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17 Reasons Good Looking Loser is Successful and You Can Be Too (Even if You Aren't a Great Writer)


Online Blogging Lessons From Good Looking Loser (circa 2012 & 2013) 

Perceived Arrogance Disclaimer: 

As seen in the title, throughout this discussion, I'll be talking about myself in the 3rd person (Good Looking Loser). I wrote much of this piece from the perspective of "How You Can Have a Successful Website (Even If You Aren't a Good Writer)" and it just wasn't as good and it didn't allow me to focus on personal examples.

Financially speaking, 2015 has been a decent year for me.

I've been able to expand all my businesses with virtually no risk. 

I've also added a few other companies to my portfolio that I'm excited about. 

"Red Supplements - Supplements that Actually Work", being the newest one that you might be interested in.

The worst part about expanding my businesses is that it takes time away from Good Looking Loser and I'm only able to publish once every 4 weeks.
(things are slowing down considerably, so we'll have more posts, more often)

It's a different mindset when you publish monthly instead of weekly or daily.

People wonder where you've been and are expecting big things when you resurface. 

It's definitely a 'high-quality problem' but it's something that I didn't have to deal with back in 2012 and 2013, the first and second year of Good Looking Loser.

As Good Looking Loser evolved, as well as our general non-mainstream "Men's Self-Improvement" sphere, I've learned a lot. 

I did a lot of things wrong when I started, but I also did a lot of things right to put Good Looking Loser on the map.

Let me tell you about what I did correctly in my first couple years, including some of the not-as-obvious, more intangible reasons that Good Looking Loser made it, even though I'm not a great writer.
(at the end of the day you have to have an above-average product, none of these techniques will compensate for that)

This post is brought to you by "Start a Website - (Bold & Determined w/ Good Looking Loser)"
(free blog setup, free domain, free B&D support, 4 free eBooks, 7 free plugins, etc.)


How Much Did Good Looking Loser Make in 2012 and 2013?

Since this discussion is largely about the first couple of years of our community, I'm just going to show numbers from 2012 and 2013.

This information is limited to sales and doesn't include expenses, taxes or my other businesses. 

Fiscal Year 2012
(Year 1)

2012 Income Sales

Fiscal Year 2013
(Year 2)

2012 income sales

When I started Good Looking Loser at the very end of 2011, my goal was to make bare minimum $50/day by the end of the my third year.

Although I knew virtually nothing about online business, I felt that $50/day ($18,250/year) was realistic but I'd try to get to about $100/day.

Given my definition of success ($50/day by year 3), I did succeed ($187.72/day by year 1, $839.23/day by year 2).
(like Mike Cernovich always tells you - you can make good money on a "small" non-mainstream website)

We'll have to talk about online infopreneur 'passive' income expectations another time, it is critical to set a satisfying realistic 3-year goal and not compare yourself to others, otherwise you will quit.

Don't underestimate the psychological aspect around 'blogging' or any other startup.

Every single person that has quit, simply didn't meet their expectations, got discouraged and shut it down.

People don't quit things when they think things are going pretty well.

EXPECTATIONS are arguably more important than any of the 'techniques' or advice I'm going to give you.
(like I said - I'll go over expectations for sales, traffic/buzz, networking in the future; it widely varies by industry)

It's great to echo the usual "Shoot for the stars!", "Be amazing!" motivational stuff, but I tend to quit when my expectations are too high and absolutely slaughter my goals when they are lower.

But that's just me.

On a side note -

My trend for 'results' with women, fitness and online business were almost identical.

Year 1 was for learning and getting enough results to keep me cautiously optimistic per expectation and my results doubled (or more) each of the following 2 years. 

twitter online questionDating and sex is great.
But what people really want is their own website!

Is It True That You Never Sold Anything Relating to Dating/Women?


Even though "dating/women" is the primary topic on Good Looking Loser, I promised to keep everything related to the subject free and I have stuck to that.

Good Looking Loser WOULD NOT be popular and would not have helped tens of thousands of men if I tucked it all away in an eBook, "interactive dating program" or demanded people come to my expensive workshops if they really wanted to make their lives better.
(I don't believe this approach is unethical, it is just not what I wanted to do)

Some people will never believe me, but my goal was never to make as much money as possible off every individual reader - such is a scarcity mindset.

I could easily take down the posts and compile Good Looking Loser into a $10 book and sell it, earn an extra passive $100-200+ a day, go out to fancy clubs and do unlimited rich kid drugs off Orange County hotties.

But I don't.
(been there, believe me)

Day 1 Promise Watermarked

17 Reasons Good Looking Loser Succeeded
(Even Though I'm Not a Great Writer)

Just so you know -

I don't think I'm a "bad" writer, I'm not trying to pretend that.

I'm just not a "great" writer.

