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25 Good Jobs That Men Can Do From Anywhere Without Experience

25 Decent Jobs That You Can Do From Anywhere
(Without Much Experience)

We had a glitch and accidentally published this post last Wednesday and thousands got the email for it.
Our apologies.

In 2008, my life started to change. 

I finally broke away from the self-made social slump that was my mid-20's and my obsession with doing nothing but lifting weights.

I moved across the country to go to the University of San Diego for law school on a scholarship given to me [largely] because I self-reported as a Native American

Although I only stayed in sunny San Diego for about 5 months and ultimately made a career of something that was the opposite of practicing law (Good Looking Loser) my cross-country move was the last fresh start I needed.

I was truly on my own, in a totally different time zone world from my friends, family and almost everything I ever knew.

It was liberating. 

My advice, especially if you've been daydreaming about it for a while, is to move to a city that excites you.

Go live somewhere you are optimistic about.

Go start a new life.

Don't look back until you are on the top of the world.

Despite the 'Red Pill' school of thought that suggests life on planet earth has never been as restrictive, it has NEVER BEEN EASIER to move to a new city and make enough money to pay the bills without getting a real job.

We have a list of jobs that you can do from every big city that require no academic credentials and no prior experience. If you are good, you can make a living from many of these jobs.

I'll also tell you about some of the random jobs I've had.

My decision to move to San Diego (and then Los Angeles) ended up being one of the best and most pivotal decisions I've ever made.

There is more opportunity for millennial transplants and aspiring dirtbags than EVER before.

Way more than in 2008 when I moved out west.

Staying in a job or location that you hate because you "don't know what you can do for money" is no longer a semi-valid excuse. 

Most Wanted Sign

#1 Craigslist Day Labor Gigs (or Jobs)

Earnings - Varies (Often Pay Cash Daily) 

We are listing this first because you are basically guaranteed to get one fairly quickly.

Many of these jobs are first come, first served, hire immediately, often pay daily - sometimes in cash.

These "Day Labor" jobs aren't necessarily "physical labor" jobs like construction, landscaping, moving - they are a variety of odd jobs.

Have a look at your local Craigslist to get these jobs.  

Labor Gigs Craigslists#2 Freelance Content Writing Platforms

Earnings - Varies ($25-50 for basic articles, $100-200+ for expert articles) 

Did you ever wonder who writes the content on sites like "eHow", "Men's Fitness", "AskMen" "Thought Catalog", "Bleacher Report" and ""?

Humans do. 

Many of them with enthusiasm but little to no experience with the topic they are playing expert on.

There's some good content articles out there, but most of it is complete garbage and you can probably do better.

Like any job, make up some stuff on your resume, they don't check it because they don't care.

The last job I had before I created Good Looking Loser wasn't as a personal trainer in Beverly Hills.

It was as a freelance writer for Demand Media's

As a part-time job, between 2010-2011, I wrote health and fitness articles for Livestrong.

Each article (800-1200 words) paid $25 and I could knock one out in about 60 minutes once I figured out what they wanted.

They give you the titles (popular search terms), you write the content and cite a couple of clinical studies.

Here are a few that I wrote -

Fun fact -

I even had a 'spinner' that would rewrite my articles and I could submit them for similar titles, I'd pile up $300-400 a day for a couple of months (it still took a lot of work!)  -

I think they have an algorithm in place to prevent this now though.

It was actually a good job even though I got kicked out about 5 times.

I learned a lot about how to write blog articles.

It's been years since I wrote an article for someone other than myself, but Demand Media (Livestrong) and Skyword were the ones I used.

Here are a few good resources if you are looking for content/creative writing jobs -

If you know of other content writing/editing platforms that pay, please tell us in the comments below and help out your follow Losers. 

Demand Media Logo

#3 Tutoring or Homework Helper

Earnings - Varies 

As a Senior in college, I tutored other pre-law students in the logic games section of the LSAT. I got tutoring from a student I met at the gym, learned logic games and taught it myself to some girls.  

Among younger ages and easier material, there are plenty of parents looking to pay someone to help their kids do better in school and keep them occupied for a few hours in the afternoon. 

