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How to Maximize Fat Loss & Mood (35 Specific Fat Loss Tips For Our Diet)

35 Specific Fat Loss Tips for Our Program

This is a comprehensive list of specific tips for our Fat Loss Diet and part of the "Good Looking Loser Body" series.

Our fat loss diet and training is very simple to understand, very simple to stick to and will give faster results than just about any diet.

As a former certified personal trainer and nutritionist - it is always my mission to help you safely lose fat as QUICKLY as possible, while teaching you how to eat (not just 'what to eat') along the way.

The tips below will make the process as efficient and painless as possible.

Any and all supplements you need are here - "Mandatory & Optional Supplements for our Fat Loss Diet," there are some additional supplements below however. You don't need all of them however, I'm only recommending them because I think they can help. Like everything else we recommend, I have used it and it is based on my personal experience.

#1 Get Motivated With These Unorthodox Methods

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to stay motivated.

Results are the best motivator.

Read this for lots of non-mainstream suggestions -

#2 Set Specific & Realistic Fat Loss Goals

It's important to set specific and realistic goals, no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

There's two numbers you need to know before you start -

On a daily basis, realistic goals would to be to FOLLOW THE DIET and TRAIN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH for 30 to 45 minutes with your heart rate staying at around 120-140pm.

On a weekly basis, a realistic goal would be to lose 1 to 4 pounds a week (1-2 pounds a week is the most realistic) and .05" to .1" inches from your waistline.

On a monthly basis, a realistic goal would be to lose 5 to 10 pounds and 1 to 3" on your waist.

Calculate your goals based on those numbers.

Remember -


Make sure you define success before you chase it.

A cartoon dog and measuring tape in diet weight loss concept

#3 Take Starting Measurements & Photos

You need to obtain a baseline measurement of your weight and your waist. This will allow you to subjectively track your progress each week. Without tracking, you leave yourself open to self-sabotage through under-appreciating your progress on day-to-day basis.

Take photos and compare them every couple of weeks.

Just measure your waistline, right over the belly button. Don't judge based on your 'pants size'. I was in 36" dress pants and my waist was 43.5" one summer.

Use this waistline measures to best judge your results. Losing .05-.1" off your waist a week is realistic.

You’ll be surprised how motivating seeing your own picture progress.

I tracked 60 days of fat loss on this diet here -

#4 Organize Your Very Low Carbohydrate Diet

Whether you are building muscle or losing fat, the process is ~90% diet and ~10% training.

Until you can freestyle your meals, map out a meal plan and follow it.

If you on the go a lot, invest the time to prepare your meals earlier in the week.

We took out the guesswork, JUST FOLLOW THIS -

#5 Organize Your Doable Fat Loss Training

Same deal here.

Until you can freestyle your training, you should know exactly what you are going to do when you get into the gym or exercise.

Plan to keep your heart rate at 120-140bpm (fat loss zone) - for the majority of your workout.

If you are following our almost-no-carbohydrate weight loss diet, we suggest 10-15 minutes of resistance training followed by 20-45 minutes minutes of cardio on an empty stomach. 

That's it.

Keep a training/diet log in our forum to help you to stay on point.

Overweight kids running

#6 Don't Overdo the Cardio (20+ Minutes and Leave)

If you do cardio on an empty stomach, you'll burn 300% more fat and you DON'T NEED hours and hours of cardio.

We recommend 30-45 minutes, but if you are absolutely dragging - 20 minutes is okay.

If you are following our diet (and taking your BCAA supplements) your body will be absolutely destroying your body fat during the morning cardio session, but if you do too much cardio (too intense or too long on an empty stomach) your body will begin burn muscle.

The idea to keep your burn body fat through the day (or stay in "fat loss mode") and not just in the gym.

If you feel really lightheaded - stop the cardio and go home and eat.

#7 Commit to a Lifting Weights For 15+ Minutes and Be Done

This diet is a fat loss diet.

It is meant to slaughter your body fat - not make you bigger, stronger or more athletic.

Lifting weights on an empty stomach while following a very low carbohydrate diet isn't easy, your strength and endurance will suffer.

Somedays, you will dread lifting weights.

Just commit to hitting the weights for 15 minutes.

Do light poundages for 50+ reps (or until failure) and move on to another exercise.

Don't subject yourself to grueling long heavy workouts.

15 minutes isn't a lot of time but it is far better than staying home and not working out at all.

After 15 minutes is up, maybe you will be motivated to do another 5 or 10 minutes.