I'm an above-average writer with a hundred thousand hours of experience with the majority of subjects I discuss.
(100,000 hours = 11.41 years) 

Despite my run-on sentences and countless typos that you'd thankfully come to accept, my content is very "readable".

I don't try to be eloquent, that's when I get into trouble.

Victor of Bold & Determined, Mike of Danger & Play and plenty of you guys write considerably better than me I do.

Like expectations, real-life experience is more critical than being a great writer or the techniques and advice I'm about to tell you.

Something tells me that Mike Tyson could make a better, more profitable website about boxing than I could, even though I'm probably a better writer than he.

Like most things in life, you don't have to great, just above-average (and have confidence) to get fantastic results.

red-logo-thumbVintage GLL Logo (2012-2013)

#1 Good Looking Loser Had Identity and Polarity

I'm blessed to have a unique and polarizing appearance that screams "douchebag".

I don't need to do that much to force it home.

One of the biggest problems that most new blogs/bloggers have is that they have no real identity other than "general website" written by "normal guy".

They are not controversial or polarizing. 

While there's many examples of successful "normal PC websites" in the mainstream, you aren't going to break in with a "normal guy" website unless you have a lot of money to throw at advertising and marketing.

Although you've gotten used to it, back in 2012, when I used words such as "chicks", "pussy", "fuck" and "fat penis", it really set me apart from the soft pick up artist websites that I wanted to separate myself from.

I would wear my black bandana like in this video that went semi-viral (on the old YouTube channel, it had 300,000 views in the first 6 weeks, which is good for a new channel).
(it's amazing how many people will like/hate you for wearing 1 accessory)

My identity was and forever remained "Hardcore Self-Improvement" after posting naked pictures of myself (NSFW).

Before my first YouTube channel was removed, I had more controversial videos that got a lot of shares.

In one video, a girl accused me of sexual harassment after she willingly went into a janitor's closet at the mall with me and other ballsy/aggressive ones like this (start at 3:30) that got me in trouble.

youtube warningMy attorney filed a dispute and YouTube actually agreed to drop the strike.
They weren't so forgiving about some of my other stuff.

My good pal, Scotty (Brian Harris), was also instrumental in pushing our 'extreme' vibe. 

When we showed up, everyone saw that we had real identity and decided if they liked or hated us.

We could 'out extreme' the guys that were better writers.  

Rule of thumb -

If you aren't getting hate mail on a weekly basis, you aren't polarizing enough.

You don't have to be an online 'character' such as Good Looking Loser or Mike Cernovich, but you need to take polarizing stands if you are going to appear as the 'normal guy'.

Push the envelope.

Screen in fans and screen out undesirables. 

A little goes a long way though, you don't have to call for an armed overthrow of the government in every post.

#2 I Had No Concept of "Red Pill", Manosphere Subculture or Other Popular Blogs

One of the biggest advantages I had when I got started was that I had no idea what the "Red Pill" or Manosphere was.
(I obviously knew about the seduction community, but Good Looking Loser was a new spin on the subject)

I had never seen Bold & Determined, RooshV or other related websites that were already popular in 2012.

Some may see this as a disadvantage, but it ABSOLUTELY wasn't for me.

It allowed me to create my product without being influenced in any way by the existing sites.

I could never be labeled as a copycat.

If you read my Get Paid/How to Make Money Online posts, you've probably already seen this -

Whether you completely agreed or hated me for that post, you have to understand that IF PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE A COPYCAT, THEN YOU ARE A COPYCAT.

There's actually several really good websites out there with solid content that people immediately click away from because they think it's a clone.

Perception is reality and your opinion does not matter.

While it's important to know your audience, it's always mandatory not [let people think] that you are borrowing ideas from the established guys.

If you are 'borrowing' a concept, give the author credit or you'll get blacklisted. 

 Simple Machines Forum 2013Good Looking Loser Simple Machines Forum (2013)

#3 I Showed My Face From Day 1
(You Knew Who I Was)

Show your face.

You aren't in ISIS.

I've said this a million times, but this is critical if you aren't a great writer - like me. 

You NEED to show your face to establish an emotional-trust connection with your readership.

If you are insecure about showing your face, like a girl, you can schedule a whole day of dress up and selfies until you get the perfect picture.

Do whatever you need to do - just show your face.

Nobody buys the "respect my privacy, I can't show my face" thing anymore. 

I honestly don't even think it's even worth having a [how to/success] website if you aren't going to show your face and do personable webcam videos

You better be a damn good writer if you aren't willing to show people who you are.

show your faceThis site never would have worked if I looked like this in every video.
(ultra-sensitive people - it's a joke, chill out)

If you really want to show some balls -

Use your real name.
(Christopher Mitchell Deoudes, DOB 9/24/1982)

I'm not trying to be an asshole, I'm telling you a free, easy way get on peoples radar.

