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How to Ruin Your Life In Your 20's (Financial Death Sentences)

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How to Ruin Your Life in Your 20's
(or Not Ruin Your Life)

This discussion largely focuses on financial prosperity for guys in their 20's and 30's, but can be applied to any type of success.

Although it's rarely discussed -

Becoming wealthy in your 20's or 30's is as much about not disqualifying yourself in your teens and 20's - as it is about being innovative, smart or so much harder working than everyone else.

Half of the game is not ruining your financial future before you get started.


For most ambitious guys, their teens and early 20's is all about having fun and Getting Laid.

Their late 20's (and into their 30's) is about making money.

I recommend that exact blueprint and although I am admittedly a late bloomer, I've been fortunate enough to accomplish a significant amount of both by my current age of 33.
(some financial stats from several years ago)

I've lived in several different cities (Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Greenville SC, New York City, Gainesville FL, San Diego CA, Los Angeles CA, Boise ID, Naples FL) and I've met hundreds and hundreds of people.

Many of them were ambitious but most literally had no chance at becoming financially successful before their 40th birthday.

We are going to define 'financially successful' as having a Top 1% Net Worth relative to your age -

top-1-percent-net-worthCheck Out "The Top 1% Net Worth Amounts By Age" from Financial Samurai 

If you aren't sure about what your Net Worth is, consider 'financially successful' as having a top 1% pre-tax income in your state.

Top 1 Income Map

I know some other young financially successful people.
(26-35 years old, >1 million dollars net worth)

They have a lot of obvious things in common - work ethic, ownership, basic financial/business IQ (invest > spend), etc.

I also know plenty of young not-so-financially successful people.
(26-35 years old, <$15,000 net worth)

This group has far more in common. 

American Average Net Worth By AgeAmerican Average Net Worth By Age (source: Federal Reverse Statistics)

Every guy I know personally who is in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, is stuck in a job he hates or all 3 - is guilty of 1 or more major fuckups in the list below.

If you can avoid these ABSOLUTELY MAJOR FUCKUPS, you will already be ahead of most guys your age who end their financial future before it ever has a chance.

If you are guilty of one of the major fuckups below, you need to try to forgive yourself and spend nearly every minute of your 'free' time taking deliberate action toward bettering your financial future.

Beating yourself up or living in denial will not solve your problems.

10 Ways to Disqualify Yourself From Becoming Young and Wealthy

Two years ago, over lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with a then 16 year old family-friend, I discussed why most guys can never be young and wealthy. He took notes and posted it in his room.

I will share what I told him.

There are certainly exceptions to these rules, but if you want to be wealthy before your 40's, it's going to take a lot of work and you need to minimize outside problems.

In the discussion below, I toss around several financial benchmarks (e.g. living frugally until you have $150,000 in cash/stable investments, not acquiring over $20,000 of student debt, etc.). These are simply my opinions largely based on a conservative personal preference. These figures are all up for debate and obviously vary from person to person. 

#1 You Have Kids Out of Wedlock
(Or Before You Can Even Support Yourself)

This is how most girls ruin their financial future.

Some lucky women can still find a wealthy male provider if they stay thin, learn to doll themselves up and get fake boobs.

It's going to be worse for you though.

At the very least, if you have illegitimate children - you will likely have to surrender a sizable portion of all your pay checks for the next 2 decades.

Unless you have a significant income, you will never be able to use your money to buy assets/investments or buy the time needed to setup a project that can earn you big money. 

Although there are some 20-something financially successful guys with illegitimate children out there, they are the exception.

I, personally, do not know any unmarried self-made guys in their 20's who are paying child support but are also financially successful.

Not one.

Having illegitimate children at a young age is a financial death sentence for most guys. 

Personally, I don't think people should procreate until they have a stable household income of over $125,000.

paystub child support

#2 You Spend Time In Prison For a Felony

Likewise, I don't personally know anyone that has spent time in jail for a felony that is young and financially successful. 

The reasons should be obvious.

Although there are far too many non-violent offenders in prison in the United States for ridiculous victimless crimes - IT IS WHAT IT IS and you should stay out of trouble.


#3 You Are Addicted to Hardcore Drugs or Alcohol and Do Not Seek Treatment

Although most people who use hardcore drugs or drink recreationally do not become addicts, most people who do become addicted do not seek treatment.

Addicts tend to be delusional about their financial future, often becoming overly optimistic when they are under the influence and overwhelming pessimistic when they are not.

Neither is reality. 

