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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally Before You Get on Hormone Replacement Therapy

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally
(All About Testosterone Part 2)

This is the second installment in our three part series about Testosterone-

Even though all of these articles are written by an licensed pharmacist who was also a bodybuilder- none of these articles should be considered medical advice or a suitable replacement for a physician's professional opinion. These articles are subject to our medical disclaimer.


Some Perspective

These suggestions are to naturally optimize your testosterone, many guys won't be able to break 1000, no matter what they do.

That doesn't mean that your balls are broken or you're total garbage and destined for a cuckold life of cleaning up after big men that get more respect than you, but if you can't an achieve at least an above-average level (>600 ng/dl) naturally you might want to consider other methods if this is important to you.

More on that another time.

If a lot of these suggestions are new to you - you may stand to gain a significant percentage.

Here's a few words from Good Looking Loser-

For the record, I'm actually not a candidate to evaluate natural methods to enhance my testosterone. I run my own my hormone replacement therapy and always keep my testosterone levels in the optimal ranges, my physician both endorses and oversees this.

This is by choice and not necessity - back in my mid 20's, I did what bodybuilders call "cruise and blast" and although I don't take super-physiological doses of testosterone anymore - I decided to never "come off".
(if it's any indication of what I would have naturally, my dad, currently 81 years old, registered a testosterone level of 734 ng/dl at his last doctor visit)
If you want to learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, check out our new friends at Thumotic-

With that said, I know plenty about naturally increasing testosterone levels. 

  1. I used to "cycle" steroids and it's mandatory that you restore your testosterone levels post-cycle as soon as possible.
  2. I was a personal trainer and sports nutritionist in Beverly Hills.
  3. Perhaps most notably, I worked as "consultant" to former NCAA athletes that I'll never name that needed to get every natural (and sometimes 'less-than-natural') advantage they could get while being subject to drug testing.

While I see nothing wrong with anyone running their own, endocrinologist supervised, hormone replacement therapy to make certain they are within high-normal testosterone ranges. But these suggestions are for the guys that want to stay 'natural'. Hormone replacement therapy is a big decision but an obvious one if you can't seem to reach the upper-tier naturally.

That's just my opinion, again - more than that another time.

Normal means average.

Average means shitty.

In my opinion.

While a lot of guys might be getting excited to see what super secret dietary supplements we recommend, I hate to disappoint you - we aren't going to have [m]any.

It might sound boring, but - lifestyle and dietary changes will play a far greater role in optimizing your testosterone levels than any bullshit dietary supplement. Believe me, I wish I could recommend something that I knew would work for you. I'd make a bucket of cash. I must get 1 email every 3 days from a supplement company that wants me to review recommend their sawdust "test booster" to you guys.
If the day comes when I actually recommend natural testosterone formula on here - you can be sure that it is pretty close to amazing.


Naturally Increasing Your Testosterone Levels
(Good Looking Pharmacist w/ Good Looking Loser)

Is There A Need To Increase Your Testosterone?

- What is testosterone?

-- Why should you be interested in increasing it?

--- Very good questions, answers to which I’m sure you already saw in Part I.

Sure, you may feel fine now, but have you ever given thought to those days when you feel less than optimal? Glad you see the point.

The fact is, comparing men today - to men 25 years ago; there has been a marked reduction in average testosterone levels, by around 25%. Teenagers, especially obese boys, are being diagnosed with hypogonadiasm (balls don't work) in record numbers. Men today are more likely to be faced with the burden of impaired fertility, decreased well-being and not to mention physical prowess.

The Manosphere has been shedding light on the fact that men act less masculine than ever before.
Arguably and physiologically, that's because our gender has never been closer to ACTUALLY BEING females than ever before. On paper, some men barely need to take transgender steroidals to switch to the other side. Some of us are basically lesbians in polo shirts and khaki pants.