If not, just move on to the cardiovascular training.

#8 Don't Get Caught Starving and Eat Crappy Food

The diet has plenty of options.

All the meals are interchangeable and there's hundreds of different combinations.

The fat burner will knock your appetite off.

With a little planning, there's no reason that you should get caught and eat fast food (or any carbohydrates).

If you need snacks to take with you -

Quest Protein Bars (~200 calories) are incredible, but eat them in moderation and ONLY to hold you over. Certain flavors might impact blood sugar more than other low-carb options do.

Beef and Salmon jerky make good no carbohydrate snacks too.

#9 Take the Fat Burner and Just GET IN THERE

Some days you'll struggle to wake up.

So long as you've gotten 6 hours of sleep, just GET UP and pop a fat burner tab (or two) and your BCAAs. The fat burner will put you IN THE ZONE in about 15-20 minutes. You'll have so much energy (and motivation) that you'll have to leave your house. 

Our fat loss workout lasts 25-40 minutes, just GET IN THERE and STICK IT OUT.

It's over super quick and the fat burner will carry you.

#10 Change Up Your Training Whenever You Want

People do well on our diet because it allows for lots and lots of different meals.

The fat loss training (10-20 minutes of weights to failure, 30-45 minutes of cardio at 120-140bpm) has plenty of options too.

You don't even have to go to the gym.

Do as many pushups as you can do over 10-15 minutes and go for a jog.

Do as many body weight squats as you can do over 10-15 minutes and go play basketball.

Do as many pull ups as you can do over 10-15 minutes and go for a bike ride.

Doing weights and the treadmill everyday can get boring - go do something else if you want.

Try listening to different music, long YouTube videos or podcasts to distract yourself.

Cartoon bear sleeping

#11 Sleep For At Least 6 Hours

Sleep is important, obviously.

It's when your body repairs itself by releasing testosterone and human growth hormone.

Lucky for you, if you have been avoiding carbohydrates and in "fat loss mode" all day, you'll keep burning fat while you sleep.

Taking a fat burner can keep you up at night so make sure to not take it 8 hours prior to bedtime.

Don't take prescription drugs for sleep, use a Melatonin supplement, close your laptop, get in a warm shower for 15 minutes and go to sleep.

Don't take any more than 5mg of Melatonin to prevent a hangover. Chug a big glass of water too.

#12 Seek Out More Low-Carb Options

The diet is pretty straightforward, but also leaves room for you to create your own meals.

Like any good diet, "low-carb" is more of a lifestyle than a diet.

There's a ton of low/no-carbohydrate options out there.

Low/no-carbohydrate bread, BBQ sauce, soda, pasta, rice, lots of food that would otherwise be full of "fat storage mode" carbohydrates.

Have a look here, there's a ton of great stuff for sale here -

Be careful on the candy though.

Some low-carbohydrate/sugar-free foods are FULL of saturated fat and lots of low-quality calories.

simply-lite-milk-chocolate-nutr-factsReese's Sugar-Free Candy
(Low Sugar, But High Fat/Calories)

#13 Try Your Best To Stop Eating Processed Foods

For some people, our diet will be drastically different than what they are used to eating.

Most people have all sorts of processed foods in their diets.

Processed foods are trouble.

They aren't even food.

They are factory-made slime creations, made of "food parts" and put into a nice looking box.

The majority of stuff on the grocery store shelf ISN'T FOOD.

Processed foods contain high amounts of sugars, trans fat, preservatives and artificial colors. 

Here is a list of common processed foods -

#14 Don't Fear Fat (Sugar Makes You Fat)


Excessive sugar and carbohydrates make you fat because they raise your blood sugar and put you into "fat storage mode".

In fact, you can eat significantly more calories if you avoid carbohydrates and keep your blood sugar stable and remain in "fat loss mode".

Fat is an essential macro-nutrient in a healthy diet. Low fat diets don’t support testosterone or long term weight loss.

Ensure you are getting plenty of healthy fats – extra virgin olive oil, avocados, coconut oil and fish.

#15 Use Kratom For Mood & Appetite Suppression

Kratom does a million good things.

Among them, it absolutely kills your appetite.

Combined with the fat burner - you won't be interested in eating very often.

#16 Lose the Ego and the Fat

As I mentioned 100x, this is a FAT LOSS diet and might not be the best option for guys that have been bodybuilding for years and have a lot of power and chemical muscle to preserve.

