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19 Things You Need To Do in 2014 - Worthwhile Additions (Part II)

Worthwhile Additions For 2014

This the second installment of our "Dominate 2014" two-part series.

Part I, "9 Things You Need to Do In 2014," focused on PRIMARY GOALS in which you - PICK ONE, PLAN IT, WORK IT, DOMINATE IT and COMPLETE IT.

Part II consists of various lifestyle additions that should help make 2014 a more productive, efficient and happier year.

I suggest that you give consideration to a few of them and incorporate them into your 2014.

2014 3d render

Reflect on the Positives From 2013

It's worth taking some time to reflect on 2013.

Far too many people look at the failures in 2014 and give little appreciation to the good moments and what they accomplished.

If you have been hitting it hard in 2013, you probably haven't had time to reflect.

EVERYTIME a superstar professional athlete gets asked about his thoughts on breaking a significant record he'll say that -

"He hasn't really had time to think or reflect on it."

That's not just the PR department talking - it's the truth.

Athlete or otherwise, anyone who breaks records or accumulates various milestones or achievements is too focused on the task at hand to even contemplate the emotional aspect of it's completion.

Go take a walk somewhere and find someplace to sit for a few hours.
Ask yourself-

  • What was the best day of 2013?
  • Why was that the best day?
  • How many days from 2013 do you remember? (15-20 = you are really living)
  • Planned or unplanned, what was the biggest obstacle you overcame in 2013?
  • What's one thing you did in 2013 that you had never done before?
  • What's one bad thing that happened that you ultimately took care of?
  • What's one thing that you didn't think would be fun but you actually enjoyed?
  • What's one totally unexpected thing that happened that made your day better?
  • What was the best 'good news' you heard that made someone else's life better?
  • What was one thing that you set out to improve that you successfully did?
  • Who was the coolest person you met in 2013?
  • What random story from 2013 made you feel good about yourself/the world?
  • What happened to make you cry (or close to) tears of happiness?
  • What's the nicest thing you did/surprise you gave to someone that you love?
  • What was the funniest shit that happened in 2013?

After you legitimately do that and are in a good mood, if you want to take some time to think about which areas you were less successful in - take some time to do that.

There's usually A SINGLE completely obvious reason behind whatever didn't get done in 2013.

You don't need to analyze it for hours, just figure out the major reason and prepare a ONE SENTENCE ACTIONABLE STEP to correct it.

The vast majority of the time it comes down to one (or more) of these things-

I'll discuss this in depth in this article-

Cartoon Hand and Survey Clipboard
Plan Your Week on Sunday Afternoon

After you put your happy pants on...

Figured out your PRIMARY GOAL that you will be devoting >75% of your free time to...

Made attainable specific short-term goals for...

It's time to get take it to the micro micro level.

Every Sunday, ideally in the afternoon when you have some free time, print out a 7-day calendar and fill in your week as best you can.

The plan doesn't have to be super detailed and include specific hours. Nor does it have to be concrete.

It's just a way of organizing yourself and seeing the steps you need to take to get to your next milestone or short term goal.

There's several ways you can do it, I prefer TWO simple bullet points.

One for the AM.

One for the PM.

  • AM: Gym
  • PM: Good Looking Loser

Both represent 6 or 7 hours of time - also accounting for meals, transportation, etc.

If you finish the activity, the remainder is free time or 'Do Nothing Time #29' - which you should also be taking.

Grey weekly planner

Do Something New/Fun Every 15 Days

When reflecting, if you found yourself thinking-

"Damn... I don't remember that many days in 2013..."

It's simply because you didn't have enough FUN or you didn't try enough NEW things.

While new and fun things can spontaneously "happen", you are guaranteed to have some memorable experiences if you plan on it.

At least every 15 days, schedule something that is either FUN or NEW.

Ideally, both.

I suggest you plan these at least 2 weeks ahead of time.

In most cases - take the ENTIRE DAY off and have your experience.

I have some suggestions below.

Picnic Party Invitation

Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

This one doesn't quite quality as fun but it's definitely worthwhile.