Benefits of Having High-Normal Testosterone 

I assume most of you already know the benefits of having higher testosterone levels, but just in case you don’t here’s a quick refresher for you;

  • Improved ability to build muscle- muscle building is controlled to a great degree by hormones, one of the most important being testosterone. The primary reason athletes with higher testosterone levels do better is the fact that in addition to promoting muscle growth, it will also restrict muscle breakdown at times throughout the day.
  • Improved mood and resistance to depression- although not 100% linked to preventing depression, researchers have found that men with higher T levels are much less likely to be depressed.[i]
  • Reduced body fat- the higher testosterone levels and subsequent level of muscle mass, the lower your body fat will be. Inversely, men with higher body fat levels do have suppressed T levels, and this has been confirmed by a study that was conducted.[ii]
  • Improved cognition and resistance to Alzheimer’s disease- men with lower levels of T seem pre-disposed to the effects of cognitive disorders, according to a study.[iii]
  • Improved libido and frequency of erections- one of the most basic effects of testosterone noticed by men is its ability to bring out your primal instincts. Men with lower levels of testosterone suddenly become uninterested in sex, and many suffer from erectile dysfunction.

But I’m Normal; I don’t need to raise my levels further!
On the contrary, you may believe that you are normal, according to your blood test, normal for what age?

Or maybe 75?

If your reading is around 350-400, you most likely have the testosterone level of your great-grandfather.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look back at Part I.
Okay, I’m sold, how do I naturally increase my testosterone to high-normal? 

If your levels are somewhat low, relax, there are safe, natural things you can do, especially if you’re unwilling or scared to embark on a course of HRT. In fact, many young men, and by young I mean in their 20’s to 30’s start HRT way too soon, without giving a decent try to natural methods first. Why? Because they think natural optimization takes too long. If 3-6 month is too much time to invest in your health, and ultimately life, then read no more.

With that in mind, here are effective ways you can increase your testosterone levels without steroids -
Nutrition (Utmost Importance)

You’ve all heard the thin-fat diet experts preach the same thing over and over- eat lots of protein, moderate carbs, and limit your fat intake. Eat a balanced diet! 


The fact is, dietary fat is the most important ingredient for the production of testosterone, and many other hormones. Unsaturated fat is good for you. Even saturated fat is actual fairly neutral for your health, where as sugar is terrible for you.
(Trans fat, however, is awful for you.)

By restricting your fat intake, you are actually limiting the amount of testosterone that you can produce. And remember; eating fat WILL NOT make you fat and so long as you don't surround your meals with fast-acting carbohydrates.

Because that's how fat loss works.

You probably have a decent of idea of "real man" food is.

Hint - Red meat would be a "real man" food.

Non-fat, lite, 90 calorie "hamburgers" made of tofu, soy milk and women's fashion magazines wouldn't be.

Ordered from excellent for testosterone to very good for testosterone, add these foods to your DAILY diet and you can expect your natural testosterone levels to be as high as they can be -

  1. Fresh Oysters. (zinc city, guys in the adult industry claim to slam down 30+ oysters the night prior their shoots)
  2. Grass-fed Red Beef. (the man food, you don't have to get meat over 15% fat, lean beef has plenty of fat)
  3. Liver. (generations prior were more masculine and ate a ton of liver, you can substitute this inexpensive, amazing source of liver instead)
  4. Healthful Oils. (macadamia, olive or coconut MAKE SURE you get the 'extra virgin' quality)
  5. Powerhouse Nuts, Seeds and Nut Butters. (you can't go wrong with any of these)
  6. Beans and Legumes. (these often forgotten among the testosterone foods, they have significantly more zinc than any vegetable)
  7. Whole Eggs. (eat the whole thing, protein on the outside and cholesterol that synthesizes testosterone on the inside, eggs are almost as good as breast milk in terms of protein bioavailability)
  8. Poultry. (although lacking the zinc content of red meat, chicken and turkey have a fair amount of quality healthful fat)
  9. Broccoli or Cabbage. (contains 'indole-3-carbinol' a compound that kills excess estrogen, thus increasing your testosterone levels)
  10. Real Butter. (although not has healthful as olive oil, real butter is loaded with CLA which encourages optimal hormones levels)

Steak and eggs- cooked in extra virgin macadamia oil with a side of walnuts and broccoli is as good as it gets.