#4 Good Looking Loser Told You About Stuff You've Never Heard of 

A big reason I've been able to succeed online without being a great writer is because I've introduced you to things that work that most people haven't heard of.

Off the top of my head -

Many of those are game-changers for some guys. 

For most, especially the younger guys, this is the hardest piece of advice to implement, but what is ONE THING that you can introduce to us that 95% of people haven't used?

What is ONE THING that people haven't heard of that will reflect positively on you if they buy it?

You don't have to know every non-mainstream hidden gem out there (you are better off not pushing a lot of stuff in your first 2 years), just have at least ONE THING that you've discovered on your own that works well. 

If people buy your recommendation and it works for them exactly how you promised - they associate their positive experience with YOU.

If you really don't know a single thing that people haven't already heard of, what is ONE THING that you know that has an 'off-label' or hidden use?

The "What to Sell" possibilities are literally endless.



#5 I Used to Reply to All the Comments and Questions I Got

For the first ~2 years on Good Looking Loser, the Forum, Good Looking Loser-Lifestyle and in the Hair Loss From Steroids YouTube Channel (Defunct, apparently too hardcore for YouTube), I would try to answer all the thoughtful questions and comments that guys left me.

You should too, until you can't.

Before you get 10,000 loyal readers, you need to get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

And That's how you do it - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 loyal readers...

Really grassroots. 

Don't ignore the people that are enthusiastically reaching out to you, until you absolutely cannot do it. 

After you become too busy to reply to comments, it's still important to read some of them.

You have to keep a "pulse" on your audience.

You have to know what they want and be one step ahead.

This "pulse" is how semi-popular websites become popular.

The author doesn't necessarily "write better", he just knows what to talk about.

As a side note -

One thing I wasted my time with is email.

I used to do a lot of email (under an old email address) with guys that ultimately never actually used any of my advice. In fact, two of the guys turned on me and setup copycat websites - one even copy and pasted my email advice as his own.

A good 200,000 words of high-quality insightful advice is sitting in my 'sent' box from 2012 and completely useless because you will never get the chance to see it.

GLL Old Banner 2012Good Looking Loser (Early 2012)

#6 I Was Actually Willing to Help People Even If They Gave Me Nothing In Return

When I started Good Looking Loser in 2012 (late 2011), I was genuinely willing to help people even if they didn't buy any of my recommendations or donate.  

Although time is more limited these days and I can't be as close to the individual reader, this largely hasn't changed. For every 1 blog post that makes money - there's 40 posts that aren't monetized in any way.  

I don't know if the ratio is actually 40:1, but people still realize that I give before I receive.

This has been CRITICAL.

Everyone says they are going to GIVE BEFORE THEY RECEIVE. 

But expectations are a bitch.

If a year goes by and you aren't doing as well as you thought, your attitude might change and you may be tempted to be more pushy or try to have every post push readers to a sales page.

Don't change.

There is no short-term amount of money that you can make with a 1 year old website that will be more valuable than a lasting readership. 

Although only weak people dislike "people that make money", there is a likeability factor that you need to manage.

People don't like pushy salesman - even if their products are actually legitimate.

Working At Computer

#7 Good Looking Loser Just Looked Different
(Semi-Entertaining Clipart and Propaganda Posters)

I already discussed not being a copycat (intentionally or unintentionally), but you simply want your brand to look different.

Don't you?

My style includes [otherwise racist, sometimes communist] propaganda posters and cartoon clipart.

I particularly like using the cartoony clipart images for the more hardcore posts.

A handful of people have criticized my image and style choices because it makes my content "less alpha". 

I guess I'm just a "beta".

The secret is out! 

GLL Jap Propaganda

The self-improvement lifestyle websites that have repetitive "usual guy in suit with whiskey drink" just aren't me.

Nothing says 'generic' like these same old, same old lifestyle images -

man in suit holding a whiskey glass

I'm not saying generic style "don't work", I'm just encouraging you to be different and creative.

You have it in you.

#8 I Didn't Compare Myself to Established Websites
(or Any For That Matter)

Thankfully, when I started, I didn't really know how stuff worked online, had low expectations and by the time I figured it out - I had a decent website going.

I've been listening to "How to Kick Ass in Business and Life" (Donald Trump) and he confirmed -

Sometimes you are too stupid to know that something is impossible, and that's why it works. 

I never thought my website, still a 'small' community, could be as financially successful as it is.

Anyway -

While traffic, shares, comments is an indicator of success/buzz, far too many people with new websites compare themselves to established websites and get discouraged.

Don't compare your project with others, especially not "entertainment" content.

Online growth (frankly, any growth), is exponential, not linear.

Going from 0 to 500 regular readers is way harder than going from 5,000 to 10,000 regular readers.

