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How to Look Younger - What I've Been Using That Actually Works (The Full Story)

How to Look Younger - For Cheap
(only promise: your skin will likely look better than it ever has after 3-4 months)

disclaimer: the following is not medical advice and not a substitute for advice from a licensed dermatologist; the information below is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please see our Medical Disclaimer for more information.

I wrote this post about 6 days ago.

I did some thinking in-between though.

Some of the before and after pictures are really dramatic.

More than I could have imagined. People I showed were stunned.

In fact, it wasn't until I put these image selections together did I really see how much better my face is today.

BEFORE WE START, it's important to mention that -

I DO NOT credit nor suggest that ALL my results are the product of my daily skin care routine.

My results are a product of EVERYTHING.

I can, however, fairly assume that my daily routine significantly contributed. I know it did.

I will discuss the other factors involved toward the end of the post.

There was absolutely no plastic surgery or photoshopping of any of these pictures whatsoever.

The lighting does vary however so I encourage you to watch my new vs. old videos, posted below.

2011v2015finalDecember 13th 2011 (left)
February 13th 2015 (right)
If nothing else - I definitely don't look older than 3-4 years ago.


Back in June 2014, I released "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care", based on a routine I had been already using.

The following advice is largely the same as the daily and weekly maintenance routine, with a few changes. 

It was cheap to begin with but is actually even less expensive now.

Over the past 16-18 months, with a few modifications in the past 5 or 6 months, I've been following my guide to a tee.

It's been working and people have noticed -

victor pride tweet on skin

skin care

and some more -

skin care feedback

Even in a recent video (3:45) a girl commented.

Significant because, until recently, I've never gotten "your skin is nice" compliments in my entire life, with the exception of "nice tan bro" in the Summer time.  

But more importantly, others have had success too -


- From this post by Wall Street Playboys
(Check them out!)

So basically -

Yeah - it works.

It's not rocket science, just some super effective, super inexpensive ingredients that work - if you use them regularly for several months.

Realistically, although your skin may feel amazing and instantly look more clear, it will probably take several months to see obvious changes in your complexion that people will notice and hopefully compliment you on.

The good news - the routine won't cost you more than $2 a week.

My only promise to you is, as I will mention again is -

If you use these inexpensive recommendations for several months, your skin will likely look better than it ever has.

Especially if, like me, you haven't really put in a daily effort into taking care of your face before.

I can't make any guarantees on "how many years younger" you will look or if specific lines will disappear, there's a ton of lifestyle/miscellaneous factors involved.


No problem.

Since a small minority of people will accuse me of photoshopping, 'de-noising' or doctoring these pictures (that's fair to some extent), I encourage you to watch my VIDEO comparisons below to see a difference in my complexion.

These pictures are ABSOLUTELY NOT edited or de-noised in any way shape or form.


2013-2014before skin care



To take out the facial hair/"you just shaved" opposition, here are some before/after pictures in the same lighting (in my downstairs bathroom with the familiar brown door in the background).


shaved before skin care

(Taken 90 seconds ago...)

Shaved After 2015

And "shaved" screen captures from 2 YouTube Videosbeforeandafteryoutubecompare 

Watch my before/after videos before too.
(these videos are below with the 'how to' instructions) 

In my opinion, the video comparisons really show that what I've been doing is paying off.

As I look at these pictures for the 50th time, I'm actually still hesitant to publish these images because your expectations will be sky high. When I was making these before/after picture collages I really can't even believe how different I look in some of them. 

I literally look 5 years younger in some of them.
(in reality, I probably look 2 or 3 years younger - check out the videos)

It is true, however, that I picked some particularly unflattering images as my 'before pictures' and significantly better looking images as my 'after pictures'.

It's likely my actual results are somewhere in the middle - but undeniable.

Again - I'm NOT claiming that ALL my results are a product of my daily routine which I will present below.
There are some other factors and lifestyle modifications that I will also discuss.

All I can safely promise is -

After 5-6 months of use, and likely before, your skin will probably look better than it EVER has in recent memory.

skin care 2015


Read on for the how/why, but here is short list of what you'll need.

Again, these products will last you awhile and beat anything you can find on the grocery store shelf and be far less expensive than any high-end department store cosmetics.

Just so you know -

At no expense to you, I get a $0.60 - $0.80 commission on each of these products.

I'm hardly recommending them for the money. I could recommend much more expensive stuff to get higher commissions. I simply feel these are quite good and that they are responsible for a great deal of my results. I have no idea how dramatic your results will be, I can only repeat my previous statement.


Your skin will look better than ever after 5-6 months, and likely before.
(especially if you haven't had a daily face care routine) 

what you need poster

Here's what you need -

#1 Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Daily Use (Mandatory)

This is what is going to make you look younger and really enhance your complexion.

This is the main thing and a Godsend for anti-aging. 


watts hyaluronic acid solution

#2 African Black Soap for Daily Cleansing (Mandatory)

This hidden gem has been recommended since January 2014.

It's literally like washing your face with expensive lotion. I've talked this one up and it's the first time you'll be excited when soap comes in the mail.

This is mainly for washing your face (you DO NOT need a separate cleanser), but I use it in the shower and for washing my hands.