Eating as organically as possible can also benefit your testosterone levels, compounds like GMOs and pesticides can disrupt your hormonal balance.

Visit our food lists for more options and specifics.
High-Intensity Training (HIT) (Important)

There’s no doubt that exercising does elevate your testosterone levels, but is some particular kind of training is best?


Enter High Intensive Training or 'HIT' workouts.

HIT workouts are based on the premise of low repetitions performed, with heavy weight and relative infrequency.

Why infrequent?

Because HIT training takes quite a toll on the body physically and centrally, meaning that both brain and both need time to recover. In addition, as the University of New Mexico explains, frequent workouts without sufficient rest may do the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve- lowering T up to 40%.
Keep it simple; focus on compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, rows, presses and pull-ups.

These are very effective and deliver the best bang for the buck.

During the set, focus like your life depended on it, BLOCK EVERYTHING OUT, mind-muscle connection, lift like your life depended on it, go to failure, it will be over in a second. That'll work - relax and breathe after the set is over.

There are also reports that calisthenics training can also moderately increase your testosterone levels, although there are no scientific studies to back up this claim. Stick it resistance training and testosterone foods to recover.

rope-trainingSleep Long and Sleep Well (Important)

Living in the fast paced world we are; sleep is becoming somewhat of a luxury. Some of us are lucky to even get 6 hours a night. If this is you, don't be surprised if you are aren't feeling like as much of a man as you could be. It's not only because your tired, it's because you probably have low testosterone.

As the Division of Epidemiology and Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California-San Diego explains - men who sleep less have lower testosterone levels.
They explain that quality of sleep is just as important.

You could stand a lot to gain if you can make it through the night with no more than one interruption to piss.

Although not a benchmark, if you aren't waking up with an impressive piece of morning wood pointing straight up in the air or at the girl next to you - your testosterone levels aren't as high as it could should be.

Although I routinely produce 20+ hour days, often thanks to Kratom and Modafinil, it's rare that I don't wake up with a solid boner. Yes, it would be totally healthy if you were in your 30s or 40s and you woke up to erection.

Would it be "natural"? Or what your doctor wanted?

Maybe not.

But what is the effect of a simple lack of sleep?

Initially it may not be obvious; but after a matter of a few short weeks of chronic sleep deprivation, your testosterone levels may begin to dip significantly.


Because as we remain awake, our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone does too. And at best, cortisol and testosterone share a bitter sweet- negatively inverse relationship. What this means is that as one raises, the other drops in like fashion.

So try not to have your days extend beyond 16 hours.

Or, like me, sleep 10+ hours if you do; your libido will thank you.
Eliminate Testosterone Killers (Important)

What you don't do is also important-

Have Sex/Do Penis Enhancement/Masturbate Some
(Moderate Importance)

Sex is great for boosting your testosterone levels.

Each time you have an erection, you are modestly increasing your T-levels and encouraging blood flow to the area throughout the process. In fact, testosterone (largely DHT) plays a HUGE role in your capacity to even have an erection in the first place.

After orgasm, even if your testosterone levels fall below baseline (varies), they will return to normal VERY QUICKLY. The period of below-baseline is insignificant, unless you have low testosterone to begin with.
For this reason, it is actually healthy to have sex and normal for you to be checking out women all the time.

Doing penis enhancement, especially jelqing where you maintain erections, can only be beneficial too.

I don't think anyone is going to debate this.

A more 'controversial' topic is masturbation.

I've noticed that "no fap" (don't masturbate... ever.) has become a part of Good Looking Loser.

It might come as a surprise but-

I'm not quite on board with it.

(especially fetish-based pornography)

For guys that aren't compulsive masturbators and have the goal of "meeting/having sex with women," are better off - trying to meet/have sex with women rather than "not masturbating," it's a separate goal and not necessarily related.

