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The Best DHT Blocker Stack For Male Pattern Baldness (How to Stop Hair Loss Guide - Part 3)

The Ultimate DHT Blocking Stack
(Maximum DHT Protection - Male Pattern Baldness Has Met Its Match)
For legal reasons - I will tell you what I do or my "research subject" does and not tell "you" to follow the same advice.
This protocol is as good as it gets for combating Androgenic Alopecia

Welcome to Part III of "Good Looking Loser's Hair Loss Prevention Guide".

In Part II, we presented an economical solution called "Hair Loss On a Budget - Save Your Hair for $1.33".

That page discussed my base protocol I used for significant hair loss prevention without spending a lot of money.

In this section, I will discuss my protocol for MAXIMUM PREVENTION that theoretically offers the VERY BEST protection against DHT and Male Pattern Baldness.

This portion and the entire "Hair Loss Prevention Guide" is subject to our Medical Disclaimer.
It is not medical advice nor the replacement for advice from a qualified physician.
This is for educational purposes ONLY and should only be followed if approved by a physician.


What To Expect

This is the strongest DHT protection I have ever used.
(the doses might have to be adjusted per your doctor's advice)

I would like to guarantee results but it's really impossible to do so.

Everybody's sensitivity to androgens are different, everybody responds differently to the treatments, everyone's hormone levels are different and everyone is in their own unique stage of Androgenic Alopecia.

What I can guarantee is: if there is anything that will save hair or possibly regrow hair - THIS IS IT.

The good news is -

Most guys respond quite well to these treatments, especially when used concurrently.

Some guys will be able to prevent hair loss from anabolic steroids, we discuss this here -

Please speak to your physician before you begin this hair loss prevention protocol or any other. 

9guys hair

Opening Thoughts

The protocol below is what I have been using for the past ~9 months. (update: >2 years)

It was by no means a 'one-size-fits-all' deal and it required several months of trial and error to figure out the exact protocol that worked for my research subject.

Before considering this advanced protocol, or any hair loss prevention protocol, it is important to get bloodwork done, specifically - a Men's Hormone Panel that measures Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Estrogen, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), etc.

The baseline numbers are an important frame of reference to compare to future blood tests when testing the protocol.

If you have insurance, you can go to the doctor and tell him you want a "Full Men's Hormonal Panel" because you are experiencing "fatigue". Most insurance will cover "fatigue" cases and most doctors won't poke any further.

hormone cloud

DHT (or Lack Thereof) Concerns

Several of the treatments are clinically proven to significantly decrease DHT levels.

While DHT is the primary catalyst for Male Pattern Baldness, it is very important to NOT totally eradicate DHT levels.
(compare blood tests to be certain)

DHT is responsible for numerous masculine processes (erection quality, sex drive, muscle strength, estrogen control, mood, etc.) and your research subject can absolutely not live a functional life without it.

Our goal is to reduce DHT systematically (throughout your body) just enough and focus on topically attacking the DHT that does make it to the hair follicles.

As with "Hair Loss on a Budget", but to a greater extent, the main goal is to PREVENT further miniaturization, stabilize the hair cycle so that perhaps later a hair restoration procedure(s) can fully repair the thinner zones without fear of further loss.

In the meantime, the less dense zones can be filled in with products such as Toppik (amazing) and Dermmatch (best for the hair line).

See Part IV, "How I Trick You Into Thinking I Have a Full Head of Hair, When I've Lost 35% of It" to see how good these can be.

Your research subject might get some regrowth from this protocol, many do, but we can't promise that.


(below we will discuss what each of these does)

The foundation (base) of this protocol is the "Big 3", as discussed in "Hair Loss On a Budget" - Finasteride, Minoxidil and a Ketoconazole shampoo.

The additions include topical treatments that further inhibit DHT on the areas which they are applied.

Hair Loss Treatments

Dietary Supplements

Helpful Additions (Optional)


Generic Proscar (1-1.25mg Daily)

Your doctor or dermatologist should have no problem prescribing Propecia, Proscar or generic Finsteride for you.

Finasteride is the only FDA-approved medication to help prevent or slow Male Pattern Baldness.

Only a minority of guys see side effects from Finasteride.

Unless your research subject is part of that group - he should absolutely be using it to control DHT levels.

As the American Hair Loss Association notes, "Finasteride is [the] #1 weapon against hair loss."

I have not found a difference between the brand name Propecia and generic Propecia/Proscar.

How I use it

Use as directed.

The normal dose is 1mg of Finasteride (Propecia) or 1.25mg of Finasteride (Proscar) taken everyday.

My doctor and I feel that 2.5mg of Finasteride (Proscar) taken every other day works too.

It's easier to cut Proscar tabs in 2 halves, rather than 4 fourths, so that's why I take 2.5mg every other day.

Product I use -

  • Speak to your doctor


Nutrastim - High-End Minoxidil

Although Minoxidil has the reputation of being a "hair growth" compound, it is clinically proven to help prevent hair loss.

