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Where I've Been Having Fun and Winning Some Money (DraftKings Review)

How I'm Winning Money on Draft Kings

Welcome to the very first blog entry of our "Get Paid" section.

Get Paid will be largely devoted to making money online, using the experience and examples from (and several satellites websites), but will be by no means limited to that.

I'll show you income statements, balance sheets, profit/loss report and even bank statements - just about anything you demand so long as it doesn't expose me to fraud or if my attorney really discourages me.

This section will develop slowly, my immediate attention is still on "Get Laid" and more doing more videos.
(There were legal issues this past Summer and production was brought to a halt)

Eventually, however, "Get Laid" will come to a relative end and my #1 goal will be to help everyone get wealthy.


This post/advice is not a "get wealthy" or "get financially stable" post.

Although possible, this post/advice is not meant to make you significant amounts of money.

I play for fun.

You may win money. I do more often than not.

But you might lose money too.

I make no absolutely promises that you will win ANY money. 

Do not bet (or spend) money that you cannot afford to lose.

That is a lesson for life.

This is basically "educated" fantasy sports betting - something that I'm better at than the average person.
This type of thing is NOT considered "gambling" and is in full compliance with the Federal Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006.

I am not a fan of "gambling" or playing games of chance that are otherwise rigged so the house profits.

If you aren't familiar with this, that's okay - I will give you my picks each week. There is no guesswork.

draft-kingsFree entry to the Millionaire Maker With Good Looking Loser Link - (Click Logo, No Promo Code Necessary)


As the title mentions, this is first - FOR FUN and second - MONEY.

I will make it easy for you -

I'm literally going to tell you my picks every Saturday in the Good Looking Loser Forum (Sports) until the end of the NFL season.

A long-term Good Looking Loser member and contributor, "Z", has been proofreading every blog post we have; he's done an incredible job and he asked for nothing in return except my weekly DraftKings lineup.

Last I checked, he's been winning significantly more often than he's been losing. Again though, he's not trying to make a career out of this; just get some loot to play with.

What is Draft Kings? (Daily Fantasy Sports)

You've probably heard of "fantasy football", if you haven't - YOU SHOULDN'T BE PLAYING THIS.

Basically, you pick different players before their football games and get points for their statistics when they play.

The person with the most points - wins.

Fantasy football is the same thing as Draft Kings, but there is ONE major difference -

On Draft Kings you can select new players each week.

Whereas with traditional fantasy football, you have to pick (draft) players for the ENTIRE 17 week season.

If your star player gets injured or beats the shit out of his 4 year old son with a tree branch (Adrian Peterson), your chances of winning are all but zero.

It takes a lot more luck to win in season-long fantasy sports than in weekly/daily fantasy sports.

That is why I like Draft Kings Football better than traditional fantasy football.

The player selection is also different. Each player has a certain value (i.e: Andrew Luck $8,500; Arizona Cardinals Defense/Special Teams $3,100) and they give you $50,000 to work with per contest.
(this is fantasy money, not your money - it costs as low as $1 to play) 

How Often Does Good Looking Loser Win?

I'll break down how I play in a few minutes.

I generally enter 5 low-stakes beginner's head-to-head contests where one team wins and the other team loses.

I win 65-75% of them.

I don't expect to win all of them, neither should you. If you are winning more often/money than you are losing - then you are doing well.

Here are my results of NFL Week 6.

A good weekend, I won 4 out of 5 contests.
(the image below featured only the Monday and Thursday night games. I will mainly be giving my picks for the Sunday and Monday games)


What You Will Have To Do

In a nutshell, here are the steps you have to take -

  1. Sign up for Draft Kings.
    (Free entry in the Fantasy Football Millionaire Maker - no promo code needed via our link)
  2. Link it to your PayPal.
    (They will show you how; it's just like eBay and takes 20 seconds)
  3. Choose your contests and bets.
    (I only recommend the beginner's contests where you will be playing against kids we can BEAT)
  4. Copy my lineup that will be posted in the Good Looking Loser Forum (NFL) or make your own picks.
  5. See if you win. Watching the games is optional but is a lot of fun.