Check out the apps Studor and Studypool to become a tutor.

But don’t pursue this job if you have zero patience or are generally a nutcase. 


#4 Uber AND Lyft 

Earnings -

Uber: Over $19 per hour on average

Lyft: $15 - 25 per hour ($25-35 per hour NYC, LA) 

You already know about this job, but I'll give you some other insights. 

Many of the Uber drivers that I meet have college degrees and can't find a job that is better than Uber. 

This can be a solid gig if you know what you are doing.

The smart drivers in LA make $150-200 in 8-10 hours by ONLY driving people coming from the airport.

If I was 20 years old again, I would move to Los Angeles to get into acting/modeling. Drive for Uber and Lyft full-time, until I got a job as a bartender, then drive part-time. I'd play professional inline hockey too.

All you need to drive for Uber or Lyft is a driver's license (in some cities they'll even finance the car) and no criminal record.

Both Uber and Lyft currently pay you 80% of the total fare, which ends up being more than most minimum wage and entry-level jobs. Driving during surge hours can earn you up to 20-80% more. 

The Uber network is bigger, but Lyft prompts the customer for a tip.

They both pay about the same amount at the end of the day though.

Many people drive for both.

You can drive for UberEats and deliver food if you don't like humans.

If you have more insights on Uber/Lyft (not everyone makes $1000/week), share them in the comments section.

related -

UBER and LYFT Logos

#5 Turo 

Earnings - will vary depending on your car, i.e. you can rent out a BMW for a higher rate than a Honda.

Turo allows you to rent out your car for fast cash.

You are in control of pricing, availability and who’s allowed to rent your car.

Fortunately, you are also covered by a $1,000,000 liability policy in case of theft or damages.

So if you have a car you barely use, or even better, an extra car, consider renting it out for some cash.

Turo allows you to choose if the renter will pick up the car from you or if you will deliver it to them for an additional fee.

Turo Logo

#6 Shipt

Earnings: $15 - $25 per hour. 

Shipt is like Uber, but you pick up and deliver groceries.

You can set your own schedule.

You must be at least 18, have reliable transportation, a current driver’s license and knowledge of produce selection. They also do a thorough background check to see if you're thugging. 

Shipt is currently available in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Shipt Logo

#7 Fiverr 

Earnings - $5 to $50 per job. 

Fiverr allows customers to quickly and easily buy services for cheap prices. Most of their gigs go for only five bucks.

There are many services available on Fiverr. They include graphic design, proofreading, writing, translation, advertising and programming.

The easiest way to start is to make a list of all the skills you have. That way you will know what services you can offer.

Ideally, you can figure out a way to automate your service so you can handle a lot of orders with minimal effort.

Ridiculous story: One of the hottest girls I know used to sell "good luck spells" on Fiverr. She'd make about $80-100 a day from idiot guys who paid her to "cast a spell" on them. Unreal.

Here is some info on How to Make Money on Fiverr from a veteran -

Fiverr Logo

#8 Academic Composition (College Essay Writing)

Earnings - varies

If you are a good analytical writer and want to make sure you actually get paid - this might be a good gig.

Writing essays for college students can net you good money.

There’s a good chance there are some well off college students in your area that are too lazy to write a few of their papers.

Some of these students may not be deadbeats, they may just be focused athletes who need help with their schoolwork just to keep their grades up.

All these services are completely legal. 

Check out these sites to get hired as a academic writer -

Here are a few more (some require a Master's degree to write for, so take a look at the criteria) - 


A Clipart

#9 Instacart

Earnings - range from $10 to $19 per hour (up to $25 per hour) 

Instacart is another grocery delivery service like Shipt.

However Instacart gives you more options.

Don’t have a car? No problem. You can be a shopper or a cashier. This still allows you to work up to 29 hours a week.

If you have a car you can work unlimited hours as a driver or driver + shopper.

This is a job you can get fast: their website advertises you can start in one week from the day you apply.

I once had Instacart deliver 500 cans of Coke Zero - highly recommended.

Instacart Logo

#10 Postmates 

Earnings: up to $25 per hour + tips.