This is also Victor's Pride favorite soap since I told him about it. He imports it by the case.

Nubian Soap

#3 The Good Looking Loser Facial (Recommended)

This is not mandatory, but it's definitely recommended - I've been using the original facial for about a year now and added two ingredients that I really feel make a difference and suck out crap that you otherwise can't touch. You'll feel it tightening your skin almost instantly. I use it at least once a week, usually twice.

Clay for the base of the facial -

Detoxifying Activated Black Charcoal Powder -

Super antioxidant Matcha Green Tea -

Each facial will be less than $1 - a little goes a long way and these ingredients will last you for at least 5 or 6 months.

There's a few more optional additions below.

But frankly, that's all you truly need - just those: the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, the Soap and the facial ingredients.

That's all I've been using on a daily/weekly basis. 

Facial by GLL


Lets talk about how to use these.

#1 Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Mandatory)

Originally recommended as an optional anti-aging ingredient, Hylauronic Acid is the most important anti-aging ingredient.

I swear by it now.

It is a compound that is naturally found in every tissue in your body and the single most important compound in encouraging skin cell repair, producing collagen and promoting a youthful appearance.

How I Use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I liberally slather Hyaluronic Acid ALL OVER my face, at least 3 times a day but usually about 5 or 6 times a day.
(optional - if you use a Microneedle, only roll your face 1 time a day)

I also take it orally, which I feel is less important however.

It's super inexpensive and I believe it is the #1 FACTOR in my complexion improvements.

It is clinically proven as well -

#2 African Black Soap (Mandatory)

There not much explanation needed here.

It's soap.

Just use it.

I use it on my face with the Konjac Actived Charcoal Sponge (see below), hands and body.

The soap looks strange, but it smells wonderful, similar to putting expensive lotion on your skin that leaves your skin very soft.

You'll now be somewhat excited to wash your face on a daily basis - one of my least favorite things to do otherwise.

For more information about our favorite little soap, see - African Black Soap by Nubian.

#3 Good Looking Loser Enhanced Facial

Once a week or two times every 10 days - I use the 'Good Looking Loser Enhanced/Volcanic Facial'.

How to Make and Use the Good Looking Loser Facial

I take the 3 ingredients and combine them (~2:1:1 ratio) in a little bowl.

I add a small amount of water to the mixture and stir it. 
(just use a small amount, if you use too much your mixture will be too runny to stick to your face!)

After it's mixed, I apply it ALL OVER my face and neck and let it harden.

After about 30+ minutes, I wash it off with the African Black Soap in the shower.

My skin instantly looks awesome afterward, so it's helpful if I'm going out and need a pretty face.

#4 Egg White Facial (Optional)

This is something I've been doing over the past 3 months.

I have no idea how effective it is in the long-term, but it's recommended all over the Internet.

How to Make and Use the Egg White Facial

It's pretty easy.

Crack an organic egg.

Separate the white from the yolk.

Pour the white into a bowl and beat it until there's some bubbles.

Slather it all over your face.

Let it sit for at least 20 minutes.
(you will feel your face tightening)

Apply it again or wash it off with the African Black Soap and apply the egg yolk as a moisturizer.


One Other Thing I've Been Using

I consider this helpful, but optional. 

* Konjac Activated Black Charcoal Sponge

This is what I use with the soap to wash my face -

It seems to clear up forehead acne according to #1STG on the forum. I don't have acne, so I can't confirm. 

I haven't really made a big deal about this funny little sponge, it was quietly tucked away in our "2014 Winter Guide to Style - Accessories". But I'm a recent HUGE believer in this Activated Black Charcoal stuff, for teeth and especially skin. If you buy it, the company will send you an email about how to care for it. This is important, you need to treat it differently than you would a kitchen sink sponge.
(hint: don't wring/fold it out, just press it together to remove water)

Konjac Sponge

Other Possibly Significant Factors

Again, again -

I don't claim that my daily routine is the ONLY factor in my facial improvements.

In no particular order, here are the 'miscellaneous factors' and lifestyle modifications that might have influenced my skin improvement over the past 18 months.

#1 I Have Lost Weight

Despite only going to the gym about ~40 times in the past two years, I weigh about 25 pounds less.

I've lost at least 20 pounds of lean mass.
(I'll get into why this is another time)

When I lose weight, I tend to look younger. 

This is probably the most significant "lifestyle factor" in my newfound more youthful appearance, even though the majority of weight lost was lean mass.

Most people say I look about 28-30. I'm turning 33 in September.

#2 I Avoid Carbohydrates, As Much As I Can

Long ago are the days when I would consume 300 carbs before 12pm.

These days, since I'm not super active, I try to eat no more than 30-50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

I've always done really well with restricting carbohydrates and it's so easy to maintain (or lose) weight when you are keeping your insulin low.

This is key for weight loss, but a low-carbohydrate diet reduces water retention and my face looks slimmer and drier, even though my body fat is higher than 2 years ago. 

#3 I Don't Take Super Physiological Doses Of Steroids Anymore aka "Juice"

Since 2005, I have ran my own doctor-supervised hormone replacement therapy.