I don't care though and neither should most of you. 

When you abstain from carbohydrates, your strength and size will temporarily go to hell. 

Stay focused on the goal - LOOKING GREAT.

Don't get sidetracked and intimidated by the no-life-gym-rats that are bigger and stronger. 

If they are a bodybuilder, chances are - they don't get much action

Pink fat#17 Protein is Your Amigo

Learn your protein foods.

They are the core of your diet - always.

High-protein diets help to build lean muscle, prevent muscle breakdown and promote fat burning by not raising your blood sugar.

On our diet, 70-80% of your calories come from protein. The rest is healthful fat.

Check out -

#18 Boycott Sugar To Stay in "Fat Loss Mode"

Sugar offers no health benefits. Not even "natural" sugar.

Forget what the know-it-all hippies tell you, they are all skinny-fat.

You need to remove all sugar from your diet in order to achieve your best weight loss results. Sugar causes a spike in insulin levels which promotes "fat storage mode".

Learn to read nutrition labels -

Nutrition Facts

If the sugar content is above 2 grams, avoid it while you're losing weight.

#19 Avoid Milk Now & Forever

Milk is full of sugar. It has more sugar than protein.

It's called maltodextrin, it's a sexy name for sugar.

I have haven't drank regular milk on a regular basis for the past 6+ years.

My general body composition is better and I workout WAY LESS. Replace dairy milk with UNSWEETENED Almond Milk or Coconut Milk. Sweeten it with stevia, it tastes just like milk.

Buy vegetables!

#20 Eat Plenty of Vegetables to Fill You Up

You don't eat enough vegetables and you know it.

Fill up with plenty of vegetables - they are low in calories, won't raise your blood sugar and will help you feel fuller for longer.

Vegetables are full of healthful micro-nutrients, phytochemicals, minerals and fiber.

I know I sound like a broken record but if you want to completely skip the vegetables, this is the best-tasting supplement in the world. It's higher-quality, cheaper and quicker to prepare than grocery store vegetables. One serving is almost equal to 5 salads. It won't fill you up like a bowl of veggies though.

#21 Drink a Gallon of Water

Aim for 1+ gallon of water each day.

Just try your best.

Water is good for you and prevents hunger strikes. Drink 8oz. before each meal.

Don't count diet soda, coffee, tea, kombucha, caffeinated drinks toward your water intake.

A lot of people (girls, mainly) like to limit their water intake so they aren't heavier on the scale. Don't be a girl, drink up.

#22 Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic beverages temporarily lower your testosterone and contain empty calories that stick to you.

When alcohol is consumed, it is the preferential energy source for the body.

Don't buy the hype on the most "low-carb" beers, they still have alcohol which functions similar to carbohydrates and raises your blood sugar.

If you MUST drink on our diet, have a bunch of BCAA's 20 minutes prior and MAKE SURE you are doing mixed drinks in SUGAR-FREE juice, soda, etc. The only beer I can recommend is Michelob Ultra (or similar ~<50calorie beer).

Kratom and Phenibut beat alcohol any day of the week.

Santa weighs in#23 Avoid Juices, Regular Sodas and Sport Drinks

Stick to water.

Juices and sodas can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar and hundreds of calories. Just keep clear of them.

Fruit juice IS NOT a health food, it is liquid sugar. Regular Gatorade and Powerade is ALL SUGAR too.

Powerade Zero works, since it doesn't have sugar. Gatorade hasn't made a sugar-free sports drink yet in the USA.

Diet soda is fine, I drink a lot of it.

But try to drink beverages with stevia or sucarlose and not aspartame.

#24 Drink Organic Matcha Green Tea

Organic green tea is rich in antioxidants and gives a slight kick to your metabolism.

It contains no calories and green tea is one of the few foods that can actively help you burn body fat and it's not just because of the caffeine. I used to take a gallon jug of water, put it 4-5 green tea bags and drink the whole thing each day. Sweeten it with Stevia, warm or cold, it's great.

Organic Matcha Green Tea is particularly great, it has ~10x the antioxidants of regular green tea.

#25 Limit Fruit (Fructose) Consumption While Dieting

Fruit is good for you - but it's not a 'weight loss food' because it has sugar (fructose) in it.

Avoid fruit while on our diet. You can eat it once you hit 8% body fat.

The chocolate greens formula I recommend above has plenty of organic fruit extracts but the Barlean's Strawberry-Kiwi formula has a bit more and tastes really good.Funny Coffee Bean

#26 Only Drink Coffee (In Moderation)

Coffee is cool, I have a cup of "Red Coffee" every morning.