Postmates is a 24/7, on demand delivery service for just about anything in your city.

You can work when you want and keep 100% of your tips.

If you don’t have a car, no problem. They allow for other means of transportation like biking or walking.

I hear it's pretty easy to get work at Postmates, I have 2 friends that got hired within a week. 

Postmates Logo

#11 Shipster 

Earnings - $15 to $35 per hour.

Shipster offers shipping solutions for every kind of delivery: small courier jobs, long distance shipments and large truck shipments.

For freelancers, they allow you to use any means of transportation you want.

If you can only make small deliveries by foot, that’s fine.

You only have to accept the jobs you want, when you want.

You also get paid every week.

Shipster Logo

#12 DoorDash

Earnings - Ranges from $11 to $22 per hour.

DoorDash is a delivery service for local merchants in your city.

To work for them you must be at least 18, own a smart phone and have at least one year of driving experience if you will be using a car. Other acceptable means of transportation are motorcycle, bikes, scooters and walking.

DoorDash provides commercial auto insurance that covers up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties arising out of accidents while making a deliver for them in the United States.

Doordash Logo

#13 Catering Jobs

Earnings - will vary depending on location.

Catering was one of the odds jobs I had in 2008-2010 when I was doing nothing but partying.

My friend got me the gig, we worked a lot of upscale dinner parties, weddings, office parties, Bar Mitzvahs and even late-night boat cruises. It is a good way to meet women (no aggressive stuff please) and reasonably fun. 

Catering jobs are easy to get. You will be taught everything you need to know on the job.

If you can bartend (pour basic drinks), you can only get your own tips instead of splitting them among the staff. 

The best way to find jobs is a simple Google search - 

catering jobs google search

#14 Handy 

Earnings: $22 to $45 per hour depending on the job. Up to $1000/week.

This is one job you can definitely live on. 

Handy allows customers to book professional home cleaners and handymen at a moment’s notice.

Their services include furniture assembly, painting, house cleaning, electrical and general handyman jobs.

You get to choose when and how much you want to work. And you get paid as soon as the job is complete.

These are their requirements: you must have paid experience in cleaning or handyman services, be authorized to work in the country you are working and have excellent customer service skills.

Frankly, like similar jobs with a shortage of workers, you can probably get around these requirements if you fudge your resume a little bit and are enthusiastic and learn quickly.

Handy also has a sister platform if you want to clean houses, it pays well too -

Handy Logo#15 WritersDomain   

Earnings - $15 to $38 per article depending on the quality of the article. 

WritersDomain is a company that pays writers to produce articles on specific topics.

They pay via Paypal on the 5th of every month or whenever you make $100, whichever comes first.

To start, you need to register, submit a writing sample and take a grammar test. 

Writing for WritersDomain is a great way to practice your writing while making some extra bucks on the side.

Writers Domain Logo

#16 TaskRabbit

Earnings - varies depending on your own rates and tasks. Top earners have made between $4000 to $7000 per month.

This one is very popular.

TaskRabbit is a marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand.

Tasks include cleaning, moving, delivery jobs and handyman work.

TaskRabbit notifies you of potential jobs nearby.

You pick the one you want to do and confirm the details with your client.

Complete the work, submit your invoice, get paid.

Register online and attend an orientation session in your city.

Download the app to get started.

Task Rabbit Logo

#17 DogVacay or Rover (Pet Watching)

Earnings - $45 to $60 per night. $1000 + per month.

This type of gig must have been around for a while, a lot of girls I knew used to dog sit at absurdly huge houses in the Palisades and Hidden Hills neighborhoods. 

DogVacay and Rover allows vacationing pet owners to find sitters to watch their dogs in a real home.

When you become a sitter you get to choose the dogs (breeds, sizes, ages) you’ll watch, set your own rates and service offerings (like boarding and daycare).

All jobs are covered with their premium insurance and there’s phone help available 24/7.

If you love dogs and have the space for it, this may be the perfect side gig for you.

Sometimes this turns into a house sitting gig too.

Dog Vacay Rover

#18 Valet Parking

Earnings - varies by location and employer.