Don't compare yourself to established websites or even try to guess their traffic or reach.

Besides - 

"Traffic", is highly overrated and not a great indicator of income.

Let me give you an example.

In October, after my "beef" with Ethan from H3H3 productions (he always bullies me), my websites got record high traffic.
(caution: sensitive NSFW image in my tweet)

The majority of new visitors came to tell me to kill myself, that I was a rapist for approaching girls on video and how absolutely hideous my girlfriend is.

After I sent a picture of my penis to Ethan's wife to think about, the traffic went insane for a week. 
(insider secret: most people don't understand is that 90% of these online "fights" are for publicity, no one actually cares)

tweet to h3h3

While traffic was at an all-time high for many days, I only saw a small bump in income (barely noticeable and definitely not considerable).

q: Why was this? I thought a lot more traffic = a lot more money?

It all depends on the 'quality' of the traffic.

Like I said, the majority of new visitors were 'hater traffic'.

They aren't likely to buy anything or do anything to positively promote me.

Other than a few (well, several) gay guys that were interested in male enhancement and a handful of girls that wanted to hook up, the huge traffic blast didn't provide any significant lasting traffic or monetary boost.  

It was still a good experience, but unless it's mainstream like #cuckrogen, "negative publicity" doesn't quite provide the financial or lasting returns that some people assume, especially hater traffic from flakey entertainment circles. 

Entertainment websites and funny videos get tons of traffic, but nobody buys anything and the visitors (views) are literally worth less than 1 cent in most cases.

Most of the people making good money ($250,000+) on YouTube are the major channels with 500,000+ subscribers. 


#9 I Didn't Know to Setup Google Analytics to Check Good Looking Loser's Traffic For 6 Months

We just discussed "traffic" and how it's largely overrated.
("targeted traffic" is a different story - that is the only traffic that matters unless you run advertisements that relies on sheer quantity)

Believe it or not, I had no idea how many people were visiting Good Looking Loser for the first 6 months.

I didn't know because I didn't care.

The amount of traffic was insignificant to me. 

If I had gotten 30 or 300 visitors/day - it didn't matter.

I had work to do.

For the first year, I did nothing but put out slightly above-average (yet insightful) content.

Virtually no networking, no social media, no nothing for traffic.
(we are eternally grateful to our friend Aaron Sleazy for telling people about Good Looking Loser when we got started, our site looked like crap!)

While 'traffic' (hint: returning visitors) is a sign that you are on the track, traffic shouldn't be your focus for the first year.

You could get a few posts that reach the top of Google/YouTube and inflate your traffic numbers, it doesn't mean you are actually connecting with people.

Don't pay that much attention to it.

First year traffic doesn't really matter if you want to have a significant readership (5,000 to 10,000 unique visits a day, 50% returning readers).

Concentrate on your content and the 'pulse' of your early audience.

Good Looking Loser 2011The Very Original Good Looking Loser (Late 2011) 

#10 I Didn't Try to Be a Great Eloquent Writer 

Online business or in real life, it's important to "be yourself", but it's equally important to NOT be someone you aren't. 

That includes HOW you write, not just what you write.

I don't try to "out-write" others or myself. 

A few times, I've gotten ambitious, spent hours trying to be poetic and it just doesn't work.

It's some of my worst stuff and I never published it.

One incredible well-written website that touches on similar topics is - Chateau Heartiste.

The writing and command is spectacular (I can't actually describe in words with my limited brain how fantastic the writing is) and there is no need for images or any bells or whistles.  

I can't write that good well.

But what I can do is write from the heart, write from experience and that can be just as valuable as writing from the head.

good looking loser late 2012 baner

#11 I Simply Wrote About Whatever I Was Thinking About That Day

Although time is more limited these days, I still try to stick to this.

I've had an on-going list of a million and one topics to cover, but the subject that I would write about was almost always whatever crossed my mind that very day.

The final product is MUCH BETTER than when I pick a topic from the massive list.

I'm able to dig deep into past experience and catch those subtle intimate psychological details that make some of our content unlike anything anyone else could possibly create.  

These are some examples of our original 'best of' content, each of which I wrote in a single day back in (2012-2013) -

The idea is not to lock yourself in a room and write.

It's to go out into the world, get an idea and rush home and lock yourself in a room and write.

Enthusiasm for what you are working on is key.

Run with it.  

Gll Under ConstructionOne of the oldest remaining images Good Looking Loser (2012)

#12 I Used Kratom To Work 15+ Hours Straight on Certain Discussions 

Obviously, I'm a big believer in the 'performance enhancing' benefits of Mitragyna Specisoa (Kratom).

I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

I'm not saying it works for everyone, I know better than that.

But IF it works for you (trial and error is a given), you will have a new best friend. 