If this is you, all I can tell you is -


I spent a couple years of my life addicted to prescription pain killers and made it through just fine.

As always, there are exceptions to the rule.

Plenty of people who are young and wealthy have substance abuse problems - but almost all wish they could ultimately get clean.

Regardless on your personal view of "drugs", most of us can agree that a habitual dependency to any hardcore substance will be more of a hinderance than a 'performance enhancer'.

This only applies to daily use of illicit hardcore substances or alcohol, there are some legal compounds such as Kratom that have greatly benefitted my personal, social and financial life

You need to get off the hard shit and alcohol if you are going to have the focus and emotional stability to become wealthy at a young age.


#4 You Spend Money That You Don't Have On Crap You Don't Need

This one is the most obvious.

You will see it on every single advice website.

Everyone knows this, but few avoid it.

The government, corporations and media seek to exploit this one the most. Without the credit system and surplus consumption, our economy society would literally fall apart.  

Until you are 'financially successful', I highly suggest that you keep your consumption to a minimum. 

Especially of luxury goods. 

Don't fall into the absurd pitfall of 'pretending you are financially successful' by buying status symbols (expensive cars, jewelry, etc.) to impress people.

Show me a guy in his 20's living the "playboy" lifestyle and I'll show you a guy who is probably in debt or one paycheck from ruin.

Other than a house (and only if you plan to live in the same location for 10+ years), you should not buy anything expensive that you don't need.

Follow a 'Spartan Lifestyle' until you have $150,000 in cash or stable investments. 

If you are in debt - you should have a quantitative plan to repay it and stick to it even if it means that you only eat 2 times a day.

broke v rich

#5 You Acquire Major Debt From Student Loans

This is related to #4.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of guys have no idea what they are getting into when they "invest in their future" via "financial aid".

They have no idea how it can take DECADES to repay $100,000 even when starting from a "good" (semi-entry level) job.

Perhaps once well-intentioned, the current system of making massive debtors of college students is simply a blatant corporate-government trick to create and exploit a young, inexpensive but skilled labor force.  

I don't believe that everyone should forgo college though.

It's right for some, but everyone should forgo higher education that leaves them more than $20,000 in debt or if they aren't 100% SURE that they are going to use their degree for a specific occupation.

Related -

#7 You Get a Job (or Degree) Unrelated to How You Are Actually Going to Make Big Money
(Industry Experience in Your 20's is More Valuable than a Paycheck)

This one is not as obvious.

A lot of ambitious guys work jobs for money in the hopes of [one day] doing something completely unrelated to make their fortune.

Here's an example -

I have a friend who is a financial advisor.

Let's call him "Nate".

Nate makes decent money ($55,000?) relative to most single guys his age in his largely blue-collar medium-size Northeast city. 

Nate really hates his job and ultimately wants to setup his own media company that covers the professional and local collegiate sports teams.

Sounds like a better gig with an unlimited ceiling for earnings.

Nate's plan is to make enough money to quit and then go 'all in' on his dream career.

He gets really pumped up when he talks about it, although it's been over 11 years with this same plan. 

It all makes sense to him.

But reality says otherwise.

He complains that he's doesn't have enough money to quit and go "all in" on his business.

He is further hesitant because he doesn't know the first thing about sports media or how he'd even begin.

His plan (earn a bunch of money then go do something completely unrelated) has always been completely unrealistic. 

I just realized this recently though.

Although he might be making a few more bucks as a financial advisor, he'd be much better off if he got into some type of media/marketing job in his early 20's and learned the industry. 

Even if he was just a cameraman, worked on sets for the local newscast or even simply tried making YouTube videos where he and his friend interviewed random non-superstar athletes - he'd be WAY further ahead than he is now.

He'd have experience, contacts and a lot more confidence.  

The experience you gain in your 20's is what will launch your first financially successful project.

My 20's were all about lifting weights (using steroids), sleeping with random women, male enhancement, Kratom, etc, etc.

I've found a way to tie it all together at Good Looking Loser.

Had I not been in those "industries", this place would absolutely not exist.

I would be a pill-popping personal trainer who sold growth hormone or a below-average lawyer.

I was willing to do it my way though - and that's why I have it my way today.

Whatever your ultimate dream is - you need to be working on the beginning steps of it today.

Even if you don't know what those steps are. 

Unless your 'job for money' is paying you really big bucks that you can save, don't trick yourself in working an unrelated job for money if your ultimate plans lie elsewhere.  

You have no idea how valuable getting REAL EXPERIENCE at a young age is.


