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How to Get Noticed By Established Guys (When You Have a New Website)

How To Get "In" With Established Bloggers (When You Don't Have Much To Offer Yet)

Getting the radar of successful people can do big things for you - especially if you are 'not-yet-established'.

About a year ago, Ludvig Sunström discussed this on Good Looking Loser.

But what if you don't have an established website or business like Ludvig's "Start Gaining Momentum"?

What if you are just starting out and know you don't have much to offer?

Is it possible?

Sure it is. 

I'll tell you a few ways to get noticed if you are just starting out.

Regardless of what 'technique' you use, there's one mentality that you need to stick to -


This can apply to getting "in" with anyone who is established - at anything.

In-person or online.

This is how I have "networked" with people 'above me' and exactly how I made friends with a celebrity who did a lot for my life.
(a few weeks after I met her I volunteered to write up multiple diet/training programs, speak to her doctor at length, etc.)

A few years later, I became her 'on-tour' nutritionist and a personal trainer for some of her wealthy friends. Although I would have left Law School in San Diego anyway - this gave me the green light to move to Los Angeles.

This is also how you can get a mentor.

While my suggestions won't always yield a successful or immediate result (sometimes the person is simply too busy, uninterested, an asshole, you didn't help them as much as you thought or you came off as 'needy' by accident), this is the best you can do if you are just starting out.

When you become successful, especially financially or socially, people will be always hitting you up for favors, offers and even making absurd demands. Even your friends may become opportunists. 

In essence, people want you to HELP THEM.

Even if they don't say it right away.

This is what you have to stay away from. 

You need to GIVE FIRST and GENUINELY not expect to receive ANYTHING in return.

I'll talk a little bit about how to do it 'in-person', but I'll mostly focus on how to network online if you are just starting out.

Remember -

This is to 'get noticed', it might not instantly pay dividends (it might never), but it's a way to get the attention of someone who otherwise wouldn't see you.


Leave THOUGHTFUL Comments On An Established Website (and ask NOTHING in return) 

Earlier this year, Victor Pride noticed a thoughtful comment on his website "Bold & Determined" from a guy named 'Nate'.

nate 1st comment

Victor clicked over to Nate's website, "Iron & Tweed".

Instead of finding a website that looked nearly identical to Bold & Determined from a blog comment that said -

Hey Vic goodpost

Check out my website and let me know what you think of it okay

He was impressed.

Although "Iron & Tweed" was only about 90 days old with a handful of posts, Victor almost immediately contacted Nate about the direction of "Iron & Tweed" and the opportunity to buy ownership and work together.

The two worked out the details and "Iron & Tweed" was officially on the map.

I decided to ask Victor about just why he jumped on "Iron & Tweed" -

chris to victor He said -

victor to me

So there you have it.

Nate left a thoughtful blog comment, had a nice looking website/personal style and Victor jumped on it.

Nate's thoughtful blog comment (that asked NOTHING in return) just vaulted "Iron & Tweed" 2 or 3 years ahead.

Almost overnight, Nate's thoughtful blog comment earned "Iron & Tweed" more success and recognition than other websites receive in a lifetime.

In this instance, Nate almost immediately benefited, but even if he hadn't - he would still be on Victor's radar.  


Genuinely Help Other Guys On Established Forums (and ask NOTHING in return)

While some will say Nate "got lucky" (and miss my point), there is a more surefire way to get noticed by established bloggers if you have a new website.

You can post thoughtful messages that genuinely help guys or become a respected member of an established forum.

I'll give you a homegrown example. 

We have a forum at Good Looking Loser.

Long before he ever thought to start his own website, Rooster heavily contributed to the Good Looking Loser community and even kept his own self-improvement log.

rooster profile

I noticed this, in fact -

He has probably helped more guys (on the forum) than I have.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

He was so helpful that he eventually became a moderator and even has TWO of his own sub-forums right in the heart of the Good Looking Loser community -

Roosters Forums at Good Looking Loser

Rooster is one of a handful of guys that I have let write his own articles on the main Good Looking Loser Blog.

Not once, in 3+ years, he did ever ask to be promoted, to write a guest post or for ANYTHING in return.

He didn't have to.

I already knew what projects he was working on and I am absolutely happy to help him out.

When he wanted to start his own project, I encouraged him to do so and said I'd be happy to let him talk about it on our forum and recommend it to other people (so long as it was good and not a ripoff of Good Looking Loser) - even if it meant that he was less active on our forum.