It is my best friend.

Kratom Bold Statement

#13 I Didn't Listen to Typical 'Internet Marketers' 
(You Need to Trust Your Instincts Too)

From the very beginning, to this very day, I still get told that literally everything on Good Looking Loser is "wrong" and "bad".

I was told that I couldn't have multiple topics such as dating, male enhancement, Kratom, fashion, fitness, general lifestyle.

I was told that I needed to stick to just one subject or it will turn people off.
(many "experts" actually believed this in 2012)

I was told that I needed more "calls to action". I need more "teasers". I need more "tripwires". I need more popups. 


I needed to treat you guys like you are mentally disabled and lead you to sales page.

I needed to treat you guys like you have never used the Internet.

People are absolutely sick of this generic, offensive, sleazy marketing.

Just because 'everyone does it' doesn't make it right.

Not even in a financial sense - most salesy content doesn't convert well at all.

I trusted my instincts and stayed far away from this scammy-looking garbage. 

You read a bunch of different websites - you already know what a good website looks like.

You also know what a bad website looks like.

Trust your instincts. 


That also means NO ADVERTISEMENTS on your site until your traffic is as much as Return of Kings (20,000+/day).

I'm doing you a favor.

There's also a "rule" that you HAVE TO write all blog posts between 1400 and 1750 words.
(the 'required' amount was supposedly 500-700 words in 2012)

suggest post length in words

The theory behind the "mandatory post length" is because the average reader has limited attention span and will go elsewhere if you exceed this threshold. 

While it's a good idea to keep certain high-traffic content 'SEO Friendly' (yes, it is), it's way more important to make sure your content is GREAT and forget about the rules.

The "mandatory post length" largely applies to quick 'Best' or 'How to' searches such as -

  • Best Shampoo For Hair Loss
  • How to Get Rid of Anxiety
  • How to Stop Being So Uptight

If your post isn't one of those, forget about the 'word limit' and just make your stuff as good as you can.

In ~2013, the average reader (search engine or referral) spent 6 minutes and 26 seconds on Good Looking Loser.

The median for most websites is less than 15 seconds.

I've always viewed my website as a 'reference' for serious driven guys and not an "eHow" type that attracts flakey SEO traffic that can't read beyond 7 minutes.

Besides, most people visit a website multiple times before buying anything. 

My advice for you is to forget the so-called rules, but more importantly - DO IT YOUR WAY.

If your content is good, people won't turn it off. 

If you are reading a good book or watching a good movie - do you turn it off after 7 minutes? 
(yes, I know books/movies are different than websites, but they aren't actually that different)


90% of my posts are well over 3000 words and I've done just fine. 

You can always break up your posts in shorter individual series to target certain keywords if you really want to.

User feedback overwhelming confirmed this - 

Should I Write Shorter Posts or Do You Like and Value the Long Comprehensive Discussions? 

Poll - Long vs Shorter Posts

As a side note -

We are 4,500+ words in and you are still reading. :)

#14 I Hired An Overseas Web Developer
(But Not Right Away)

If you are in it for the long-term, I would suggest NOT hiring a professional (or amateur) web developer when you start. 

You need to learn how to do some basic things.

It's a pain, but you'll thank me when you don't have to pay a web developer $50 for 12 seconds of work to move an image 1.2 inches.

As for setting up your blog, nameservers, domain, plugins and all the other initial administrative crap, don't do that.

Have Victor's guys do it for you.

I wasted 72 hours on trying to set up a website (calling in or using the "online help" is the absolute worst).

You can skip that part.

If you have the money, are absolutely not tech-savvy and only want to focus on the written content - then hire a web developer when you start.

Also, muy importante -

Don't worry too much about how your website looks

Mine website looked like this in Year 1, the banner and menus didn't even line up and I made over $60,000.

Just make sure your menus and links work.

You don't want to have a broken website. That's no good.

Good Looking Loser hiring tip -

I've told every web developer I've hired that they simply have to DO EVERYTHING.

That's the only requirement of the job.

If my website goes down up at 4 am on Sunday morning, they need to be available ASAP. 

If my server is having problems, they need to contact my web host ASAP.

They are on-call, like an intensive care doctor. 

They are not to send me are single link with instructions how to fix something. Ever. 

There is NOTHING that is "outside their department".

It is worth overpaying a web developer who you can count on and agrees to DO EVERYTHING.

I had 3 overseas developers before I hired my current expensive guy in the USA.

Although I had a bad experience with a certain arrogant thief, my advice is to hire a developer from the Philippines.

Most Filipinos are honest, speak English well and take great pride in their work.
(hiring someone that is your religion is a good idea too - holidays can definitely present a conflict of interest)   

Ask to see their previous work and ask them TWO or THREE times if they are willing to DO EVERYTHING.

