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How to Look Good if You Are Bald (How to Stop Hair Loss Guide - Part 8)

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Good Looking Bald Man
(What to do if you are bald or are sick of dealing with hair loss)

Welcome to the final section of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Hair Loss Prevention".

I don't like giving advice on things I haven't done but I've been asked a million-and-one times about what to do if your hair went a long time ago or don't want to use the concealers, treatments or undergo a hair restoration procedure(s).

So let me give you my opinion based on bald guys that I know who sleep with a lot of hotties and bald guys that stand no chance with 95% of women.

The advice I'm about to give you is exactly what I would do if I was in this situation.

To some extent, I plan to do some of these things regardless.


The Total Makeover
(we are only covering appearance issues)

I've never liked the mainstream advice that never offers an applicable step-by-step process and simply suggests to balding guys, "Embrace your hair loss!"

To some extent, however - THAT IS THE GOAL.

"Embracing", doesn't begin or end with simply shaving your head and not wearing hats - it goes a lot further than that.

This will not appeal to everyone but if you want to regain your sex appeal, this would be the way to maximize it.

My suggestions are EVEN MORE IMPORTANT if you are not naturally good looking.

As you read our suggestions, think to yourself - HYPER-MASCULINEBAD ASS. WWE/MMA FIGHTER. HIT MAN. HIGH PAID BODYGUARD.

Shoot for an EDGY/Tough Guy Look

You don't want to look like the average bald guy who walks around with his head down and hasn't been sexually active in years.

When women say they "aren't attracted to bald guys", they are talking about this group.

Not the group that you need to join.

By and large, the bald guys I know that are talking to plenty of girls (and confidence) have an edgy, "bad ass motherfucker", tough guy appearance.

By and large, the bald guys I know that go for months or years without sleeping with a girl have a "poor bald guy" appearance and mentality.

The only thing they have in common is a lack of hair.

That's it.

Here are some elements to the 'Edgy/Tough Guy' look -

Have a Significant Amount of Muscle

While I encourage most guys to achieve a 'some muscle, super lean' body, since that is the Ideal Body to appeal to the greatest amount of women, I encourage bald guys to really pack on the muscle.

You don't have to look like a professional bodybuilder, you just want to look like you can beat the hell out of all of the pretty boys (and protect an entire family with your bare hands).

Regardless of what the muscle-haters say, this appearance is masculine and appeals to a lot of women - especially sexually-active women.

You don't have to use steroids but you certainly get the green light from me because you don't have to worry about hair loss any longer.

This is a big part of "embracing" it.

Using steroids and not worrying about hair loss will be a major relief.

The RockWhile The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is definitely a genetic freak, don't think you can't get to 225 or 240lbs with steroids.

Stay Lean Year-Round

The good news is - you will look bigger and tougher if you are bald.

The bad news is - if you are fat or bloated, you will look super fat or super bloated.

I don't suggest following the usual (and usually asinine) bulking/cutting phases as so many part-time bodybuilders do.

I suggest you stay at <8% body fat and take moderate-high levels of anabolics (stay on a gram of testosterone for a year and rotate orals) and eat a clean diet.

The scale may not move but you will be building muscle and losing fat concurrently.  

Consider getting a prescription for Human Growth Hormone and Cytomel (T3) to keep fat off your body.

Get this cheap little supplement to shed water during the day, for the night if you are going out.

bald guy rippedA low-carbohydrate diet (<30grams) is a good way to shed water and keep it off.

Get Visible Tattoos

If I didn't lose you when I mentioned "muscle" and "steroids" (scary I know...), you probably won't run away at this suggestion. 

Provided that you find a good tattoo artist, your sex appeal will benefit immensely from this suggestion.

Even though not all girls like tattoos, they have more universal appeal than ever before.

Not to mention - the hottest sexually active girls have always liked "bad boys" with tattoos.

If you don't have any tattoos, you might not know where to start.

It's not hard.

Compliment a guy at your gym who has cool tattoos and ask where he got his work done.

Decide on something small to start with, look on the Internet for ideas, go meet the artist and get it done.

Then do it again and again and again.
(I currently have 3 tattoos, I plan on getting several more - I wish I got them done in my early 20's)

bald guy with inkColored tattoos aren't "bad", they just shouldn't be the primary color.

Have Facial Hair

This one is a no-brainer.

Most bald guys look significantly better when they have facial hair.

Stubble, goatee, beard, chinstrap or otherwise - see what works best for you and learn how to properly maintain/style it.

One guy I knew from the pickup community who actually did really well with women was bald, 5 foot 6 and had a bright pink beard.

He looks like and often got confused for this guy when we were at Hollywood nightclubs -

scott ianIf people confuse you for a celebrity (who is considered cool), it's never a bad thing. This guy is "Scott Ian".

Rock an "Executive" High-Status Style at Night

T-Shirts and the normal current edgy clothing we recommend in our fashion guides will show off your body/tattoos and work just fine during the day.

At night, however, I suggest you adopt an "Executive Look".

A full suit.

Nice shoes.

Cufflinks, pocket square, expensive [looking] watch.

Go all out like you have a ton of class and money.

Or have a part-time gig as an expensive hitman. 

You don't need a bunch of suits, just one you love that has impact.

There's no major reason that I recommend "Executive" over "Edgy/Trendy" for bald guys.

I just see how well it works for guys when sometimes the "Edgy/Trendy" can look immature on bald guys if it's not done correctly. 

The "Executive" look will never be outdated.

Jason TaylorThis is former NFL Defensive End Jason Taylor. He is known for his good style. He doesn't need facial hair because he is good looking.

Wear Accessories

Accessories are a quick and simple way for any guy to add edge to his look.

Why on earth guys don't take advantage of this is beyond me.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses - it's better to have one too many than one too few.