But you should limit it to 1-2 cup a day for 2 reasons -

  1. Caffeine is a great pre-workout supplement. It will help you train harder, feel less fatigued and will increase your fat burning potential when working out. But too much coffee (caffeine) increases your cortisol level, which prevents weight loss.
  2. The fat burner we recommend already has a bunch of caffeine.

#27 Eliminate Trans Fat Entirely

Trans fat is the worse thing, BY FAR, that you can put in your mouth.

Trans fat (and high-fructose corn syrup) are banned in many countries and are the main reason why Americans die of heart disease and are so fat.

Trans fat is basically poison that destroys your cardiovascular system and causes hormonal disturbances.

It generally comes from low-quality foods and processed cooking oils.

Look out for this word in the ingredients -


Avoid eating ANYTHING that has anything "Partially-Hydrogenated" in there.

Cook your foods in extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil (medium stovetop heat).

#28 Learn to Love Stevia Extract

Organic Stevia Extract is your best friend for sweet meals and the ultimate substitute for sugar.

For some people, Stevia is an instant hit - it tastes just like sugar, only sweeter.

Others don't like it. I REALLY REALLY suggest that you acquire the Stevia taste.

Once you like it, you can basically sweeten anything to your liking and not crave sugar foods that encourage "fat storage mode".

I buy my Stevia in large size from our friends at Mood & Mind -

Whatever you do, buy STEVIA EXTRACT and not just "Stevia", which often has small amounts of sugar it in.

#29 Remove the Garbage From Your Kitchen

Get rid of the crap in your kitchen.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Clean out your fridge of all the processed foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugars and fat.

Most grocery stores have a good return policy, take the crap back.

If it's opened just say that it gave you a stomachache and your doctor didn't want you mixing it with your medications. They'll give you a credit and usually won't give you a hard time.

Funny Ice Cream Embracing

#30 Supplement With Fiber

Fiber is insanely underrated and missing from most people's diet.

Fiber isn't considered "sexy", but it's actually considered by Dr. Jonny Bowden Ph.D, CNS to be "The Number One Supplement for Weight Loss Control" since it does so much and is so inexpensive.

Like BCAAs, while you are on this diet, you CAN'T GET ENOUGH FIBER.

Soluble fiber lowers your cholesterol, blood sugar and appetite (especially if you drink it before meals).

Insoluble fiber makes your bathroom visit more productive and quicker (often no wiping needed).

Low-carbohydrate diets definitely lack fiber though.

Using a fiber supplement to 'supplement' for the deficiency is the perfect use of a dietary supplement.

That is what supplements are actually meant for.

You can pick up a bulk-psyllium husk at your local grocery store or check out this fiber supplement that actually tastes good and you wouldn't mind drinking.

You've been bad Santa

#31 Take a Fat Burner & Pre-Workout Supplement

Victor and I have introduced a fat burner that is strong enough as a pre-workout (2-3 capsules) but mild enough as a daily fat burner for non-training days too (1 capsule).

It is the exact supplement (and diet) I used to lose large amount of fat on Ostarine

I am VERY proud of this product and know that the vast majority of guys will really like it -

#32 Yogi Kava Tea (Anti-anxiety)

Taking a fat burner on an empty stomach while following a low-carbohydrate diet can cause anxiety post-workout.

This inexpensive tea can calm you down without knocking you out -

Put 1-2 teabags in a 8 oz. cup of water in the microwave for a couple minutes and let it stick for 5 minutes.

Add Stevia to further sweeten. 

#33 If you Eat Carbs, Eat Them As Your LAST Meal

Contrary to popular belief - if you are trying to lose weight, is better to eat carbs AT NIGHT, ideally as your LAST meal before bed.

If you eat them in the morning, your blood sugar and insulin levels increase which sets you up to store fat throughout the day. If you stick to high protein and good fats for the majority of your day, you will be burning fat all day long.

If you find that you are lightheaded during your morning workouts, start to eat some fruit (or a healthy carbohydrate small meal) at night. It should help your morning workouts.

Over weight

#34 Check Your Thyroid (Metabolism)

People often talk about their "metabolism".

Your thyroid hormone is the primary part of your metabolism.

If your thyroid is low, you will have a hard time losing weight regardless of how much you watch your diet or exercise.