If they have an ethical problem with any of your content, be understanding, but hire someone else.  

2013 GLL BannerI actually made this banner myself, it's the best thing I've ever made. Ever.

#15 Good Looking Loser Has a Sense of Humor
(and You Probably Do Too)


Not to brag...

But I have a sense of humor.

You might too?


If you do -

This can be a MAJOR advantage. 

As CrAzY as it sounds, serious self-improvement/business/life can actually include a sense of humor or be entertaining. 

Way too many 'success websites' are so uptight you wonder if the guy is going to stay alive to continue writing or if he'll finally snap and kill himself.

Rather than spreading the usual uptight humorless death and despair, lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously.

Give your readers a smile for once.

But seriously -

If you have a sense of humor, don't shut it down.

Even if you are admittedly a negative person, writing on negative topics - you can still insert dark humor.

I know that most people around our side of the Internet value success over happiness and serious over funny.

That's fine.

It doesn't mean you can't have both.

But if you are really the most stiff person on the face of the earth, then follow the previous advice and just "be yourself".

NARD Vol2 pg2

#16 I Moved to Boise to Start My Businesses

I made pretty good money as a first year personal trainer in Los Angeles.

Over $110,000 in my first 14 months.

I spent a lot of it though.

Mostly on stupid stuff, but I did have a blast in my 'pick up' days in Hollywood, so I don't regret it.

Although I still have a place in Los Angeles, moving to Boise was absolutely critical for the next stage of my life.

A nice 3 bedroom apartment (town house) in Boise was less than $900/month and everything else is super cheap. 

I was able to live on about $1500/month, far less than the $5000+ I was spending in Los Angeles.

You have really got to decide if you are ALL IN on your social life or financial life.

Pick one.

Other than a few guys that have good jobs on Wall Street, I know virtually no one that is trying to do both and REALLY succeeding big time at one or the other (or both).

I suggest that guys absolutely learn to Get Laid, do 1-4 years of partying/meeting women and then solely concentrate on their financial future while cutting expenses.

That blueprint worked for me beyond my wildest dreams and I stand by it.

in boise at Ashleys and Kyles wedding Boise (and small cities alike) are beautiful, cheap, clean and away from the annoying inconveniences that waste your time and money.

#17 I Didn't Worry Too Much About Monetizing Good Looking Loser
(You Can Make Money Selling ANYTHING, If You're Good)

Although you should definitely have some idea about how you are going to monetize your site, you don't have to have it all figured out.

Although I certainly could, I don't sell anything directly related to picking up girls.

It hasn't hurt me. 

If your free content is good, you will get high-quality traffic and you can make plenty of money.

No question about it.

If, you think for some reason, that there is literally nothing that exists that you can sell (there always is), you can make your own products.

If, you think for some reason, that you can't make your own products or don't want to - you can simply make a paid section of your website and sell subscriptions.

Also -

Just because a company doesn't have an affiliate program doesn't mean that they wouldn't give you a pile of money to send them traffic and sales. I have my own private deals and contracts with several different companies, even some WITH affiliate programs. If you can send them quality traffic and sales - they will pay you.

Think bigger than just Googling "[Business Name] Affiliate Program", there's WAY MORE opportunity out there than that.

Many times, it's just 1 email away.

But truth is - you don't even need a website and you don't even have to write anything.

If you are good at talking, start a podcast, build a good audience (3,000 listens per episode, 5,000+ is better) by doing free podcasts for a year and then charge $1 for future episodes.

That what Dan Carlin did (his content is absolutely amazing).

If only 500 of 5000 people are willing to listen to your Podcast (and the others think $1 is way too much to pay and hate you for making money), you'll make $500 for every podcast that you do.
(Carlin makes way more than this)

Not bad.

Even if you are inexperience and not super confident yet about your online business abilities, you have to agree that something like that is possible.

There's over 7,000,000,000 people on the earth.

Can you get 500 of them to listen to you? 

Of course.

You don't even have to be their favorite guy.

Not everyone that reads Good Looking Loser likes me the most.

If you are good and can attract high-quality traffic, you will make a lot of money. 

Don't worry so much about the "how". 

Joe Rogan Experience #413 (Guest: Dan Carlin)

Funny story
I went to Joe Rogan's standup show a few months ago, he was making fun of my Chinese tattoo and asking me if it said "reminder to do the laundry". If you weren't sure, Joe Rogan is a good guy, I spoke to him for a while after the show. 

#17 I Became a Better Writer
(But Didn't Try To Become a Better Writer)

Last but not least, one of the reasons that Good Looking Loser was successful is because I became a better writer. 

When I look back at my oldest content, I feel a lot of it really sucks.

Sometimes, I can't believe people were interested in some of my earliest stuff.

It got better.

But this took time. 