The main thing to keep in mind is - make sure your accessories don't look cheap. Mainly shoot for silver, gold and black colors.

If you get really big (over 220lbs), don't wear as many accessories. It looks try hard. 

steve-austinThis is 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, a WWE wrestler. He's a good example of having strong sex appeal while not fitting the traditional "good looking" stereotype.

Get Earrings

Get your ears pierced.

If you don't have hair, you will never look immature with earrings.

Get some diamond earrings and some square black earrings.

In general, go for 'studs' and not hoop earrings unless you are putting together a specific look (rockstar).

bald guy with earringsWhen I was picking up girls full-time (2008-2010) I didn't have my ears pierced. Now I do and wish I did it earlier.

Learn to Dance

Although not 'appearance' related, I also highly recommend this to short guys.

If you actually know how to dance, you will have a significant advantage with women in nightclubs (or really anywhere that plays music).
(you can just go up, grab them and show off your moves)

While a lot of guys know how to dance, it's rare to find a hyper-masculine 'bad ass motherfucker' with tattoos that knows how to move.

This "Juxaposition" quite appealing to women

bald guy in nice suitGet used to wearing suits - they do a ton for your sex appeal.

Take Great Care of Your Skin

This is no different than if you have hair. 

Bald guys should particularly take advantage of this though.

I only wish I had started taking better care of my skin earlier but I've seen significant improvements with this protocol -

bald black guyBlack guys shouldn't hesitate to shave their head. If you are black, you don't need to go all out with the tattoos either. Black guys are already considered edgy.

Go Tanning (Safely)

Although going tanning might seem contradictory to my previous recommendation, it's not if you do it correctly.

Tanning can be safe and even healthful in moderation. 

We explain this in our tanning guide -

If you are bald, the last thing you want is to be "pasty".

Make sure you get some sun or at least use a self-tanning lotion.

Kelly SlaterKelly Slater is a professional surfer that doesn't have the typical long hair pretty surfer boy look.

Get Hot Professional Pictures Taken

Especially if you plan on doing some online dating - do yourself a favor and get some sexy professional pictures taken.

Wear your suit.

You need to have proof of how good you can look.

Both for yourself and everyone else.

It's rare that a bald guy is narcissistic, but if you get there - you are on the right track.

I'd rather have you be narcissistic than under-confident.

You can find amazing deals on professional pictures on Groupon.

jason stathamFacial hair stubble works great too if you don't like a goatee or beard. Just don't look "squeaky clean".

Shed Your Old Self

One of my good friends that does ALL of these things and always gets hot girls no matter what city he moves to said that it is really important to move on from your former self in order to embrace your new self.

He took down/deleted all the old pictures of him with hair.
(he did keep pictures of what he looked like with thinning hair to remind himself that it didn't look good)

He donated all his former "nice guy" clothing to charity.

He threw away all the hair loss treatments, concealers and everything that ever reminded him that he once had hair.

You don't have to go as extreme as JStackz did but just consider the intention of the approach - to stop comparing your new self to your old self from 5 or 10 years ago. 

bald guy in formal suitThe 'Executive' look fits the 'Bad Ass' style.

Consider Micropigmentation 

We discussed Micropigmentation in Part IV, "Hair Restoration and the Long-Term (Platform) Approach".

It doesn't matter how much hair you have (or don't have), Micropigmentation can give you the appearance (and a hair line) for your shaved head.

I think it looks quite good and it will enhance your bald 'edgy/tough guy' look.

I haven't met a guy that got it that was disappointed. 

hair-micropigmentationMicropigmentation looks excellent in my opinion.

When Will I Get Used to "The Total Makeover"?

As with any sort of style change, it may take some time to get comfortable with it.

While some guys will immediately be happy and excited to expand on the new look, most guys will need about a year to get over the past and embrace the present.

Especially if you used to rock a not-so-edgy look before or never had tattoos.

It may also take several months to put the look together with tattoos, new clothing and lean mass if you aren't in great shape.

One thing to keep in mind is: if you are noticeably balding and shave your head -


It's just a matter of believing it.

Most guys begin to embrace the new look once they get compliments on it or take home their first girl. 

When to Consider "The Total Makeover"?

Everyone's timetable is different.

To me, if I can't have a near perfect hair line - I would consider the total new look.

I don't mind using the concealers on the crown and mid-scalp zone but I never liked not having a decent hair line.

I'm a bit higher maintenance than the average guy though.

Most guys can still look good at a Norwood 2.5.

Universally - "The Total Makeover" is worth considering whenever you are truly sick of taking the time, energy and money to manage your hair loss.

Some guys will want to save up for Micropigmention and then take the leap to The Total Makeover. 

tattoo ripped ink

Pour Conclure

That's it folks.

"Good Looking Loser's Guide to Hair Loss Prevention".

Everything you need to know about hair loss, how to slow/prevent it and what to do if you are tired of it is in this guide.

If you do pull the plug on your hair loss prevention, you can still have significant sex appeal (or at least be above-average) if you resemble a wealthy "BAMF" and not an egghead or a guy that fixes clogged toilets for people with nice hair.

There's more Androgenic Alopecia questions and commentary available in our DailyMotion channel and but if the method/product isn't mentioned in this guide - I don't recommend it.

This includes topical spironolactone, saw palmetto, hair loss shampoos without Ketoconazole, "hair vitamins", apple cider vinegar and other natural treatments that do nothing for Male Pattern Baldness.

Everything you need to know is in this guide.

If you have any questions, please inquire the Good Looking Loser Hair Loss Prevention Forum.

Hi, Chris from Good Looking Loser. "Get a Life" is our safe for work, non-adult site that features lifestyle, health/fitness and style information. Feel free to leave a comment!

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