I had 30 years of stains on my teeth (wasn't too bad) when I decided to freshen them up last year.

Scotty does his every few months.

Check your local Groupon or LivingSocial for some dental practices offering major discounts on ZOOM or alike procedures.

If you haven't seen the dentist in several years too - it's time to go.

If you are worried about you teeth and gums being in lousy shape, take 3 or 4 weeks- brush, floss and use oral hydrogen peroxide (Peroxyl) three times a day.

This will get your teeth and gums in decent shape in a hurry and the dentist's office won't be torture.

teeth-whiteningThe close-up looks worse than it actually appeared. Still, the difference is significant. 

Throw Away Crappy, Processed Food

If you are going to eat right this year, you will have to do three things-

  1. Cook more often.
  2. Eat FOOD.
  3. Don't eat "food".

I suggest starting the year right and ridding your kitchen of the "sub-foods" that you know are garbage to begin with.

Who knows if you'll stick to a healthful diet but this is a decent first step.

... a lot of grocery stores will let you take items back, even if you don't have a receipt. Take all the unopened items and any expensive opened items back and get a refund. If you feel weird about doing that - find a place to donate it to.

Keep Your Room/Office Clean

This is one that I'm going to try and stick to.

As briefly mentioned in, "21 Things You Can Do TODAY to STOP Being Negative," I always feel better after I clean my room.

For some reason, the condition of my bedroom is usually how I feel about my life at the time.

If you can't seem to organize your room or office - you have too much stuff.

Put it in storage or throw it away.

"In storage" doesn't mean on your bed. You are supposed to sleep on in your bed, not use it as a utility table.

Also, get all the receipts, bills, finance records, etc. and take them to another spot. Fiscal year 2013 should not be overflowing into 2014.

There's definitely a real psychological element to having a clean room - you feel you have a more organized, less overwhelming life. In some ways, you do.

Get Professional Pictures Taken

It's never been less expensive to get high-quality professional pictures taken.

Again, Groupon and LivingSocial, are your friends. There's plenty of super inexpensive high-quality professional packages on there. Some offers are as low as $60 and give you 60-90 minutes with a photographer and 2 or 3 shots to pick from.

Getting pictures done is also decent motivation to try and look your best.

I say - schedule them 4 months in advance and get your face and body ready for them.

If you have to lose over 40 pounds, you might want to give yourself 6 or 7 months.

Do one formal (suit and tie) and one casual or fitness picture. Use this little supplement (video) to lose all the water in your face.

You could use it for your Plenty of Fish profile but that's not really the point.

Narcissistic or not - it's to have a specific date to train for and to have some big pictures around the house where you look your best.

professional picture sample
Get a 6-Pack

(If You've Never Had One)

While this can very well be a PRIMARY GOAL that you devote the vast majority of your day to, some people will be able to manage it as a secondary goal or worthwhile addition.

Simply 'Getting a 6-Pack' isn't particularly hard. It doesn't involve a ton of intense, daily, heavy training or even a single sit-up. Nor does it involve packing down tons of lean mass friendly calories over 6+ meals.

It requires you to stick to a diet that is void of carbohydrates and training on an empty stomach (ideally first thing in the morning).

Getting big, strong and ripped takes a lot of effort. But simply "Getting Ripped" (destroying all your body fat) isn't all that hard.

When I got shredded in the Spring of 2012 - I didn't do a single sit-up and didn't go to the gym for more than 45 minutes.
(granted - I have a lot of muscle memory from when I was 247lbs.)

If you've never had a 6-pack - it means you haven't been below 8% body fat.

If you haven't been below 8% body fat - it means you probably haven't looked your best in face and body.

If you've never looked your best - you probably don't know what it's like to get a lot of attention or even how good you can look. I look dramatically different at 8% body fat vs. 18% body fat or 230lbs as compared to 200lbs.

Superficial or not, first impressions and physical appearances are a big deal.

Take weekly pictures to document your progress - tell everyone you are going to get a 6-pack so that you have some accountability. They have the right to point out that failed if you quit or don't take it seriously.