PlayAction Onsite Helmet 728x90 

What I've Learned: My Strategies and Advice

The first few weeks of the NFL season, I lost money more often than I won money.

With some experience, I realized what I was doing correctly when I won and what I was doing incorrectly when I lost.

Some of this is obvious luck but I often win big.

Only Play In the "Beginner's Contests"

Unless you have the money or get really good at this - stick to the BEGINNER'S CONTESTS.

You will be playing against people that don't know what they are doing and you will win more often.

The guys that play in the traditional HEAD-TO-HEAD contests have a higher skill level, some of them make a living off this stuff.

The only downside to the beginner's lobby is that the most you can win in a HEAD-TO-HEAD contest is $36.

You can play in as many contests as you want so it's not really a big deal.

You'll mainly be playing in contests between $1 and $20 for the entry fee.


Enter 5+ Contests (Peppering)

Instead of picking one higher-stakes contest, I encourage you to pick several (5) lower-stakes contests.

In roulette (the "spinning wheel" casino game), they call this "peppering" the table.

Basically, you bet on several numbers with small amounts, instead of just a few numbers with large amounts.

This will limit your loses if you lose.

Since starting this "pepper" method, I haven't had a week where I lost all 5 contests.

More encouraging, I haven't lost money in my weekly contest in over a month.

* Play HEAD-TO-HEAD Contests (Optional)

There's a lot of different contest formats available on Draft Kings. Too many to tell you about.

I have the most success playing HEAD-TO-HEAD against a beginner, where there is one winner and one loser.

I haven't done as well in the bigger contests that have 100-500 people, with the top 10-30-50 winning money.

It might just be a matter of preference however.

Mark (forum ADMIN) plays the big contests and wins/places in them quite often.

Regardless of what format you enter, play in the BEGINNER'S BRACKET.

andrew-luck-beardIn all fantasy formats, Andrew Luck has been the best player. 

How I Select My Lineups

There's 4 primary rules that I should follow and suggest you abide by. 

Do Not Let Your Personal Biases Influence Your Pick

Lets put it this way -

If you didn't like McDonald's but got an insider tip that the stock was going to double, would you not buy it?


I don't give a damn if I "like" a certain player or his team - I'm trying to win and I'm going to pick the players with the best value.

This is why I routinely beat beginners by over 30+ points.

They don't know what they are doing and just pick a bunch of their favorite players or the players they also have on their Yahoo! Fantasy Football team.

Look at this obvious example -


This is what I want you to see -

My opponent's handle was "DOLFAN214".

He is a fan of the Miami Dolphins.

He picked the Dolphin's crappy defense, Knowshon Moreno (a soft running back that splits time with Lamar Miller) and Brian Hartline (a possession receiver that barely gets on the field) in a hard matchup in Orchard Park against a fairly good Buffalo defense.

His Dolphins players got him a whopping 8 points.
(I think Knowshon got injured in that game, so he should have done a little better)

I had a lousy day (117.68 points is low for me) and still demolished his team.

Prioritize Quarterbacks and Wideouts

This is hardly expert advice or breaking news if you've followed the NFL for the past 4 years.

Due to the [largely absurd] rule changes and hurry up offenses - it is a very quarterback driven, pass-heavy league.

The quarterbacks and wide receivers score the most touchdowns and get the most yardage.


I highly suggest prioritizing these positions and figuring out what to do at running back last. There's a lot of running backs that split touches with the starter that are available for cheap.

I usually pick two premier wide receivers, then pick a top quarterback and then decide where to go from there.

Here is one of my lineups where I absolutely destroyed this poor sap -
(I'm far from arrogant in real life, but I talk a lot of shit in fantasy sports)
(Especially when I beat Scotty at stuff, which is more often than not, haha)

big win on draftkings

That's a good lineup, I would have won tens-of-thousands of dollars if I played in the higher-stakes games.

If you care, my thinking was this -

I wanted to take Peyton Manning because he had an ~average game the prior week.

Since Manning was too much money, I decided to select his wideouts, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Manning had a great game throwing to these guys.

Russell Wilson also had a ~lousy game the previous Sunday. The Seahawks were playing the awful Redskins' defense on Monday Night Football and were out for blood. Sure enough, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch accounted for all the Seahawks' scores and put up some good points for me.

