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How to Treat and Cure Dry Skin (Skin Care Guide Part 3)

The Cure For Dry Skin That Will Always Work
(Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Guide Part 3)

Update: You can really see the big time differences in my skin and complex in this post -

Welcome to Part III of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care".

In this episode I'm going to tell you the "Cure" for dry skin.

I was going to tell you what I "know" about oily skin, acne and other special cases - but I decided not to.

Here's why -

I've never had those.

I've never fixed those.

It seems like every lifestyle site has an author that claims he's solved (or knows the solution to) his/your -

  1. acne
  2. dry skin
  3. oily skin
  4. eczema
  5. freckles
  6. too much facial hair
  7. too little facial hair
  8. razor burn
  9. etc. etc.

I would just be rehashing information and not adding any new insight whatsoever. I'm not an "information collector", I talk from specific experience from stuff I've actually accomplished and products that I actually use.

That's the only reason that this community is any good.

From the people (mainly girls) that I've talked to about acne they recommend you speak to your doctor about Accutane. That stuff is supposed to be the real deal for killing acne permanently but it can come with side effects and you should be under the care of a legitimate dermatologist. 

Since acne happens from the inside-out (a genetic predisposition to DHT attaching to receptors beneath your face/head, just like hair loss) - very few over-the-counter topical treatments will do anything whatsoever.

That's all I got on acne.

As for oily skin, you'll have to look elsewhere for help too.

I do know a super inexpensive little trick that will temporarily remove all the excess oil from your face and make it look fantastic. I used to have oily skin when I lived on the East Coast.

Buy a "Milk of Magnesia" product and put it on your face for 15+ minutes. You can sleep with it on too.

When you wash it off, your face will look fantastic for 8-12 hours. It's a temporary thing though.

Now lets chat about something I know how to fix - DRY SKIN.


The "Cure" For Dry Skin

People ask me about how to clear up dry skin.

I know how.

I'm surprised that others don't.

Why on earth that doctors/media don't share this "secret" is beyond me.

I will.

But first, a little history -

I never had dry skin until I moved out west in 2007.

The East Coast USA (DC, Florida, etc.) is VERY humid and we only got semi-dry skin in the Winter when we turned the heat on.

I found myself waking up in Los Angeles with bloodshot eyes, cracked lips and flakes on my face.

My nose was dry as well and I got 1 or 2 bloody noses during my first Summer in Hollywood.
(and this is before I ever played around with any sort of 'nasal' drugs)

I never once bought any over-the-counter dry skin creams.

I never once bought any expensive department store "intensive care" creams.

Instead, I remembered what I used on the East Coast that COMPLETELY CLEARED UP my dry skin -

That's right. 

One of those.

In fact, I've since bought a few of them, there's one in every large room of wherever I'm living -

vornado order


You want to clear up your dry skin right?

People want nice smelling creams, expensive lotions with sexy labels and exotic super secret homemade potions because they don't understand what causes dry skin in the first place - A DRY ENVIRONMENT.

Unless you are living with some undiagnosed hormonal or skin condition (unlikely) - your skin is dry simply because your house is dry. 

I'm not saying that moisturizing is worthless, it's not.

I'm saying -

Stick a Vornado in your bedroom and your dry skin will disappear.

In the long run - this solution will save you money.

Run the Vornado 24/7, give it a week, and tell me if you have ANY dry skin on your face.

You won't.

If you want to go the extra mile, put vaseline or our recommended Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on your face when you go to sleep.

The Vornado is a high(er)-end "evaporative" humidifier - it's super quiet and doesn't spit out mist or steam. 

You can put this stuff that kills bacteria in the tank and air.

If you are looking for a cheaper one and like surrounding yourself with little happy characters, check out the Crane models.

I personally love the Elephant.

crane humidifiersSo there you have it.

No expensive creams or super secret potions.

Just a solution that actually addresses the ROOT CAUSE of dry skin - a dry bedroom. 

I understand that a humidifier may not completely clear up for some people - but it will make a significant difference for all.

This humidifier is really good and can literally foam up your bedroom windows and make your house smell like you have an indoor pool.

In my opinion -

Nothing, I repeat: NOTHING - will make a bigger difference for you.

chris and humidifiersThese humidifiers are awesome. It will be the end of your dry skin.

Nutritional Concerns

Other than Evening Primrose Oil, a dietary supplement that may help a minority of people prevent acne - since it helps stabilize hormone ratios (DHT:Estrogen) - there aren't any dietary supplements that I could see making a significant difference for your skin.

First, lets recall the purpose of dietary supplements. 

As discussed in the "Dietary Supplement Industry and Prostitution", dietary supplements (with the exception of a few: some fat burners, creatine) are only effective if you have a nutritional deficiency. Dietary supplements are meant to replace (supplement for) any missing vitamins/minerals/amino acids (protein) or nutrients that aren't part of your diet or your body can't produce naturally.

Unless you have a deficiency of an essential nutrient - it is VERY UNLIKELY that a dietary supplement will make any difference whatsoever.

And Unless you live in a 'third world' country or follow an unhealthful 'speciality'/weirdo diet such as the Vegan Diet, it is very unlikely that you have any nutritional deficiencies that require supplementation. 

Which brings me to my next point -

As you know, there is ONLY ONE supplement that I feel everyone should consider.

I'm willing to bet my (and your) extended family that most of you guys do not eat 5 or 6 servings of fruits or vegetables a day. Especially the bodybuilder/gym rats that barely have enough time to prepare 5-6 lean protein/complex carbohydrate meals and stay away from sugar (fruit).

Here is the ONE supplement that I feel everyone needs -

It tastes incredible.

99% of it is organic. 

It takes way less time to prepare than fruits and vegetables. 

It is less expensive than buying high-quality vegetables.

It's a no-brainer to me. That's why you see this supplement mentioned so many times on this site.

Thank me later. :)

You'll love it - mix it with unsweetened almond milk and add a little bit of Stevia extract.

"Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care" continues here -

If you have any questions or comments, I prefer if you ask them in the Good Looking Loser "Get Groomed" forum

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