Seeing a hot girl and wanting to sleep with her and/or touch yourself is healthy. I argue that the guys that get erections while talking/looking at women probably have better testosterone are more in-tune with their anatomy than those that can't.

I've seen the study that concludes that 3 weeks of abstinence increases testosterone levels.

I'm not debating it.

I just want to suggest that living a life of never orgasming or not following your 'natural' masculine instincts doesn't seem congruent with everything else that we're about. The urge to have sex/masturbate isn't the devil talking to you and if you aren't living by the Holy Noble Quran- I don't think it's something you need to worry about unless you really have a problem with it.

I suppose everyone is different though, my opinion on this isn't resolute.

When I was taking Dianabol or GHB, my brain literally got so stirred up that it was demanded that I ejaculate. It didn't seem productive to fight it.

For a period of time in 2009, sometimes when I was walking around the mall and nervous, I'd go talk to a hot girl (almost hoping she wasn't interested and would be mean to me) and go into the bathroom to jerk off to her. Afterward, I felt totally relaxed (I have high testosterone levels though). Since this website is the non-adult version of Good Looking Loser, we'll stop there.
Supplement Wisely (Varying Importance)

"What supplement should I take to naturally increase my testosterone?" is every newbie's favorite question to [name that issue].

If you read "The Dietary Supplement Industry and Prostitution" or know about nutrition, you'll know that-

"Dietary supplements are meant to 'supplement' dietary deficiencies."

That means -

If you DON'T have a deficiency of a specific nutrient or compound, taking a supplemental version of it will usually do nothing.

There are some exceptions to this obviously, like - fat burners, creatine and other compounds that aren't present in your diet or body doesn't produce.

In general, as shitty the food often is in the United States, it is very unlikely that you have nutritional deficiency if you are taking our recommended super complete multivitamin.

While you may be told that your standard multivitamin offering “100%” coverage against deficiency is a good bet, chances are you may still be low in two important vitamins/minerals, namely zinc and vitamin D.

Zinc is essential for testosterone production and normal male sexuality. And you lose quite a bit of it via sweat. So if you’re a hard training athlete, and do not supplement with additional zinc, you are likely deficient.

  • Consume at least 25mg daily via individual supplementation or find a multi that has this amount.

Secondly, if you live anywhere North of the equator, you may also be deficient in vitamin D3. Inhabitants of the North have less exposure to the sun at its peak, meaning that natural vitamin D production in the body is restricted. Vitamin D is necessary not only for bone health, but also supports healthy testosterone production. Interestingly enough, I was deficient in vitamin D at my last doctor's visit.

  • Try to supplement with 1000 IU daily.
    My doctor suggests 6000 IUs and guys on the forum have benefited a number of different ways from ~this amount. It's generally necessary to buy an individual D supplement since very few multi-vitamins have this amount.

Here are our recommendations, not one is a "test booster", we address possible nutritional deficiencies that may discourage testosterone production or ideal hormone ratios - and not exotic compounds that do nothing.

Our dietary supplement recommendations are-
(ONLY NECESSARY if you have deficiencies)

  • A Super Complete, Non-Grocery Store Multi-Vitamin, like Opti-Men that will replace any deficiency that you might possibly have, including zinc. You get some whack-ass dreams from this supplement, it can be a lot of fun. REM Sleep = testosterone production.
    (if you train hard, you'll probably benefit from taking it in the morning and at night)

Click to Enlarge - The Nutritional Facts for Opti-MenClick to Enlarge - The Nutritional Facts for Opti-Men

  • A basic vitamin D supplement since Opti-Men will only get you halfway with vitamin D.
  • Liver tabs because they are super inexpensive and a wonderful source of protein and other aminos that you only get in trace amounts unless you eat liver. Liver tabs are packed with B12, not D, unfortunately.
  • Borage oil for gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).
    This is my personal suggestion because your body can't make it and it's virtually absent in everyone's diet since only obscure foods contain it. Although GLA isn't specifically clinically linked to testosterone (it actually helps prevent testosterone converting to excessive DHT, suggesting it may help prevent hair loss), it helps encourage hormonal balance which includes eliminating unnecessary estrogen (that's why women take it during their period). You might have heard of evening promise oil, borage oil is better - it has more GLA.