#8 You Don't Start Young and You Don't Try

One of the reasons that so few guys are young and wealthy is simply because they simply don't try to be.

Their plans are always meant for the future, under a different set of circumstances.

There will never be a perfect time to start.

But there is always a perfect time to try.

That time is now.

Realistically, your first try or first project probably won't be the one that earns you big money.

It is the EXPERIENCE from your first try that may though.

My first online project was the ghetto looking website - Hair Loss From Steroids.

It earns me about $2500-3500/month in passive income. Nothing huge, but not bad for a website that I literally don't touch.

I gained valuable experience from Hair Loss From Steroids and I used it to create Good Looking Loser.

I'm not one for most cheesy mainstream inspiration quotes, but the logic here is legitimate -

qtation31610 final

#9 You Don't Own Anything
(You Just Have a Decent Job)

You will probably never get rich by working a traditional job where you work for someone else, especially not while you are still young.

There is no budget that you can follow in your 20's that can make you wealthy if your income is not in the Top 1%. 

Even the best salaries for guys in their 20's aren't that high and most will likely have at least some higher education or credit card debts.
(the exceptions are 'wildcard' sales jobs such as real estate, insurance, pharmaceutical/medical devices and some Wall Street jobs)   

It can take well paid doctors, highly-qualified investment bankers and in-demand techies 20+ years to accumulate millions of dollars. Odds are you won't find a better paying job in your 20's.

Professionals such as doctors and lawyers can certainly become wealthy, but that is only after they establish their own practice and pay off all their debts, which usually isn't until their mid to late 30's - at the earliest.

The vast majority of young professionals that are "ballin'" or "making it rain" may have high incomes but generally have a low net worth because of their consumption habits.  

Don't believe the hype.

The real money is in ownership and having the ultimate say of where the profits go. 

Done right, your business (and therefore income) can grow very quickly.

Especially if your business is online, with low expenses, and meets a demand of an international marketplace.  

Many of you guys are planning to start a business one day, so you might as well do it now because chances are - your job won't make you rich anytime in the next 30 years.

Median Salary by Age and Sex 2014

#10 You Don't Actually Want to Be Young and Wealthy
(You Just Think You Do)

Most guys say they want to be young and wealthy.

Virtually ZERO of them actually mean it.

When it comes down to it, very few guys are willing to work 14 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week - with no guarantee of massive success.

The fact of the matter is -

Most people simply are too comfortable to really try to be wealthy, especially at a young age.

They just want to be happy.

That is fine.

But it's time that you start being honest with yourself if you really value money over happiness and how much both are worth. There's not enough hours in the day for large amounts of work and entertainment.

I personally would rather be a multi-millionaire and 'retire' by age 40 than to have a billion dollars by age 70.

The former takes way less work.

Most of you guys need FAR LESS money to really enjoy your life than you think.

At the same time, becoming young and wealthy doesn't happen by accident.

The vast majority of your 'free time' should be spent being productive, not comfortable. 

If you are really going to try and be young and wealthy -

Business comes before pleasure.

Business comes before physical appearance.

Business certainly comes before friends and family.
(related: "33 Ways to Be the Greatest - See #7")

MySweetRetirement NetWorth

Pour Conclure

Most guys disqualify themselves from becoming wealthy in their 20's and 30's by doing one or more of the above.

A major key is to simply not fuck up and keep your expenses to a minimum while you build something.

Half of my success is simply due to not making any 'financial death sentence' decisions in my 20's.

The other half is simply doing things my way.

As you mature and watch people you know fall off, you'll see that a big part of 'success' is simply NOT making stupid decisions. 

If you can avoid certain pitfalls and simply not ruin your life until you've figured some of it out, by default, you will have a far brighter financial future than most.

If you have fucked up, try and move on.

You can absolutely become wealthy but don't put so much pressure on yourself to do it at a young age.

While I'm an expert at 'online business', I'm hardly an expert on personal finance yet.

I want to know what you thought of this discussion, so let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Hi, Chris from Good Looking Loser. "Get a Life" is our safe for work, non-adult site that features lifestyle, health/fitness and style information. Feel free to leave a comment!

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  • Roman Pavlov

    Sir , I found your blog and I have been reading it for three hours straight. We have so much in common. Please keep writing. I ll buy your stuff

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  • Thanks for sharing this blog. I really like it.