Man unbuttons his shirt

Eat More Veggies

This is something that nearly everyone wants to do.

When it comes down to it though-

Buying, washing, preparing and cooking vegetables is neither a quick or totally inexpensive process - especially if you are eating 5 or 6 meals a day and not buying low-quality vegetables from Mexico.

It's never been easier to get several servings of super high-quality organic vegetables.

You've probably seen it mentioned elsewhere on this site but "Chocolate Silk" is the ONE supplement that I feel EVERYONE should take.

It tastes INCREDIBLE, it takes 15 seconds to make and it's LESS EXPENSIVE than buying organic vegetables on a regular basis. It also has more nutrients than any one vegetable.

You can throw it in your regular protein shakes, make hot chocolate with it or just drink it straight up (I suggest unsweetened almond milk, add Stevia).

I'm going to do a full profile of it later but it's the ONLY supplement that I think everyone should take.

I'm going to KEEP NAGGING YOU until you try it. That's because I know you'll LOVE IT.

I'm going to keep nagging you to try this. That's because I know you'll love it.

Do ONE THING You Have Always Wanted

Ask yourself-

What is one thing I've always wanted to do, but haven't done?

If it isn't too hard on the wallet - I encourage you to SCHEDULE IT NOW and DO IT this year.

Even if it's just going to a concert or running a race.

Don't wait until June to think about it.

Plan it now so you have something to look forward to.

I've always wanted to check out Seattle - so that's what I'll be doing.

If your plans involve travel - once again, Groupon, LivingSocial and AmazonLocal/Travel are fantastic. Entire vacations for under $200.

cat on a pier

Shoot a Gun or Crossbow


In the past year or so - I've gotten into firearms and archery.

(there's a 'Get Armed' guide coming soon)

My older brother was really really good at archery and somehow I picked it up quickly too.

Both are masculine hobbies and useful for stress relief.

You don't need to be an expert to have fun with either.

The beginner's classes for both are quite inexpensive.

Smile More

Very few of us smile enough.

I know I don't.

You are a way more attractive person if you smile.

More importantly, self-fulfilling prophecy - you usually become a happier person if you smile more often.

Make a point of making eye contact and smiling at every girl you see. It's good for anxiety too.

It won't be natural for some of us - but being happy isn't natural for some of us either.

Octopus cartoon

Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked

Especially if you haven't ever before, I suggest that you find out how much testosterone is (or isn't) flowing through your veins.

I'm sure I don't have a explain to you the importance of testosterone or what a healthy level is for a sexually active guy in his 20's or 30's since you've read our 3-part series on Testosterone.

As you know, testosterone affects just about EVERY aspect that contributes to your quality of life.

It might be low and you might not even know it.

If it is, that's good news - it's something that can easily be fixed.

Remember - you want it to be OPTIMAL (high-normal) and not just "fine".

You don't necessarily have to schedule and pay for a doctor's appointment, at the end of this discussion we tell you several ways to get your testosterone level checked.

Strong man

Volunteer Your Time

At least once this year - do some volunteer work.

I'm in favor of guys in their 20's being "selfish" and using every second to either have fun or grow as a man.

I'm also in favor of doing something nice for those who don't have it as well as you.

  • Read to underprivileged children.
  • Volunteer at a local hospital.
  • Help prepare meals for the homeless.
  • If you don't like humans - you can volunteer at an animal shelter.

In 2008, I was pretty down and decided to volunteer most of my Thanksgiving with my good buddy Jared to help prepare meals for homeless people at Venice Beach. Later that night - I had several girls approach me. Obviously unrelated - but the day was quite memorable, I was happy and it's all because I didn't just sit around.

In 2009, I volunteered a few early Saturday mornings to help clean up Redondo Beach - I met a beautiful Latina girl and we were sleeping together for the 3 or 4 months.

Moral of the story - you can make a difference and cool things can "happen" to you - but you need to get out of the house!

Volunteer kids

 Learn to Cut/Maintain Your Hair

There's a learning curve, but you'll save a lot of money and look better, more often if you learn to trim your own hair.