I feel that is its main benefit.

This study published by the "International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons" discusses how it can prevent hair loss in the shower by up to 50%.

In "Hair Loss on a Budget", I recommend generic Minoxidil but the advanced protocol calls for a higher-end formula that dries quicker, is less oily and has a few other goodies such as Saw Palmetto that might help out.

As mentioned in Part II, there's not a lot of difference between Generic Kirkland Minoxidil and the higher-end formulas.

I use both.

I use the Generic Minoxidil at night (since it's oily and takes forever to dry) and fast drying during the day since it dries super quick and allows me to still style my hair.
(obviously there will be some days/night when I miss the Minoxidil treatments, I don't put it on if a girl is sleeping over)

How I use it

Use as directed.

I apply 1ml one or two times a day.
(I suggest you apply it every 12 hours after you shower, dry your hair and use the Dermaroller)

Product I use -

Nutra Minoxdil

Nizoral or Lipogaine Big 3 Ketoconazole Shampoo
(Anti-DHT Shampoo)

Lipogaine Big 3 has Ketoconazole - the only shampoo ingredient that is clinically proven to help prevent hair loss and may even regrow hair.

I suggest Lipogaine Big 3 because it contains Aloe Vera as the base ingredient and the vast majority of guys (when surveyed by Hair Loss From Steroids in 2012) preferred it from the other Ketoconazole shampoos.

How I use it

I apply this shampoo at least every other day and leave it on my scalp for at least 5 minutes, after using baby shampoo to remove hair fibers.

Applying it everyday is an option, the Aloe Vera prevents dry scalp.

* I follow up the Ketoconazole soak with a shampoo that adds significant volume to my hair if I'm going out. (optional)

Product I use -

Important Note (November 29 2016)

This is the original great Ketoconazole shampoo, buy this is others aren't available or de-listed.

lipogaine ketoconazole shampoo

(Topical Anti-Androgen)

RU58841 is for research purposes only.

I have used it on my research subject for 2 periods of 4 months.

There is definitely a trial and error period and you will need to see which dose your research subject best responds to without going overboard.

Although it is a topical anti-androgen, it can definitely have systematic side effects if you use too much for an extended period of time.

In fact, it's so strong, it can absolutely slaughter DHT levels and leave your research subject feeling super sluggish and depressed.

It's just a temporary thing; a sign that it is working really well but evidence that the dose needs to be significantly reduced until the subject's DHT levels gets back into range.

Once finding my 'sweet spot', I think that RU58841 can absolutely be a game-changer.

Replacement for Finasteride?

Listen to me here -

My research subject has been using RU58841 concurrently with Finasteride.

Although I would like to tell you that RU58841 is a surefire replacement for Finasteride, I don't know that yet.

I might drop the Finasteride in the future but using them both is working for me and I see no reason to change anything.

Also important for you to know is -

My research subject takes hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and keeps his testosterone (therefore DHT) levels high-normal. He is seemingly able to use both of these compounds without side effects. The average subject, however, should be careful, get blood work and start at the minimum RU58841 dosage (25mg/day).

This stuff works and works good.

Like Finasteride, it starts working right away, although it usually takes several months to see noticeable results.

Perhaps someday in the future we will test if RU58841 can truly be a replacement for Finasteride but we are only currently interested in MAXIMUM PREVENTION and that is not a lab study that's coming anytime soon.

How my research subject uses it

My research subject applies 1ml (a dose of 50mg) everyday to any thin zones.

I encourage you to start with 25mg in your research.

This stuff is expensive so it would be nice if 25mg worked, you will probably have to bump it up to 50 or 100mg, especially if Finasteride is not being used.

I didn't notice much at 25mg so I bumped it up to 50mg - which works WAY BETTER for my research subject.

Product I use for research purposes -

Here is our full writeup on RU58841 -


Dietary Supplements for MAXIMUM Hair Loss Prevention

Dietary supplements provide very little direct help to reduce DHT levels that cause progressive Male Pattern Baldness.

Yeah, I tried just about all of them - I even megadosed Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Oil, etc.

The 2 dietary supplements I suggest have a different role in disrupting the process.

I'll explain why I suggest them.

Collagen - Type I and Type II
(Hair Growth and Minoxidil Protection)

I currently take 6 grams of Collagen every day.
(normal dosage)

It serves a three-fold benefit for me -

  1. Taking a Collagen supplement may offset any decrease in Collagen synthesis that Minoxidil (though unlikely) may cause.
    Its been suggested (but not yet proven) that Minoxidil can decrease Collagen synthesis and cause premature aging.
    I feel this claim is overblown or only true for a minority of unfortunate people (a lot of women use Minoxidil and would absolutely not touch the stuff if it caused wrinkles for a lot of people). To be safe, however, taking a Collagen supplement makes a lot of sense to prevent pre-mature aging as well as natural aging.
  2. Taking a Collagen supplement will make your hair grow faster.
    Collagen (particularly Type I and Type III) is made of the exact same amino acids that scalp hair is made of.
  3. Taking a Collagen supplement is good for your joints and tendons.
    I've had 3 knee surgeries and a low-carb diet can be hard on the joints, Collagen is a helper.