When Rooster launched his website "Rooster Dating" and popular book "How to Get Laid in 5 Weeks (Even If You Are a Virgin", I was happy to get the word out.

Rooster's genuine help to guys in the Good Looking Loser community (asking NOTHING in return) immediately got eyes on his projects once he released them. 

Contrast Rooster's approach with the other guys that spam forums with short meaningless posts in hopes of temporarily sending an insignificant amount of traffic to their websites before they get banned.

Don't be that guy.

Just so you know -

I absolutely do not mind if you link to your website (in the signature) in our forum or blog post comments, PROVIDED THAT you contribute in a thoughtful matter. 

It can be tough to start a website from scratch and although I had virtually zero help when I started - I don't mind helping guys if they GIVE before they receive.

gang all

Write a Comprehensive Review or Specific Commentary of an Established Product/Website (and ask NOTHING in return)

Another way to get noticed is to write a VERY THOUGHTFUL comprehensive review or specific commentary on a product or post from an established website.

This is FAR DIFFERENT than just linking to an established website in one random line of text and sending an insignificant amount of traffic their way.

You should do AN ENTIRE POST that provides a thoughtful review on the established website or product.

At the very least, your post will get shared on social media by the established blogger.

Let me show you some examples of what I'm talking about.

Comprehensive Review or Specific Commentary (Products)

Earlier this year, I published an article, "How to Make Money By Telling People About Happy Hippo Kratom".

As of July 2015, we pay out $7,000 to $10,000 a month in commissions to affiliates.

While there are some established websites and former vendors that recommend Happy Hippo, there's also several new websites that get in on the action.

kratom iq

One of which is this review, by "KratomIQ".

It sends a fair amount of traffic to Happy Hippo, but I noticed it long before.

Although it is a new site with a very basic design, that individual post with only 4 blog comments will be making several thousand dollars in the coming months (almost broke $1000 last month).

Look at the review.

Read it carefully.

Notice the detail. 

It provides VERY SPECIFIC information on Happy Hippo, including shipping times, customer service and individual strains.

That is why it works so well.
(you'd be surprised how well some posts with only a handful of comments do)


Let me show you another example of a comprehensive, insightful post that makes good money from Happy Hippo -  

The website, "Supplement Critique", has two excellent posts that mention Happy Hippo products - 

Both have sent hundreds and hundreds of people to Happy Hippo over the last few months -

traffic supplement critique

Although neither post is solely about Happy Hippo Phenibut, both have several very informative paragraphs on how to combine other Nootropics with Phenibut, how it works, how much to take and what it feels like.

You can tell that the author has ACTUALLY combined Happy Hippo Phenibut with other nootropics.

That is why it is good and why it makes good money.

Comprehensive Review or Specific Commentary (Websites)

The two examples I gave were for products.

You can make just as big of an impression if you do an entire thoughtful review or commentary on a full website, even if you can't send a ton of traffic yet.

The idea is to simply get noticed. 

Let me give you some examples.

Danger & Play Introduces Himself to Good Looking Loser

Back in September of 2013, Mike from Danger & Play published a post entirely dedicated to Good Looking Loser.

Keep in mind, at the time, neither of our sites were very big.

Recommending Good Looking Loser was rather controversial at the time due to the amount of adult-themed posts and images I had. That's why the endorsement meant even more, as I discuss in this video

I was away on a road trip but eventually Mike and I would collaborate on some projects and become close friends.

Danger & Play Introduces Himself to Bold & Determined

10 months prior, Mike introduced himself to Victor in an identical manner.

At the time (November 2012), neither Danger & Play or Bold & Determined had 1/4 of the traffic they have today.

Mike and Victor became close friends, did multiple projects together and even lived together in Vietnam. 

Those are perfect examples.

Dedicating AN ENTIRE POST to a website is far different than simply linking a few words of text and hoping for something in return.

Try it.

Old School "Blogging" Networking (Write Commentary on a Specific Post)

This is similar to what I just mentioned, but instead of linking to the website - you link to a specific post on the website.

Long before I ever became a "blogger" (hate that word, can someone come up with another word?), a popular way to network and make new 'business' friends was to write thoughtful commentary on a specific post on an established website.

That still works fine today.

All you have to do is write an article with your unique commentary on a specific post by the established author (and link to the respective page). 

I don't know why more people don't do this actually. 

In fact, it works WAY BETTER than writing a "inspired by" aka copycat post with obvious repackaged concepts. 

Regardless of what method you use, don't worry so much about 'how much traffic' you can send, that's not the point. 

