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The Best Cologne (Smells Amazing, Super Inexpensive)

on in Get Style
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Smell Great for Cheap


We've discussed cologne on the forum on several times, I wanted to make my recommendation public.

I always get compliments from girls (and guys actually) on this little unknown cologne-


Cologne can be ridiculously expensive and the markup is probably higher than any product ever, even more than razors.


I discovered this little gem back in 2005 when I was wandering Oaks Mall in Gainesville FL.

One of those completely annoying, overly aggressive dipshits at one of the mall 'Perfume-mania' kiosks stopped me and insisted on spraying cologne on my shirt.

It was one the best scents I had ever smelled and to my surprise it was only $25 (less than $18 online).

To this very day I wear it and it's a scent that everyone seem to pick out.

If you've purchased any of my recommendations, you'll know that it's all top-shelf stuff.

This is no different and considering the value- it might be the very best one.

Nobody I've recommended it to hasn't liked REALLY LIKED it.

I used to buy it on eBay, but it's now on Amazon and you'll get it faster.I used to buy it on eBay, but it's now on Amazon and you'll get it faster.

To some people it seems to compare to Lacoste's - Red, another great scent.

It's not quite like that one and it's much less expensive.

My View on Cologne

Since I know I'll be asked, here is my 2 cents on cologne, in general-

It's obviously not necessary. I don't believe in all that "pheromone" stuff.

Smelling good is necessary though and it never hurts to have a memorable scent. I know that when a girl sleeps over and leave her scent in my bed, I immediately think of her.

This scent has become "Chris" to quite a few eligible bachlorettes.

Although I get lots of compliments on this scent, I think it's more for me than anyone else. I've come to associate it with looking good and feeling good.

This cologne is what I wear today and although I definitely like other scents too, it's not worth paying 3x more for anything else.

Guarantee you'll like it and most of you guys won't buy another type of cologne ever again.

Make sure you get the men's version. :)

Feel free to write in and tell me how much you like it-

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  • Khan

    Anybody found a cheap way to buy this from the uk? It still costs too much because of the shipping price however i did find this cologne for an affordable price its called 'in black' how does that one smell?

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  • rich the cologne. Doesn't last more than 20 minutes max. Are others experiencing the same?


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  • yeah thats the only downside, just put on some more sprays, it'll last

    its still totally worth it because its so inexpensive

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  • Jakal

    I've sampled quite a few colognes and done some extensive ratings. I haven't tried 'In Red' yet but I have just ordered it off Amazon (can't beat $4.34 per oz). My recommendation for inexpensive colognes would be Guess 'Seductive Homme' at $6.76 per oz. My system ranks Seductive Homme at 8.5/10 between YSL L'Homme at an 8.4 and YSL L'Homme Libre at an 8.6 (each more than double at $17 per oz). A few others worth looking into would be Guess Night ($7.65 per oz; 7.9/10 average; my wife gave it a 10/10), Nautica Voyage ($5.00 per oz) or Voyage N-83 ($6.76 per oz) equally good at 7.8. And to give further frame of reference (to lend credibility to my system or destroy it ;]) here are the top colognes regardless of price: #3 Mont Blanc Legend (9.0), #2 Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport (9.4), #1 Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Essenza (9.4)

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  • luis

    Estelle Ewen In Red Eau de Toilette Spray for Men cannot be shipped to my address in Madrid, according to

    What should I do, Chris? Is there any other way I can purchase this cologne?

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  • Hey Luis -- sorry I just saw you post,

    can you get it on ebay? its on there

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  • luis

    Hi Chris! I wanna buy In Red cologne. I live in Madrid. I've tried to purchase it in Amazon, but it always tell me that the cologne cannot be shipped to the selected address.

    Is there any other way I can buy it?

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  • Tone Vazquez

    Yo Chris ...I ordered the in red to give it a try ..but what are the expensive colognes the you would recommend?

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  • Lacoste - Red

    Kheil's has good 'musk' one if you like that.

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  • [&] that with the Official Good Looking Loser Cologne (mad inexpensive too) and youll be the best smelling human and the other lesser, inferior [&]

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  • Ordered this last week, came in Monday. Excellent stuff, have gotten literally 5 compliments in 2 days wearing it.

    Cheers Chris!

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  • Another guy called Chris

    Do you any experience or anything to say about the "In blue" cologne? same brand.
    I was not able to find the one your mentioning for us here in europe.

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  • In blue is not as good.. I don't really recommend it. its okay, most guys wont love it.

    In red, however - great.

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  • [&] Super inexpensive for cologne. Smells fresh and amazing, just like Lacoste Red for a fraction of the price. Unliike other colognes  more is better when you are applying it. Here is our FULL REVIEW. #Affordable [&]

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  • Smooth Operator

    If wearing this cologne I will walk, talk, act, and have the social freedom you have Chris, I will buy it for sure :) I am running out of my old stuff. Maybe I'll try this.

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