There's no secret to this other than 'experience'.  

Just like any skill, you WILL become more proficient as you put in the hours.

At the same time, remember 2 things -

1) You should still keep it simple.

"Better writing" does not compromise 'simple'.   

When you hear the concept of "dumbing down" or "appealing to the masses", it is almost always as a negative connotation.

I don't think people should see this as a negative.

"Dumbing down" is "simplifying" if you look at it in a positive context.

It is very much a skill and key if you aren't a great writer to begin with.

2) Your writing is only what you publish.

Part of the reason that my writing is "better" is because I concentrate on quality (2014-2015) over quantity (2012-2013) of content.

There's a fair amount of stuff that I didn't publish because it's not that good. 

Back when I started, I focused more on quantity. This was intentional.

I believe that 'developing' websites should try to publish at least 2 or 3 pieces of B or B+ content every 7-10 days.  

Having daily content is hard, but so is having 1 A or A+ piece every 2 weeks.

You'll ultimately have to decide what best fits you. 

Pour Conclure

So there you have it.

While early success in online business ultimately comes from EXPECTATIONS and EXPERIENCE, these 17 other things helped me make it.

My best piece of advice, certainly applicable in the first 1 or 2 years, is -

Write your content with the expectation that NOBODY will ever link to you.  

For the first year, due the nature of the content on Good Looking Loser (and a general dislike for me from the pick up guys), virtually no one ever linked to me.

It wasn't a big deal.

Don't think that 'networking' is going to compensate for a lack of experience or quality content.

It won't.

To finish on a positive note - 

This 'online business thing' is super possible for everyone.

It doesn't mean infopreneur "blogging" or affiliate marketing is the medium meant for you.

In fact, selling a product will almost always make you more money.
(example: if you only sell 1 product for $60, you get only 60 visitors a day to your website and only 4 people buy. Congrats - you are making $240/day or $87,600/yr. Not bad!)

Regardless of the medium, if you have an above-average product or service with a slightly above-average DEMAND, no matter what it is - you will be successful if you figure out how to get the word out.

Hell, even products and services with a weak demand can be highly successful if you can supply the market. 

Sales via online business is no different than a brick and mortar store or selling a book.

If you can help someone, they will pay you.

Thanks for reading!

I enjoyed writing it and I hope it helps you.

Plenty of you guys are more intelligent and harder working than I am.

There is nothing stopping you from having considerable success online.

I really believe that.

I'm going to do a Q&A podcast on "How to Make Money" very soon.

I'll tackle as many questions as I can in ~90 minutes.

If you have a question for me - just leave it below and I'll answer it in an audio.

Priority will go to the first 30 questions that are phrased in a simple or thoughtful manner.

Questions via Comments (for Podcast) is closed.

Thank you if you've written in!

Reader questions from below are answered in this Podcast -

How to Make Money Online Podcast (December 2015 Q&...
How to Build Self-Esteem (My Advice For Guys With ...

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Comments (127)

  1. manic5

The hardest part about building a new website that makes money: way to offer value. Most guys in their 20's and even early 30's are unsure how to figure out what they can offer that someone will pay for.

  1. Good Looking Loser    manic5

re: That


But -

People's scope is too narrow. They are only thinking in terms of "what words can I write that will offer self-improvement value?".

You can offer value by selling cars that you repair.
You can offer value by selling bug...

re: That


But -

People's scope is too narrow. They are only thinking in terms of "what words can I write that will offer self-improvement value?".

You can offer value by selling cars that you repair.
You can offer value by selling bug spray.
You can offer value by selling [anything].

There's a lot of guys making money online that don't have self-improvement websites (pretty much 99.999% of internet).

Way too many guys are caught up in "infoprenuering".

Read More
  Comment was last edited about 6 years ago by Good Looking Loser Good Looking Loser
  1. IamMickeySingh    Good Looking Loser

What about creating like 10-20 niche websites , each website is dedicated to a small topic like how to get rid of ants , the other would be like best way to peel fruit etc? 20-30 of those things

  1. Good Looking Loser    IamMickeySingh

Static Niche sites are great, when done correctly.

What is your specific question?

  1. Florian Ulrich

Great article, thanks! "Not being a good writer???" Your articles are always a joy to read.

I actually got my first twitter hater after posting about "ten ways to be more social/find new friends". Go figure. That leads me into a question about...

Great article, thanks! "Not being a good writer???" Your articles are always a joy to read.

I actually got my first twitter hater after posting about "ten ways to be more social/find new friends". Go figure. That leads me into a question about #1.

How do you avoid being an impotent angry "hater-troll" while also not publishing lukewarm posts that are all lovey-dovey?

Especially with a mindset of abundance. Do you think the thought of "looking out for YOUR guys" and "screw the people who get offended" is a good mindset to apply?