For the past 2.5 years, my dosage has been -

  • 250mg of Testosterone Enanthane every 7-10 days
  • 250ius of HCG every 2 or 3 days

This puts my testosterone level in the high-moderate range (725-925ng/dl) but not over the 1000ng/dl that I used to be at. Neither do I take other anabolics or HGH anymore.

Although I'm not prone to acne or skin problems, like everyone else, my skin seems to look better when my testosterone is in the proper range. I hold less water as well.

I don't consider this a major factor however since I haven't used a steroidal/blast dose in over 3 years.

But it's worth mentioning.

#4 I No Longer Use Minoxidil (Major Factor?)

This may be a MAJOR factor. I don't know.

Starting sometime in the Summer 2014, I stopped using Minoxidil. 
(I currently use RU58841 and Finasteride)

The more I think about it - I think that dropping Minoxidil was significant in my face growing younger or going back to normal.

For the record -

I don't believe Minoxidil (the most widely used hair loss treatment by both men and women) "causes" wrinkles if used as directed. Every Summer for the past 3 years, however, I used to soak my head in Minoxidil (3+ ml) several times a day. I don't know if this overkill experiment hurt my appearance but it likely didn't help.

I recommend taking a collagen supplement if you are concerned about Minoxidil reducing your collagen production. It can't hurt and might even help your hair growth slightly.

Although I'll never know, I believe my excessive annual Summertime Minoxidil use was a primary factor in prematurely aging my face. There's a lot of stories around the Internet about this.

I still think, however - if you use it as directed, you won't have any issues.

Remember - I was using 900-1500% more than the recommended dose.

Thankfully, I have seemed to reverse it pretty well.

#5 Past Radiesse/Botox Use
(none for 6+ months)

It's important to tell you of my recent history with prescription injectables - they can make a dramatic difference.

As documented in "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care - Prescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements", I had ~3ccs of Raidesse injected into my smile (nasolabial folds) lines back on August 25 2014.

These filled in the smile lines pretty well, but are not responsible for any of the changes outside of the mid-face zone.

I have not gotten Botox (treats forehead lines) in about one year - you can see the frown lines between my eyebrows pretty distinctly.
(Botox typically lasts 3 to 5 months) 

At best, while responsible for reducing the smile lines near my mouth and beside my nose, neither of these had any effect on any other zones.

I would be blatantly misrepresenting my results if I didn't mention the Radiesse treatment from last August, but this stuff was only shot into my smile lines - over 6 months ago.

My entire complexion has improved, not just prominent lines.

#6 I Drank Way Less Aspartame

Although I think the dangers of Aspartame (an artificial sweetener) are exaggerated, other calorie-free sweeteners such as Splenda, Stevia and Monk Fruit are certainly more healthful.

I used to drink A TON of Aspartame on a daily basis -

Everyday - No less than a liter of diet soda, but also 5 to 7 Kratom drinks in the original Crystal Lite powdered sweeteners which are Aspartame-based.

Good thing I always drink a lot of water.

These days, I drink and HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to opt for 'Skinny Girl' or other liquid Stevia-based water enhancers. This is particularly important if you follow a Kratom Lifestyle.

I don't know how bad Aspartame is for your skin, but it sure can't be good.
(excessive sugar is probably just as bad though)

#7 I Don't Stay Up For 24+ Hours Several Times A Week
(excessive "Golden Days")

Thanks to Kratom, I can easily have 24+ hour days if I want to.


24 hours awake: 18 hours working, 2 hours eating, 1 hour at the gym and 3 hours being less productive than I should be.

This isn't great for the body though.

I always looked like shit the following morning, no matter how much sleep I got.

I've stopped doing this - I make sure I don't take any Kratom 3 or 4 hours before I want to go to sleep.For the most part...

side note: Kratom is a plant, it has plenty of antioxidants and not likely to age you any faster.

#8 I Use a Collagen Supplement Everyday

On an ~empty stomach, 3 times a day, I take a Collagen supplement.

I've tried a bunch of them -

collagen supplements

It's good for joints, tendons, hair and skin. 

But it's honestly hard to say how much Collagen has helped/not helped.

I only recommend it to you if you are using Minoxidil or have the money to spend. It's definitely not mandatory as we discussed in "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care (Dietary Supplements)".

Pour Conclure

This was a longer post than I thought it would be.
(as usual)

I wanted to tell you EVERYTHING so I do not unintentionally misrepresent or suggest that any one factor or product was totally responsible for my facial improvements.

It is likely that EVERYTHING that has been helpful.

But still - my daily routine (Hyaluronic Acid 3-5x, African Black Soap 2-3x) and weekly facials have been a very significant factor.

In a world of garbage products and overpriced cosmetics  - it's inexpensive and it works. 

Once again - 

I can't guarantee you anything other than -

With daily use over several months, your skin will probably look better than it has in years.

Unfortunately, I can't respond to all the reader questions below.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in "Get Groomed", Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Forum.

Thanks for reading!

For other skin care concerns, check out -

How to Get Taller In 4 Seconds (Men's Height-Incre...
Spartan Entrepreneur by Victor Pride (Free)

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