swag-less food pyramid or a better diet -

You just don't.

Fruits and vegetables are a pain in the ass to prepare, the good ones are expensive and frankly they aren't particularly fun to eat.

If you've been around here for a while, you'll also know that I'm also telling you about this "Chocolate Silk" dietary supplement.

It is amazing -

It tastes absolutely incredible.

Most importantly, it is filled with organic extracts which are BETTER QUALITY than you would find in your mainstream grocery store and it only takes 23 seconds to prepare.

And for just about all people, getting this dietary supplement will be cheaper than buying organic fruits and vegetables.

It's far beyond a multivitamin because it contains antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics and other goodies such as Turmeric Extract and complex digestive enzymes.

Like you've heard me say -

I wish I had this supplement when I was in college. I was an athlete/protein meat-head that barely had the time to cook my 5-6 meals a day and I certainly had no time fruits or vegetables in college.

How much better would my skin be if I had this supplement in my early and mid 20's?

I don't know.

I would probably look 29 or 30, instead of 31 or 32.

It's hard to say though. 

It's also hard to say how much this supplement has improved my skin since I've been taking it on a daily basis. There's too many factors involved and I've really stepped up my skincare quest.

Sorry, no before or after pictures. Not possible.

Still, I absolutely love this supplement and it is the ONLY SUPPLEMENT that I feel 100% of people NEED TO TAKE.

Not protein powder, not a multivitamin, not even green tea - THIS SUPPLEMENT.

You'll fall in love with the taste.
(better in milk than water)

"You're welcome." in advance.


Pour Conclure

That wraps up the Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements portion of Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Guide.

Other than Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse, we have solid inexpensive solutions that will make you look younger or at the very least - slow down the clock.

I'd like to give you less expensive, equally-as-good alternatives to those treatments but I can't.

Remember - the best way to have good skin at age 30 or 40 - is to PREVENT IT FROM GETTING BAD.

Don't wait until you have lines, like I have. Stop it from happening.

If you do have lines that are too strong for your liking, Botox and the solutions above will make a world of difference and can even help prevent them from getting worse.

If you have any questions or comments, I prefer if you ask them in the Good Looking Loser "Get Groomed" forum where you will receive a quicker, more in-depth response.

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