Thanks again for this article.

Read More
  1. Florian Ulrich    Good Looking Loser

Ok, thanks - what I mean is:

How do you develop an edge to your posts when you want to give as much value as possible?

Do you focus on giving value for your friends and followers first and disregard what "would be nice" for everyone?

  1. Good Looking Loser    Florian Ulrich

Got it. I'll be sure to answer in the audio.

  1. youmad    Florian Ulrich

I'm of the belief that Chris's websites look like complete shit but the writing and content are great.


Older people that are in their 50's or more are afraid to venture the online world simply because they don't know how technology works. Lucky for most of us here we already know basic stuff about building a website. The hardest part is coming up...

Older people that are in their 50's or more are afraid to venture the online world simply because they don't know how technology works. Lucky for most of us here we already know basic stuff about building a website. The hardest part is coming up with a unique idea that can attract a lot of people. When I was a newbie I started small and focused on a small niche that has decent market value. My advise is you just do it and youll figure out the rest as you go on with the process. Creating a business of your own is really fun and fulfilling.

Read More
  1. divine    NIRVANA

an eye opener for us to do the things we want while we know it and while we still can. the reason i got hooked in gll is to improve my sex life in which it did. im at my early 20's and not worried financially but im guessing i'd be back to...

an eye opener for us to do the things we want while we know it and while we still can. the reason i got hooked in gll is to improve my sex life in which it did. im at my early 20's and not worried financially but im guessing i'd be back to instill all the tips in this article. who doesn't want to be financially stable right?

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    NIRVANA

agree entirely, thank you for commenting

  1. Dollar

definitely one of the more interesting posts you did..excited for this! will read in a few.. (:

  1. Zuberi

How do you decide which business opportunity/idea to pursue?

Logic & reasoning?
Gut instinct?
A mixture of both?
Market potential?

  1. specs    Zuberi

Why not all? Why limit yourself when you can include all those relevant details.

  1. Good Looking Loser    Zuberi

will answer, thanks Z

  1. Joel

What EXACTLY was your income sources for GLL in your first year? At the end of the day, you have to be selling something to make money. Did that come entirely from Bathmate sales or did you start Happy Hippo at the same time and recommend your...

What EXACTLY was your income sources for GLL in your first year? At the end of the day, you have to be selling something to make money. Did that come entirely from Bathmate sales or did you start Happy Hippo at the same time and recommend your readers buy Kratom from there?

I think it was a couple years before anyone had any idea that you were the owner of Happy Hippo. In a lot of the earlier videos, you would refer to them as a third party as if you were just a customer. I'm not saying you "lied" or anything, but was this intentional? Were you worried that people would be less receptive to Kratom and think you were biased if you were openly promoting your own brand?

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    Joel

Hey Joel - I'll answer your questions on the Podcast.

Happy Hippo isn't part of any Good Looking Loser sales.

It's a different company and I mention it as a separate entity for liability reasons.

I'm pretty transparent that I own it, although...

Hey Joel - I'll answer your questions on the Podcast.

Happy Hippo isn't part of any Good Looking Loser sales.

It's a different company and I mention it as a separate entity for liability reasons.

I'm pretty transparent that I own it, although I can't mention it in every forum single post.

The opposite is true though - Happy Hippo had a lot of sales in the first year because I told people it was my company, this was an advantage. People were happy to try Kratom from me and would be less receptive if I didn't own it and referred them to a random website.

Same as Victor and I have done for Red Supplements, people like it better (not worse) because it is our brand.

Read More
  Comment was last edited about 6 years ago by Good Looking Loser Good Looking Loser
  1. chronic

Hi GLL. WOuld not be surprised if Dr Dre would echo what you say. Think about it....

  1. Brian

Love the post. This will help a lot of guys starting websites.

The only thing I don't agree with is that you don't need to make your site look good. I think with how competitive the online landscape is now, having a good looking site is a must.

Read More
  1. mrrogers

You need to be on the Joe Rogan show!!!!

  1. Dave93

Chris, I have always wondered – If you had the choice between Kratom and Provigil- which one would you choose?
As Number 12 you listed: Kratom to Work 15+ Hours Straight on Certain Discussions.
So far I have never even considered taking Kratom,...

Chris, I have always wondered – If you had the choice between Kratom and Provigil- which one would you choose?
As Number 12 you listed: Kratom to Work 15+ Hours Straight on Certain Discussions.
So far I have never even considered taking Kratom, as I thought that Provigil is for very long lasting energy and I am a busy college student studying much more than just full time and I thought Kratom is just more for overall mood and a bit of productivity.
I already know about your Golden days and using Provigil then, but overall: which one would you pick and in which scenarios would you definitely make an exception and pick the other one?

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    Dave93

awesome --- will answer

Thanks for writing in

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