The point is to let the established author find your post, which will eventually happen when they check their website analytics, see it on social media or hear about it elsewhere.

The point is to simply get noticed and potentially make a valuable friend. 

Garfieldand friends

Be the Most Helpful Guy Ever (and ask NOTHING in return)


Maybe I should have covered this a long time ago, it probably deserves a separate discussion altogether.

This is how I make friends with established people.

Long-term, this works better than all of my other suggestions combined or "perfecting your social skills".

I obviously think social skills are necessary, but you can't "game" (talk) your way into the lives of established people that often.

While I don't profess to have 'elite social skills', I am incredibly resourceful and have access to or information on almost anything anybody would ever want (use your imagination).

That is how I met the celebrity I mentioned earlier, how I've gotten luxury and professional services for free and how I've "skipped" the typical social networking in Los Angeles and met a highly connected club promotor that immediately became a close friend and hooked me up with more social opportunities than I could handle.

Sometimes, the best "in" is to just give the person something.  

Good Looking Loser Introduces Himself to Victor Pride

You might be getting sick of hearing the same names again and again, but it's the best way for you to learn what goes on among familiar faces.

Let me tell you how Victor Pride (Bold & Determined) and I became friends.

It didn't just organically happen because we have popular blogs and eventually decided to try to make more money together.

A few years ago, before I was friends with Victor, I left a likely misinterpreted (but overall worthless) comment on this Bold & Determined post where Victor posted a picture of himself for the first time.

It said something to the effect of -

Looking good!

You're makin meatheads look smart Vic!

Even though I had a semi-established blog at the time, Victor just deleted my post. 

I wasn't offended, but I realized I'd have to do a little more than that if I wanted to talk to him.

Sometime later, I saw that Victor was an affiliate [for a popular US-based product] that was paying him less than I was getting paid. 

I emailed him about this, gave him my suggestion that would instantly make him more money and decided to divert all my targeted traffic to his page.

Not long after, he told me that it was impossible for him to find a lawyer in Thailand that was familiar with Internet & Intellectual Property Law. I discussed what I knew about the legal issues at-hand and voluntarily gave him my professionally written website disclaimers (the same disclaimers that a ton of guys have copied and pasted to their own websites - send my attorney $330 when you get a chance).

These were two examples (of many) from the beginning.

We slowly became friends after that.

Now, we are close friends.

It largely began because I was extra helpful and asked NOTHING in return -

victor pride tweet on GLL

It's true. 
(but you are probably very resourceful too - after all, you found my site!)

Victor (more than any of us) is used to receiving emails from people that want something from him or offering "help" with obvious strings attached

That's not the way to get "in" with him or anyone else who is established.

You need to give them something. 

Unexpected Benefits of Being "Good Looking Loser"

I've also had a lot of guys who were willing to help me and asked nothing in return.

Off the top of my head in the past 12 months - 

One guy owns an enormous property and vineyard in Napa Valley, California. He's let me bring girls and stay there free of charge. In return, I've helped him out.

One guy is an Internet business attorney that has given me hours of free counsel. I've helped him out with women.

One girl (yes, girl) let's me eat at her family's popular 5-star restaurant in Los Angeles for free. I've helped her to make way better webcam videos for her YouTube channel.

One guy is an entrepreneur that has taken hundreds of hours out of his busy life to represent my interests in the processing industry and do other "dirty work". I plan to give him $20,000 or $40,000 for ownership in his new company.

One guy has worked on Wall Street and has discussed personal finance with me for 50+ hours. I plan to help him out when the time comes.

One guy donates $1000 every Holiday season and STILL hasn't asked or suggested how I can repay him - I wish he would.

That's real networking. 

Forget the "game" and crafty social skills. If you want to get noticed and make potentially valuable friends - GIVE WHATEVER YOU HAVE and don't ask for anything.

help cartoon

Pour Conclure

You want to make friends or "network" with someone 'above' you?


In-person or online, it doesn't matter.

It won't always work.

But nothing does. 

Even if you don't have a ton to offer (you probably have something that you haven't thought of!), if you truly help someone who is established - they will remember it because they are so used to others trying to use them. 

While there's certainly some ungrateful assholes out there, you'll find that a lot of established people are ultimately willing to repay you double whatever you initially give them.


Because they like you and want you to succeed.

Give it a try. It's worked for me.

I have disabled comments for our "Get Paid" (How to Make Money) posts.

Questions, commentary and feedback is best left in the "Get Paid" section of the Good Looking Loser Forum.

Thanks for reading!

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