Travis Kelce was the steal of week, he was offered near league minimum ($3300). He got me a respectable 9.5 points for super cheap.
(Thanks Allie Fontana, my fantasy football babe) 

Get 2-3 Big Money Studs and Look for 2 Value Players

Instead of selecting 8 pretty good players, I select 2-3 great players, 2-3 pretty good players and seek out value (sleeper) picks for the remaining two.

In the lineup above my big money fantasy superstars are Marshawn Lynch, Demaryius Thomas and Jimmy Graham.

My 2 inexpensive value picks were Khiry Robinson, Travis Kelce.

Here's another lineup from earlier in the season when I finally got the hang of it -


My fantasy superstars were -

  • Antonio Brown (WR-PIT)
  • Demaryius Thomas (WR-DEN)
    * Matt Ryan was supposed to be relative superstar that weekend because he played a shitty Bears' defense but he didn't play that well.

My value picks were -

  • Storm Johnson (RB-JAX)
  • Mohamed Sanu (WR-CIN)
    * Sanu is no longer a value pick, he costs big money now.

I won by over 30.

My opponent gave way too much priority to the running back position and neglected the wide receivers.

In general, but subject to change on a weekly basis, this is my template 

Everyone begins with $50,000

Premier Quarterback ($6500-8500)

Premier Wide Receiver ($8000)

Premier Wide Receiver ($7000-8000)
(or Premier Tight End - Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas)

Good Wide Receiver ($4000-$4500)

Good Running Back ($4000-5000)

Value Running Back ($3000-3500)

Premier Tight End ($6000-$7000)
(or Value Tight End - Jared Cook, Travis Kelce)

FLEX (RB/WR/TE) - Varies

Defense - Whichever team is affordable/faces a lousy offense ($3000-$3300)


Pick Defense Last (Usually Based on Matchup/Price)

Worry about your defense/special teams position last.

In fact, don't even worry at all.

All the defenses are inexpensive and plenty of decent ones can be had at the league minimum $3000.

Just pick up a defense that is playing at home against a crappy offense such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders.

The defense/special teams position usually has very little impact on your game and is not something you should prioritize.


this contest featured only the Monday and Thursday night games (NYJ@NE) and (SF@STL)  

As you can see, my opponent's defense/special teams (Patriots, 5 points) actually outscored my own (Rams, 2 points).

It didn't matter - I won 117.54 - 98.34.

Defense/special teams are usually insignificant.

This position only scores big if they score a touchdown (total luck) or shutout the opposition.

Don't worry about it.

So there you have it.

Those are my strategies.

It's hardly insightful advice if you are a seasoned fantasy football player, but it's usually more than enough to help you beat beginners on DraftKings.

Other Sports?

You aren't limited to NFL Football.

Contests are available in baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, horse racing(?), soccer, poker and major college sports.

I have a unique strategy in baseball where I finished the MLB season winning more often than not, I'll talk about it when the coming baseball season starts. I also play college football and NBA.

I would pick the sport that you are most familiar with or just copy my weekly lineup.

I don't guarantee you ANYTHING but I beat beginners more often than not.

vegasmoneyVegas 2009 - That's $200 in my hand (wow) an hour later it would be $0 - the last time I did real chance gambling. #Lessons

Pour Conclure

Again, again, again - PLAY FOR FUN and don't bet any money that you can't lose.

You can play the $1 games (there's free games for no money) until you figure out how it works.

People always come over to my place every Saturday and Sunday (whether I am here or not) and do this.

It's a lot of fun. But it's way more fun when you are winning.

For my weekly DraftKings NFL/Other Lineup (when football is in season) visit here -

I might drop some other lineups from time-to-time, maybe we'll get a Good Looking Loser league going sometime too.

If you sign up with our refer-a-friend link, you will receive a free entry in the Millionare Maker, a free $2 game or whatever promotion is in-season. No promo code necessary.

If you were wondering, I've also played on "Fan Duel", it's basically the same exact thing. I think Fan Duel was the original 'Daily Fantasy Sports' website, but DraftKings offers better bonuses, their customer service responds right away and their commercials are funnier.

p.s. - if one of you guys ever wants to create a fantasy sports platform like this, I will be happy to invest money with you. These type of platforms make tens of millions of dollars.

