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Good Looking Loser's Dollar Shave Club Razor Review

Dollar Shave Club Razor Review

Update (July 7, 2015)

It's been 2.5 years and I'm still using the Dollar Shave Club Razors.

They have expanded their product line and everything is solid (and inexpensive!). I haven't bought a regular razor in 3 years.

Check them out, you'll never go back to buying average, overpriced razors ever again.

If you want spend only $3/month on solid razors (maybe less), here's a nice little recommendation for you-

  • Dollar Shave Club
    (fyi- if you go through my link I get some free razors, I genuine appreciate it if you do, but this is worth signing up for regardless)

You can actually get a 4 decent twin-blades razors for $3/month ($1 Razors, $2 Shipping).


I usually don't default to a YouTube video (and I HATE watching ones that aren't funny) but this will give you the scoop.

Funny Commercial - Dollar Shave Club

I vehemently HATE spending money on razors that I know they are worth $.02 each and are marked up probably 100,000,000%.

How do I [think I] know this?!

Well, lets figure - this place, Dollar Shave Club, is in business to make money as well as possibly contribute to society.


They seem to be willing to send us 4-5 razor higher-end blade cartridges with 4+ blades for $6-9 and a new razor head for free when you need it.


Dollar Shave Club ChoicesClick to Enlarge

6 cartridges for [a manual] Gillette Pro-Glide Fusion (the other best razor I've used) costs $21 and $30+ if you buy it retail.

That's about 3x more if you want a good razor.

So maybe it's not marked up 100,000,000% but I honestly refuse to believe that in the year 2013 that there are hundreds of millions of dollars spent on "developing razor technology," but maybe I'm wrong. Obviously we're paying for the research, market research, freight and all the expenses that it takes to bring a product to the market to be distributing via retail stores- but we're overpaying and we know it.

To spend $3 or $6 on 4 or 5 razors you would need to buy completely shitty generic razors that only cut slits in your face (or other areas) and are as good as useless pretty quickly. If you are bleeding and wondered if it's your shaving cream or gel, nope- it's your dreadful, awful, terrible cheap razor.

So it's a better deal (and as good as) high-quality razors.

And it's higher-quality than those dreadful, awful, terrible cheap razors.

I'm not going to go on-and-on- there's only so much I can say. The only reason this "Dollar Shave Review" isn't 2 sentences is because I'm trying to get some Google action on this post.

You can use the money you saved on a AK-47 assault rifle to defend your loved ones or some trail mix if guns aren't your thing.

Obviously I don't recommend anything I haven't tried or don't use, if you are interested, here is my subscription to Dollar Shave Club-

(I get the higher-end razors because I'm a huge snob)

picture of the razors from Dollar Shave ClubThe "4x" ($6/mo) is on the left, the "Humble Twin" ($1 + S/H) is on the right. They'll send you a free handle if you need it or if you upgrade/downgrade your package.

In May 2013, I upgraded to the 'Executive' razor.

It's definitely as good as any razor I've ever used. It has the single blade on the head to do sideburns and precise areas-

(the Dr. Carver's Shave Butter isn't all that great, I'd skip that. The razor is awesome though.)

executive subscription The 'Executive' plan

Signature of Membership to Dollar Shave Club

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Comments (19)

  1. ssk08

If someone finds a european alternative, let me know!

  1. Horny    ssk08

Oh, we just let our beards grow here in Europe. we're like cavemen.... ok im just kidding. I use a machine so I dont need to buy any cartridges.

  1. ssk08    Horny

I never use equipment I cannot kill with.

Yeah I guess Taliban-fear is so 2003 haha.

  1. Boy Toy

Great idea!!! PS. Nice art.

  1. Skurge

"You can use the money you saved on a AK-47 assault rifle to defend your loved ones or some trail mix if guns aren’t your thing."


You've no love for hippies, do you Chris.

  1. Good Looking Loser    Skurge

hah, I don't mind trail mix-- just too much sugar usually

  1. numberonestag

How do those razors work for shaving down there? I always get nervous about that so I buy girl razors haha

  1. Good Looking Loser    numberonestag

Yo man- I thought I replied to you--- they work great. the options with the 4-6blades are obviously better if you want to shave chest, areas w/ lots of hair

  1. SoFocused

"I vehemently HATE spending money on razors that I know they are worth $.02 each and are marked up probably 100,000,000%."

Hahaha I know that exact feeling.

Signing up for this tomorrow.

  1. Good Looking Loser    SoFocused

whoops I lost this reply too---- i know seriously, somehow id rather buy a $4.95 soda at the airport than 8 razors

  1. RandyK

Thanks! Signed up today!

  1. Good Looking Loser    RandyK

Cool, thanks Randy- I think you'll like it. The razors are high-quality, especially the 2nd and 3rd packages.

  1. Anthony

fuuck only in the states... wont ship to canada

  1. Joey the Hustler

Glad that's one thing I don't have to worry about anymore. Switched to a straight razor over a year ago and haven't bought a blade since.

  1. Doug

Thanks for the tips Chris. I'm buying the suggestions I like on your site through your link. Enjoy your referral awards! They are highly deserved.

  1. Good Looking Loser    Doug

Thanks dude, I appreciate it!

  1. Lonewolf

Link is broke, dollar shave club gll style...

  1. Good Looking Loser    Lonewolf

Hey thankx for letting me know. It's fixed

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