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  • joseph griffith

    Hi Chris,
    How do you make 2,500-3,500 from your website hair loss from steroids? Is this mostly affiliate links? And what made this website successful? I have lots of knowledge on nutrition, and different types of diets, supplements and training styles. How could I turn this knowledge into a profitable website that generates at least 1,000 dollars a month?
    Do I just find the most searched questions and write about them and then add affiliate links for the products addressing these concerns?

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  • Having a child or getting married in your 20s is disastrous! I know so many people that did that. I waited until I was 35 to get married to a girl 10 years younger than me.

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  • Bence

    Hey Chris,
    this is my first comment in the GLL universe.So I'm a Hungarian guy and 20 years old,work out 5 days a week.I study nursing in college and I'm in my 2nd semester.I chose nursing because I think there are very few men in nursing and the few men that work in this field are quite appreciated AFAIK. I think it's a pretty interesting job and the work schedule is also pretty cool because nurses usually work 3-4 days a week(although for 12 hour shifts) so I'd have at least 2 days to work on some side gig.
    The thing is that universities and colleges in Hungary are state-funded so I only have to buy the textbooks but the problem is that in order to study in college you have to sign a contract in which you state that you're going to work for twice the time you spent in college.So for example,if your education lasts 4 years,then you'll have to work for 8 years so as to 'pay back' your education.Now this is probably better than being crushed by thousands of $ of student loan but unfortunately this contract ties me to my country for 8 years.
    Another problem is that nurses here in Hungary are paid peanuts(well RNs get decent pay but it's not going to make me rich though) and ever since I was a kid I've been dreaming about working in the US and I think that I could easily get a nursing job in the US.
    What do you think about this,Chris? I don't feel that I've 'fucked up' by starting studying nursing in college because I think it's still better than some bullshit lib.arts college.If I could go back in time,I'd probably choose a manlier,blue collar profession(like you and Victor suggest) such as bricklayer or carpenter but I like this college and the fact that 90+% of students are female doesn't hurt either ;)

    By the way,something you may find relevant.Last year August,Mike visited Budapest and I was fortunate enough to meet up with him and went out for drinks.I talked with him too about studying nursing and he agreed that their work schedule is pretty cool.
    There is so much interesting info and knowledge that you,Mike and Victor share.I can't thank you guys enough.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Hi Bence,

    Thank you for writing in and your nice words.

    I don't recommend physical or blue collar labor - maybe Victor does for younger guys who have bigger dreams. Not sure. It's not a sustainable option and only useful if you need to get industry experience to do bigger things.

    Personal training is hardly physical labor -- but that is one of the reasons I stopped training people. You aren't missing anything. 100% of the people (USA) I know that do physical labor jobs hate their lives.

    The whole thing comes down to DO WHAT YOU WANT (once you know what that is).
    If you really wanted --- what would you be doing when you turned 25?
    It could be anything, any job, any career, any anything.

    What would that be?
    The first step is trusting your instincts.

    Comment last edited on about 1 year ago by Good Looking Loser
    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Bence

    Hi Chris,
    to be perfectly honest with you,since I started weight training about 1,5 years ago,I've been more and more interested in Olympic weightlifting and wanting to compete and become a champion and get rich.I would be real satisfied with my life if I was a oly weightlifting champion like Dmitry Klokov but I'm not sure how to 'make it' in Oly lifting because these lifters start training at an early age and I'm already 20 years old.
    The other thing is that being a college student, my schedule is pretty dense as it is and I have to get up at 4 am to be able to work out from 6 to 7 am in the gym.I just can't imagine how I could insert olympic training into my schedule because they train twice a day,5 days a week at least.
    Anyways,something else that really interests me is music.When I was like 10 y.o.,I really wanted to play the guitar and I even used to visit a private teacher but I gave up after 6 months.I'm thinking about restarting playing the guitar and finding a teacher but then again,the issue is time or lack thereof.
    So the bottom line is that if I could do whatever I wanted by the age of 25,it would be Olympic weightlifting or playing in a band(or collecting vintage cars,haha).
    Having worked as a personal trainer,do you have any suggestions on getting started in olympic weightlifting and competing? I've been searching for teams in my area but olympic weightlifting seems to have faded away and the few gyms that do coach are pretty much rundown.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • I've actually somehow avoided these things, in some part due to luck. Granted I did ruin my credit starting back when I was a teenager, it is at least repairable, and only have a few hundred bucks in credit card debt (paying it down). I kicked the video games and other bullshit and have got to work.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Ash - You have your head on straight and will be very successful.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • jordan

    I'm 18 senior in high school and I'm looking to make some money, would it be a good idea to get a part time Job or is there a better alternative.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Esau

    Thank you very much for this, Chris!