Please direct any comments or questions about specific players or lineups to the Forum, that is what the forum is for.

I will be happy to answer short, general questions below.

Thanks for reading!

How to Get a Mentor (Role Models Are Good, Mentors...
Ephedrine and Ephedra - The Ultimate Legal Weight ...

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Comments (15)

  1. David

Hey Chris,

Thanks for sharing your experience with DFS. You're right, it's loads of fun, just so long as you do like you advised and just play it for "beer money".

I just got into it this past baseball season and did fairly well once I...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for sharing your experience with DFS. You're right, it's loads of fun, just so long as you do like you advised and just play it for "beer money".

I just got into it this past baseball season and did fairly well once I learned the best strategy for my particular game of choice. I've backed off from playing NFL right now, but may jump back in once NBA season starts.

Are you going to be getting into any other sports (i.e. NBA, NHL, CFB)?

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    David

Hey David- thanks a lot. I have been wondering if other guys around the GLL world play these games.

Yeah - I agree. Don't risk money that you aren't willing to lose.

DK has made me enjoy the NFL a lot more. My Yahoo fantasy team died after AP...

Hey David- thanks a lot. I have been wondering if other guys around the GLL world play these games.

Yeah - I agree. Don't risk money that you aren't willing to lose.

DK has made me enjoy the NFL a lot more. My Yahoo fantasy team died after AP got suspended. I have A.Luck though.

I'll prob. get into NBA, Scotty and I love fantasy basketball and we are actually pretty good at it.
I got beat too much at CFB, so I stopped playing - I just don't know the players as well as the NFL/NBA.

Not into NHL. Hockey used to be my sport (played at a high level) but after I retired, I never watched another NHL game.

Read More
  1. Axel Page

Hey Chris,

I am almost 100% certain that you are only allowed 50 beginner contests per sport on DK. I recently used up all of mine for the NFL unfortunately. Everything else is spot on!

  1. Good Looking Loser    Axel Page

ahhh. I was thinking '50' might be the magic number too.

  1. Rasmus

Hey Chris,

Any idea if you can use Draftkings if you're not living in the US? I live in Europe and I'm having trouble setting up my account. Do you know of any EU based sites?


  1. Good Looking Loser    Rasmus

Hey Rasmus, I don't know unfortunately.

DK is available in the USA and Canada I believe.

  1. Rupert Jackson

I live in WA state. I don't think this is legal where I live.

  1. Rupert Jackson

DraftKings is illegal in my state. What should I do?

  1. Chris

Agree with everything you said. I started using Draftkings for football around week 4 and have been having a blast ever since. Although, my 50 beginner matches have been used up...I'm still making money.

I do a similar approach...I create 5...

Agree with everything you said. I started using Draftkings for football around week 4 and have been having a blast ever since. Although, my 50 beginner matches have been used up...I'm still making money.

I do a similar approach...I create 5 lineups and do 1 or 2 head-to-head contests for each lineup. But I also enter every single .25 buy-in contest and some $1 ones...I've found that if your lineup gets a minimum of 160 you generally make SOME money. Also, unless you're lucky to have the QB that throws for 6 TDs (Rodgers and Big Ben the past few weeks) DO NOT want players to have huge games like that because it will skew your winnings. (Ex: I was up $100 going into Sunday night before Rodgers threw for 6 TDs then went down to $33...luckily I had a lineup with Sanchez, Jordan Matthews and McCoy that got me back up to winning $54 after Monday night...I only play $25 per week).

Anyways, love your site and if you're a fantasy football nut like me then Draftkings is a blast.

Read More
  1. DFS Loser

Hey Chris,

Any interest in creating a DFS area within the 'Get Paid' section, and having regular strategy content? If so let me know how to get in touch with you.

  1. L

So do you have to pay the 25.00 to enter plus the $1, $3.00, etc. fee?

  1. L

so do you have to enter 1.00, 3.00 fees to start or can you just make a little with the free entry. And do you have to enter the 1.00 fee plus the 25.00 bonus on your cc to play:

  1. clark


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