By following simple healthy lifestyle choices, you can very well achieve high-normal levels of testosterone.
But then again, those are things you can consciously do…what about things you may not know?
Have a look at the biggest natural T killers you may not know of...

All About Accutane
What Is a Normal Testosterone Level For Sexually-A...

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[&] How to Get Your Testosterone to 1000+ (Optimizing Testosterone Naturally) [&]

  1. protoman

I started taking Vitamind D (5000 iu) 2 weeks ago and YES I was able to tell a difference. I started becoming hornier and had this urge to fap. I was way more aggressive with females and it shocked my friends who always saw a more passive side of...

I started taking Vitamind D (5000 iu) 2 weeks ago and YES I was able to tell a difference. I started becoming hornier and had this urge to fap. I was way more aggressive with females and it shocked my friends who always saw a more passive side of me. I usually hold off on fapping for 3 weeks but now more than a week and I have a wet dream and a mess to deal with lol

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  1. Cesar

Another great post, i swear GLL is the only useful community on the net. Thnx Chris

  1. Good Looking Loser    Cesar

Thanks dude!

  1. MCL

Hey, im 18 and i think i have low t problems.
Im checking with my doctor tmr btw.
My question is If my test is actually low and my doctor says its fine.(Im really scared of that)
What do i do?
thnx man love ur shitt

  1. Good Looking Loser    MCL

Hey Mike- lets wait for the numbers and then we'll proceed.

  1. terrell hughes    Good Looking Loser

you a the greatest man. I am a big fan of your 4sho. name all the pills for me that I should take to boost my testerone levels up and that will also build up my libido. please email me.

  1. Good Looking Loser    terrell hughes

Thank you Terrell
I don't suggest any pills beyond what is mentioned above

  1. anxiousguy

I heard that zinc was a good supplement for increasing testosterone. I never tried vitamin D3 but it's probably a good idea to add to the list.

  1. fatboyslim

So transfats are terrible for you, sugar is terrible, fats are good yet carbs are bad. So take the buns off the burgers is what you're trying to say here. No ketchup, since ketchup is full of sugar, that makes sense. Pizza must be bad for diets.

  1. Good Looking Loser    fatboyslim

some organic pizzas are decent.. by and large you are correct though

  1. tattoostan

That's really interesting about the cabbage helping to produce testosterone. In South Korea, it's common for men to eat a lot of cabbage mixed with hot peppers. It's called Kimchi over there. And I can tell you that the men in South Korea are...

That's really interesting about the cabbage helping to produce testosterone. In South Korea, it's common for men to eat a lot of cabbage mixed with hot peppers. It's called Kimchi over there. And I can tell you that the men in South Korea are pretty much penis-centric when it comes to anything in their life. I'd be interested in seeing how diet effects certain people around the World for testosterone levels.

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  1. dave

yo chris are you going to talk about trt more for guys interested in it? and is cycling any different from cruise and blast as far as gains/loss of gains/body composition/what to expect/ etc?

  1. Good Looking Loser    dave

Hey Dave - yeah I'll absolutely talk about that in the near future

  1. BeGoneSean

Borage oil looks promising. You can also get it as a seed apparently where you can add it like a topping to cereal and other foods. It's not recommended for those that breast feed so that should work out fine with my schedule.

  1. derthal

There is interesting article why vitamin D3 supplementation may gives counterproductive effects.

It's worth to take look at boron as well. I'm 38 and after adding boron...

There is interesting article why vitamin D3 supplementation may gives counterproductive effects.

It's worth to take look at boron as well. I'm 38 and after adding boron (about 30 mg/day - therapeutic dosage for a few months) to my daily regimen I get back my morning erections after a week of supplementation (borax is the cheapest form of boron).
No doctor suggest such huge dosages so I don't too, but it worked for me

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