    I´d like to point out that happiness is really different from pleasure (see #10).
    When you work on your dreams, you´re sacrificing the pleasure of being comfortable and not working hard in order to get real happiness.
    Happiness is about fighting for your dreams. Pleasure is about feeling good at the moment and not in the long term.

    That´s my opinion, hope you have a nice day!

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Eddie

    This guy is copying your website big time. Check him out maybe lawyer him out :))

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • 75,000/10,000/1000/80/20/15/7/1

    Before explaining – 8 thoughts:

    1. Play the long game. It'll make you more successful in the end. Most people get caught up in the short game and don't invest for the long-term (10-50 years) Trying to be rich in 1-3 years is cool, but trying to be rich in 15-30 years will be more realistic for most people.

    2. I'm almost 40 and I've seen #1-10 happen to friends and myself. Good article/ideas Chris, thanks very much. #1-10 can happen at any age, and I've seen people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s seriously scrambling because of one or combination of issues.

    3. #7 happened to me. I studied computer science and worked in IT for a few years in hopes of becoming rich. It took me until I was in my late 20s to realize I wasn't rich from IT yet and I should just do what I love (music and/or soccer) and fake it till I made it. I'm almost 40, and I may be hitting a good stride with music in the next few years. It's taken me about 10-15 years. I'm still not making much money but I finally understand/have skills so that I might make a decent living in playing and teaching music. My background in computer science may come in handy in the next few years, too, so it's all good in the end. Most guys that studied music in college hit their stride in their early 30s (non-famous good-quality musicians teaching and playing) and can be making decently good income by their early 40s if they play their cards right. But music is a more financially challenging field than most.

    4. Entrepreneurship, real estate, investing, inherited wealth, high-paying professions, sales– the main ways people get rich in the US. Search “How Most Millionaires Got Rich” and “ways rich people think differently”.

    5. Most guys don't need that much money in their 20s, most need enough to be mostly free to do what they want. Trying to be a multimillionaire by 30 is not probably going to happen to most guys without serious sacrifice, overall lowering of lifestyle, and some serious “luck”.

    6. Given 15-25 years, most guys could be financially free if they apply themselves well, while still leading well-rounded lives. That means if you start in your 20s, you can probably be doing what you want and financially very free by the time you're 35-45.

    7. In my experience, decent/major money doesn't start to be major lifestyle factor until about 35-40. You can do a lot of “life hacks” to deal with a “limited” income, but after about 35-40, the “bohemian” lifestyle becomes a niche lifestyle for most. It may start to affect your game with ladies after around 35, too.

    8. In a lot of ways, if you are healthy and living a debt-free, middle-class life in the US, you are already “rich”. Heck, one 2015 iPhone would be worth a $1,000k in 1995. And being healthy is way more important in the long run than a big stack of cash. So count your blessings!

    $75k – The amount most hardworking guys in the US 25+ years old can make with 0-4 years of good training/preparation/planning. Also, about the financial number (adjusted for location) that supposedly optimizes the amount of money needed for a happy life in the US.

    10,000 hours – An estimate on how long it takes to get “good” at something. 5 years of 9-5. 10 years of practicing guitar 2-3 hours a day. 5 years to get a PhD. 15 years - also about how long until you could probably be making $100k+ if you've been working in at least a semi-lucrative career.

    1000 days – How long it takes on average for a new business to start working normally and making good money.

    80/20 - 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Work hard, and smart. If you do both over an extended period time with a goal of resource accumulation, it will probably work.

    15 years – How long it would probably take on average for someone to become financially-free, given that they apply themselves and apply the principals of work hard, work smart, and investing.

    Say you spend 5 years working ($75k, 40hrs/ week) to hone your skills, then earn $100k for 10 more years. You also start a part-time business (10-20 hrs/week) on the side. You live well, and invest well (say $25k a year on real estate and stocks), too. By the end of 15 years, you could have a thriving business, easily $250k-1M in the “bank” (top 80-90+% of net worth in the US), be loving life, and be basically financially free.

    7% - Historic, average US compound interest in stocks. Learn about investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate, economics, and economic history. But remember - invest in yourself. Invest in your talents, skills, health, relationships, good vibes and you will experience “life's compound interest”.

    1 life – I'm almost 40. I'm happy with a lot of my life. I hope to live well, long and prosper.

    And the I wish the same to all you!

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  • Thank you for your thoughtful comment

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Ben

    Aweeessssooommmmeee post as alwaysz!

    0 Short URL: Reply
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