If you have considerably lowered your calorie intake or significantly increased your physical activity but still can't seem to lose weight - this could be an indication that your thyroid is low.

You should ask your doctor to do a "TSH test" (claim you are "fatigued" because most insurance policies will cover it).

You also buy a simple thyroid test online, go to a nearby lab and get your results 48 hours later.

It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your weight and quality of life.


#35 Make Fat Loss Your ONLY Goal & Priority 

The reason you've never been able to look your best is because you never REALLY tried.

Our diet makes it beyond simple.

But you need to ACTUALLY make FAT LOSS your #1 goal and #1 priority.

Put your other fitness goals (getting bigger, stronger, etc.) on the shelf and get down to 8% body fat.

You'll be glad you did.

Comments are open below, but I may or may not be able to answer you, I encourage you to ask your questions or start a log in our health and fitness forum.

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Comments (22)

  1. baldur

Beautiful list Chris!!! Follow just 10 of them should have enough impact to lose fat rapidly :P

  1. Good Looking Loser    baldur

Thanks man and you are right- just by do no-carbs and following some of these guys will lose weight faster than any other diet

  1. boxxy

Now this is the weight loss 101 for dummies version. Awesome post Chris as always. You are a gentleman and a scholar!

  1. FrankieJ89

Chris I absolutely love the list and it answered alot of questions. But you say no carbs throughout the whole list. Is 30-40g of carbs a day basically a no carb diet? Some things seem unavoidable:
UMP protein shake we have 2x a day. Thats 4g...

Chris I absolutely love the list and it answered alot of questions. But you say no carbs throughout the whole list. Is 30-40g of carbs a day basically a no carb diet? Some things seem unavoidable:
UMP protein shake we have 2x a day. Thats 4g carbs for the powder, 4g carbs for the peanut butter, and 1 g for the almond milk. Multiply that by 2 and thats 18g carbs. Then there are the eggs. They are each 1g of carbs so thats 4grams. Then the Barleans greens is 4g carbs mixed with almond milk (1g). The chicken and tuna have none I believe. And finally the fiberteq has 8g of carbs. So the total minimum carbs in grams on the GLL diet is 37grams of carbs. I think that's a tiny amount, but I always get confused with the GLL "no carb diet" because we do take in carbs. Is this a trace amount and hardly matters? I know one baked medium potato is about 38g carbs alone, and I used to eat 3 of those fuckers with bacon, sour cream, and butter. I just want this to be cleared up. Thanks so much for the hard work you dedicate to helping us!

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    FrankieJ89

You got it man.. thank you!

sure there will be trace amounts of carbs here and there. it should be about ~30g like you say.

  1. cyclONE

Again awesome post Chris , appreciate it.
I wonder tough , who are these girls randomly pictured at the right corner on GLL , just pics from the net to motivate ?
Don´t tell me all these girl have been fucked by you , you naughty Player haha.

  1. Good Looking Loser    cyclONE

Well thank you, nope the pictures on GLL are of random girls,. when we started there were some that Scotty and I slept with/knew but shit hit the fan when one of the girls saw herself.. so i removed them


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  1. Peter

Chris what's your opinion on Intermittent Fasting ?

  1. Good Looking Loser    Peter

Never done it, I was originally against it (too many hours without food, slows metabolism) enough people I know have used it successfully. So it's worth trying out but I prefer my diet for me.

  1. Kel

Hey Chris, what if I was needing to put on weight instead of losing it. I'll give you a quick rundown of my situation.

I have Cystic Fibrosis which means my pancreas (and most of my other organs) don't function properly. My body doesn't digest...

Hey Chris, what if I was needing to put on weight instead of losing it. I'll give you a quick rundown of my situation.

I have Cystic Fibrosis which means my pancreas (and most of my other organs) don't function properly. My body doesn't digest or distribute fat properly and all my life, doctors have told me to put butter on everything, have dessert every night, snack on mars bars etc. Now I know they are doctors, but to me this seems a bit ridiculous considering my heart is pretty much my only organ that does work properly, why would I want to kill it with all this stuff.

Anyway, I seem to have lost 7 kilos in the last 2 months so now I need to put on 12 to keep my doctor happy (I'm currently 45kgs).

I've also started working out so I don't want to lose anymore weight. What can I eat to beef up a bit, that's healthy?
Keeping in mind I'm female, I don't want to look like the hulk, I'm just working out to tone up.

Anyways I love the information on your blog and I know I'm not your targeted audience but I would love your input.

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