Most guys only hit up the barbershop after they start looking like a disgrace.

Most guys need a girlfriend to be sexually-active though.

Similar to cleaning my room, I feel better after I cut my hair.

Unless you have a cool Rockstar style that requires a professional's touch, buy some quality, inexpensive clippers and learn how to cut/maintain your hair.

I haven't hit up a stylist in 3.5 years and saved an estimated $630.


Go to Las Vegas - If You've Not Been

I had a blast in Vegas this Summer when I was totally single.
(for most of the trip anyway)

Despite perception, Las Vegas is actually quite inexpensive (to stay) and quite clean.

You can stay at a 4 or 5 star hotel for about $100-125 a night. Just have to look online for the good deals.
(My recommendations are - Encore, Wynn, Four Seasons, Venetian, Palazzo - usually one of these has a reduced rate)

Flights to Las Vegas are fairly inexpensive too.

Even the drinks in the casinos are free.
(remember to tip)

Use something such as Yahoo! Travel to check the airfare and then check the unlisted airlines such as Jet Blue, Southwest or Virgin America.

Beware though - the two things in Vegas that ARE NOT CHEAP are the food and the losses you'll take if you are gambling.

I brought 2 cases of my own protein bars (these taste better than candy bars) and barely spent any money on food.

Las Vegas welcome sign

Give Humans Genuine Compliments
(At Least Once a Week)

This is something I did 2 years ago.

Once a week, I gave a stranger (from which I wanted NOTHING in return) a genuine compliment. I generally tried to select people that probably don't hear a lot of praise.

Girl, guy, old, young - doesn't matter.

Interestingly enough, this little exercise often made me more happy than the person I was complimenting.

So much of this "dating guru" "don't be a nice guy" "seduction community" stuff demands that you never give anyone a compliment because that is [somehow] conceding that you are inferior to them.

It's often just the opposite, if you are being genuine and don't have ulterior motives.

As we discuss - it's completely out of context.

What happened to simply trying to make someone feel good about themselves?

People that give others compliments usually have their own shit together.

People that won't give others compliments are almost always not where they want to be in life.

Even if that resembles your current circumstances - don't be that guy.

Share the love.

When I was at the grocery store earlier this morning, I told a rather large woman who was bagging groceries that she had nice eyes.

Her reaction was like she won the lottery.

Though she was probably physically and psychologically exhausted from working an 8+ hour shift a cash register, she immediately summoned the energy to thank me several times. It was the highlight of her day week.

Whether you make it weekly/monthly habit or not- get used to giving people genuine complements, if you are a top 10% guy, it's a big deal for them.

That's power.

Use it to make happiness.

Vector illustration of Cartoon chef pig

Get Acupuncture/Massage

This is one that I have not done in a full capacity but plan to this year.

I don't even care if I will "like" it - I'm more into it for the new experience and my curiosity.

Acupuncture isn't an activity that will usually cross your mind - so I figured I'd list it.

Cartoon illustration of a man having a massage

Morning Squats

Coming soon, I'll post "Good Looking Loser's 30 Day Squat Challenge".

Until then, I'll tell you what me and my roommates were doing during the Spring and Summer of 2013.

Every morning, first thing, we each did a certain amount of squats.

(Arnold's father required him and his brother to do the same)

Ideally, with no breaks or stoppage.

We started off at 40 and slowly added 5 every day or two.

Once I got to 130, I started using an olympic bar (45 lbs.) and/or the orange cord from the Bodylastics set and repeated the program.

We'll discuss this more in the future but we all thought it was a great way to get the blood flowing and it's always nice to walk around with nice pumped up thighs.

Obviously, if you are sexually-active, you'll wake up some mornings with someone in your bed.

That doesn't mean you can't still do them.

If you have completed "30 Days to Discipline" this type of thing shouldn't be unfamiliar to you.

Japanese sumo wrestler


There's 19 worthwhile additions to keep you happy, healthy, productive and efficient as you work on your PRIMARY GOAL.

At the end of the day though- it's all about applying the "Secret to the Universe" to your PRIMARY GOAL for as many productive hours as possible.