Product that I use -

  1. Hydrolyzed Collagen (Type I and Type III)
    (take as directed which calls for 6 grams on a daily basis)

For additional information about what Collagen can do for your skin, look here -

Collagen Supplement

Evening Primrose Oil
(Hormone Stabilization)

For the record, I do not use this supplement since I can effectively manipulate my hormone levels via HRT.

I am, however, recommending it as part of our MAXIMUM PREVENTION guide.

Evening Primrose Oil promotes hormone stability during periods of fluctuation and therefore could help prevent shedding (temporary hair loss).

If you are taking Finasteride (or similar anti-androgen), your hormone levels will not be what they naturally are.

Case in point - Estrogen might be increased since there is less DHT to regulate it.

Evening Primrose Oil, theoretically, will lower the Estrogen to what it naturally is (or what it should be given the reduction in DHT).

This is why this supplement is quite effective for women during their time of the month or post-menopause when hormones are all out of whack.

Without seeing blood work, it's impossible to tell who will benefit from this supplement and who will not.

Consider it optional but one that could help your natural hormone levels.

Product that several girls I know take for PMS -

evening primrose oil

Helpful Addition for MAXIMUM Hair Loss Prevention

This one is optional and will only help.

It all depends on how much money you have to invest to resist Male Pattern Baldness.

(Increase Absorption of Topical Solutions)

This fairly inexpensive (it will last you a long time) FDA-approved device can stimulate Collagen production and increase the absorption of your topical formulas.

I've used this for some time now and I think it's worth the extra $15-20 to ensure that all the anti-androgens are making it to your hair follicles.

Especially if you are using Generic Minoxidil.


Product That I Use


How I Use These Treatments

On each individual treatment above, I discuss how to use that specific compound.

Here is how I use them all together on a daily basis -

Oral Treatments

  • I take 2.5mg of Finasteride every other day.
  • I take 3 grams of Collagen two times a day.

Topical Treatments (Shower and Post-Shower)

  1. In the shower - I wet my hair and apply Baby Shampoo to clean any hair fibers, hair spray, oil. 
  2. I then apply Ketoconazole shampoo to my scalp and let it sit there for 5+ minutes.
    * if I am going out or want my hair to look good, I will use Toppik's Shampoo and Conditioner after the Ketoconazole.
  3. After the shower - I roll the Microneedle over my scalp for about 2 or 3 minutes in different directions.
  4. I then apply the 1ml (50mg) of RU58841 to my research subject and rub it in.
  5. 15 minutes later, I apply and rub in a thin layer of Azelaic Acid to my hair line and one thin area on the crown of my scalp.
  6. I then apply 1+ml of Minoxidil.
  7. 20 minutes later, I will style my hair (with Toppik Hair Fibers) or put on a hat. Otherwise, I will go to sleep.

I generally shower everyday at least 1 or 2 times.

You should only apply the topical treatments to clean hair.

guy in mirror

MAXIMUM PREVENTION Protocol vs. Anabolic Steroids

If any protocol will minimize (or prevent) hair loss from steroids - this would be it.


It all depends on how prone you are to Male Pattern Baldness and which doses of which compounds you are taking.

I can't guarantee anything, especially for guys that are highly susceptible to Androgenic Alopecia.

For most guys, however, this protocol will offer significant protection from most steroids.

Super androgenic compounds such as Trenbolone, Anadrol, Winstrol, Dianabol and Masteron may still cause problems.

If you are prone to Male Pattern Baldness - you shouldn't touch those compounds, even if you use this protocol.

If, for some reason, you absolutely have to use those compounds you might consider moving your research subject up to 100mg of RU58841, instead of 25-50mg.

The one substitution to consider is -

I would maybe use Dutasteride instead of Finasteride.

Dutasteride, on paper, reduces both types of DHT while Finasteride only reduces Type 2 DHT.

As I mentioned in the Finasteride writeup, mainly guys on HRT should consider using Dutasteride because the half life is so long.

A lot of guys who aren't on HRT (or anabolic steroids) use Dutasteride quite successfully though.


Pour Conclure

There you have it.

The strongest hair loss prevention protocol available without cutting off your balls or having a sex change.

While you might be able to gauge your doses based on how you feel and how much less hair you are shedding - it's best to get bi-monthly blood tests for comparison purposes and have an open line of communication with your doctor.

Once you find the correct doses (this mainly concerns RU58841), you can stay there.

While regrowth is possible, I can only guarantee additional prevention. 

This protocol is excellent and if anything will prevent hair loss - THIS IS IT.

Run it by your physician before you consider using it or any hair loss prevention protocol.

The Hair Loss Prevention Guide continues here -

For questions on our Hair Loss Prevention Guide -

Visit the Good Looking Loser Hair Loss Prevention Forum.

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