This was another one of my unofficial jobs in my party boy days.

I never worked for a company, I just showed up to the catering job (specifically weddings) and parked the cars.

Just like catering, you’re likely to make the most parking cars if you’re in a large city like LA or NYC.

The hours can be flexible and the tips can be good (again, if you are in a higher income city). I made over $500 on several occasions. 

Community Chest Card


#19 Washio

Earnings - $20 to $30 per hour.

Washio is a premium dry cleaning and laundry delivery service.

You can do the pickups and deliveries.

It’s currently available in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

If you live in one of those cities and want to be one of their Ninjas, just click here and fill out their registration form.

Washio Logo#20 Thumbtack

Earnings - varies 

Thumbtack is a clone of TaskRabbit.

The good thing about Thumbtack is that it’s available in all 50 states.

Jobs include cooking, tutoring, photography and pet sitting.

Register to be a pro so you can see what jobs you can get in your city.

Thumbtack Logo

#21 Cracked

Earnings - $100 to $200 per article.

Cracked, is a humor website with funny videos, pics and articles.

If you are naturally funny, smart and creative, you can write articles for them. They especially seem to favor list style articles.

There is no experience necessary but they only pay if they think your work is good.

Another benefit is your work could get a lot of exposure (their articles often get half a million to a million views).  

Cracked is looking for articles, photoshops, infographics and videos.

Cracked Logo

#22 Dolly  

Earnings: average of $30 per hour.

Dolly is a moving company.

You can work either as a “helper” (you have a truck) or a “hand” (you don't have a truck).

Helpers have a pick up truck, box truck, or cargo van and can lift up to 75 lbs.

Hands don’t have a truck but can lift up to 75 lbs.

You have to pass a background check and cannot have murdered anyone to get hired.

You get paid weekly and the scheduling is flexible.

There is another mover service for students only called "Bellhops".

Dolly Logo

#23 TranscribeMe

Earnings: $250 - $2,200 per month. 

If you have a computer - you can transcribe audio and video into perfect quality text.

You can work as much or as little as you want and you get paid weekly via Paypal.

Bonuses if you are fluent in other languages.

Pitch the offer to a few of your favorite YouTube personalities or podcasters that you'll do it for free - for a while.

Transcribe Me Logo

#24 (Child Care & Senior Care)

Earnings: Varies (Up to $4000 per month)

If you are interested in babysitting or visiting senior citizens (and simply talking to them, not caring for them), this is a gig that has a solid paycheck.

Obviously, your experience will highly depend on who you are overseeing. 

If the person is a good fit, this could be a very rewarding experience and one that you should be proud of. logo

#25 Amazon.Jobs

Earnings: Varies considerably

Although I'm not thrilled that Amazon's owner, Jeff Bezos, has abandoned his supposed libertarian views and is endorsing establishment criminal Hillary Clinton over both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders (the Obama/Hillary administration gives Amazon huge tax breaks, they pay 3.5% in corporate tax instead of 35% like I do) - Amazon is still one of my favorite companies in the world.

Politics aside, Amazon offers jobs all over the country, jobs that they absolutely need to fill since they are still growing so quickly and their turnover is high.

The job descriptions and compensation vary considerably. 

The warehouse, fulfillment, delivery jobs are the easy ones to get.

It's not the most rewarding work, but these are easy jobs to get and deliver an insider's view of how Amazon operates from the ground-up.

amazon logo

Pour Conclure

There's 25 jobs for men that can be done from virtually any city with little to no experience!

I had a few other endeavors that I did briefly in Los Angeles -

Hot air balloon co-pilot, heterosexual fitness girl massage therapist, group fitness instructor, non-professional cook, nightclub security, dog talent searcher, promotional model and rich person pool cleaner.  

Don't be afraid to try different things and learn how the industry works.

These jobs are meant to buy you TIME, not material things, so you have TIME to build a business or sleep with a lot of girls.

Ironically, while wages and social mobility seem stagnant in America, opportunity and physical mobility is at an all-time high.

It's never been easier to quit your job or to move to a new city.

Thanks for reading.

If you know any more good 'Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere', please mention them below!

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