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Good Looking Loser's Summer 2014 Guide to Style (Accessories)

Good Looking Loser's

Summer 2014 Guide to Style


GLL Summer Banner Accessories 14 Revised

So we made it, Part III of the Summer 2014 Guide to Style.

Accessories - everyone's favorite section.

Accessories add instant edge to your look - simply having one or two will set you apart from 90% of guys.

As tiny as some pieces are, they really stand out - so you want to have COOL accessories that don't look cheap or juvenile.

We picked the VERY BEST or VERY BEST, MOST AFFORDABLE options we found this season.

We hope you find something you like - you will.

There's some repeats from the Spring 2014 Guide - a lot of these are suitable for all 4 seasons.

Click pictures to view the item.

(if you make a purchase, in some cases, I receive a small commission at no expense to you)

Style commentary (captions are by Taylor, unless noted)

Good Looking Necklaces

Gun NecklaceThis is an awesome gun necklace. It is edgy and screams 'alpha-male', which girls are attracted to. You can pair this with dog tags or other necklaces. Since this is a neutral silver it will go with many casual outfits. It's not shown with a chain but it does come with one. #Affordable

Black Dog TagsDog Tags add style and edge to almost any casual outfit. They are a GLL favorite. The black is particularly cool for summer because black and white combinations are in this season. #Affordable

Wolf toothStainless Steel Spear Wolf Tooth- A favorite from last season, this is  a new, fashionable take on shark tooth necklaces. This is edgy and sexy. Pair it with a white V-neck, nice slim-fit dark jeans and a fashionable jacket. #Affordable

Red Pill GLL Necklace Final*Good Looking Loser Red Pill Necklace* SOLD OUT! #Neato #LimitedTime

Good Looking Ring

Chinese Symbol Ring SmallerThis ring adds a little diversity to any look. It looks good with cleaner styles. It can be a conversation starter, girls will ask what the symbols mean- Brave, Love, and Strength. #Affordable

Good Looking Watch

Rolex and InvictaThis red white and blue Invicta watch is modeled after the legendary GT Rolex model. It has a lighter more 'summertime' look because the Invicta watch has a white plate, rather than black, that is actually better for summer. This watch is classy and fashionable and you can wear it for years and years. This Invicta model is one of my very favorites. #Affordable #MultipleColors


Good Looking Bracelet

Orange BraceletThis bracelet is great for summer because of the bright orange detail. It adds color to any plain looks. And don't be afraid of wearing this bracelet with other colors. It doesn't have to be with just orange. When outfits are too matchy-matchy it can give off a feminine or insecure/try-hard vibe. #Affordable #MultipleColors 

 Good Looking Casual Shoes

 Nike Flip FlopGreat for everyday use. They are convenient because they slip-on. They have memory foam soles, which are super comfortable and good for your feet. They have a stylish, athletic look. Chris has a pair and says they are really comfy. #Affordable #MultipleColors

 Reef Flip FlopsClassic, stylish flip-flops. They will go with almost any casual outfit. These have a rustic feel that girls like. They have a little extra support on the heel and little arc, which is better for your feet than sandals that are completely flat. We rarely recommend anything that is brown but all of us like these. #Affordable #MultipleColors

slip on If you don't want to show your toes these are fashionable yet casual slip-ons. They can be worn with shorts or pants. They show that you are up with fashion and want to look good but that you don't care too much. And Girls love guys that are confident enough not to care too much. These are good quality and will last for a long time. #Affordable #MultipleColors

 Good Looking Athletic Shoes

 GLL - Reebok Shoes Spring 2014Spring Favorite: These are my gym/athletic shoes. If you grew up in the 90's you'll remember 'The Pump' by Reebok. If you were cool, you might have even owned a pair or 3. Against the wishes of the girls, I recommend these shoes. Simply put - they are gangsta as hell and I'm not worried if anyone likes my gym shoes. -Chris #Multiple Colors #Im.So.Hard #NotJustForBlacks

 Nike-Griffey-ThrowbacksSpring Favorite: At a slightly younger age I (and every other cool kid in 4th grade) rocked the Nike Ken Griffey Jr. shoes. Nike recently remade the classic and they have several different colors. Sick. - Chris #MultipleColors

Good Looking Hats

 Camo HatCamo is cool if you just add small amounts to your look here and there. Camo adds a masculine feel to your outfit. This hat looks good worn backwards. Girls love a guy in a backwards hat, it gives off a bad-boy, sexy vibe. #Affordable #MultipleColors

Turtle HatsGirls love this hat because it has a cute turtle on it and it has a sense of humor. This hat is cool for the summer because of the bright color and the turtle. It also looks good backward. #Affordable

 Taylor's Favorites

Guess SunglassesThese sunglasses are hot yet subtle. There can be a fine line with sunglasses- you look out-of-touch and cheap if they are out-of-style, you can look try-hard and clubby if they are too trendy and in your face (depending on the style). These are flattering on most face shapes, fashionable and are a great color. You can wear them for a long time because they aren't too trendy. #Affordable

 Under Armour HatAthletic hats look sexy on guys. They make you seem like you have stuff going on (whether you do or don't)- you were either working out, you are going to workout or you are busy with something so you had to throw on a hat. But it's a nice hat so you look stylish, athletic and masculine. Girls like a guy who is athletic and has a life and this hat gives off that vibe.
#Affordable #MultipleColors

 Good Looking Wallet

Swill WalletThis is a pretty nice wallet for the money. These types of things aren't a big deal but if you are looking for a new wallet - this is a good one. It has a zip pocket like my wallet that can hold your loose change. - Chris #Affordable

 Good Looking Belt

Black BeltThis belt looks great on and goes with a ton of outfits from day looks to night looks. It has a sleek look without being too much. It will last for a long time too. We don't think a belt is a complete necessity with jeans but just make sure you aren't wearing a wimpy thin belt.  #Affordable #MultipleColors

Good Looking Cosmetics

In Red GLL Favorite: As suggested when Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser premiered in Early 2013, this cologne remains the BEST, MOST AFFORDABLE cologne on planet earth. While the other scents are good, the 'In Red' is the one you will get multiple compliments on. Winter 2013 Guide to Style is my full review. #Affordable

Blackhead RemoverThis is a blackhead remover. It is a cheap way to make your face look 10x better if you have blackheads (which most people do). It presses the blackhead out without damaging the skin. Make sure your pores are open before you use it by showering first or steaming your face. Part II of the Skin Care Guide has a video on how to use it. #Affordable

Pour Conclure

So there you have it.

The entire Summer 2014 Guide to Style.

It seems like Men's fashion has been stagnant for about a decade now, it's been a long time since a brand/trend such as Ed Hardy or Affliction totally dominated popular style.

Still, I feel like Men's fashion is slowly changing and going somewhat away from the overly metrosexual, boy band or non-masculine Hipster garbage that we have seen in past years. That change might not be extreme but it is more "rough" than we have seen recently.

Either way, it's never been easier to create an edgy style and STAND OUT among a sea of regular guys.

I suggest you do so.

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