Best Soap For Men - Nubian Black African Soap
30 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20's (Part III...

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Comments (51)

  1. Spiropent

When time permits, can you do an article on protein bars? They are super convenient, but with sugar alcohols and shit, I am not sure about them. Costco always has a sale on Pure Protein bars in the 18-pack for like $13. However, I am gun-shy...

When time permits, can you do an article on protein bars? They are super convenient, but with sugar alcohols and shit, I am not sure about them. Costco always has a sale on Pure Protein bars in the 18-pack for like $13. However, I am gun-shy about buying protein bars.

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    Spiropent

Good topic, thanks for writing in - I feel the same way only use protein bars when traveling (or if I dont have access to a kitchen). If you aren't down with the sugar alcohols - then I'd say forget the bars..

There's ONE bar that I think is...

Good topic, thanks for writing in - I feel the same way only use protein bars when traveling (or if I dont have access to a kitchen). If you aren't down with the sugar alcohols - then I'd say forget the bars..

There's ONE bar that I think is really good and only has a small amount of sugar alcohol- Google "Think Thin" its made in California but should be nat'l now

Read More
  1. Duke    Good Looking Loser

Try Pro bars. They are amazing, all natural/organic ingredients , gluten free and ACTUALLY delicious.

They are a bit more expensive than other protein/food bars but well worth it if you have to eat a protein bar.

  1. Cristian

Where's a hallelujah gif when you need one?

Awesome post, Chris.

  1. Marcus

I would add juicing as well (fruits and vegetables). If you start in your 20s, you will make it a habit for the rest of your life. Will decrease your chances of cancer down the road. Kale, collards, beats, carrots, apples, pears, spinach, etc.

  1. cool kid    Idan

should it be a cooked chicken

  1. Idan    cool kid

Steam it for 30min at bottom level of 3 tier steamer - will be ready by same time as vegetables

  1. Marcus    Good Looking Loser

Sweet dude, glad to of help!

  1. Tyler

I am glad to see you want to check out Seattle. I actually live near Seattle.

  1. Good Looking Loser    Tyler

I'm actually a fan of overcast days... do my best work on those days. for some reason

  1. Omar Little

Chris - what are ur thoughts on doing this stuff alone, such as travelling etc. I'm going on holiday with a few friends, but there are also a ton of places I'd love to go that my friends don't want to.. what do u think?

  1. Good Looking Loser    Omar Little

Absolutely -- do it

  1. MIG Loser

God Bless You Chris..God Bless YOu!! You're one of a kind and you make the world a better place.
Never Stop.

  1. Good Looking Loser    MIG Loser

Thanks very much MIG


Excellent post, really enjoyed that and its given me some ideas to on how to manage my time. I'm getting addicted to this site. Great content, keep it up.


THanks Adam

  1. anon1

LAD. mad respect for your site man. if karma were real you'd be a billionaire. really appreciate the community here and the wealth of actionable articles! even got body of a spartan based on your recommendation

  1. Good Looking Loser    anon1

awesome thank you very much man

  1. cool kid

Hey Chris I cant find the article about that book you recomended a few months back...I would like to purchase was from that guy who helps other guys out that you recomended on achieving said you get a comission on the ebook...

Hey Chris I cant find the article about that book you recomended a few months back...I would like to purchase was from that guy who helps other guys out that you recomended on achieving said you get a comission on the ebook also if you remember the link please post it...i would like to purchase it....THANKS

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  1. Good Looking Loser    cool kid

This one?

its one of the only ebook I recommend (or have read)

  1. cool kid    Good Looking Loser

Yep Thats it...Thanks

  1. Mike

gonna start smiling more. went out today tried to make eye contact with every girl and smile at her. got 5 smiles back. i feel more at ease and peaceful going around smiling at everybody. gonna do this for another week then try combining it...

gonna start smiling more. went out today tried to make eye contact with every girl and smile at her. got 5 smiles back. i feel more at ease and peaceful going around smiling at everybody. gonna do this for another week then try combining it with the direct verbal approach physicality, screening etc

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