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Is Soy Bad For Men? (The Final Verdict)

Soy is For Pussies

… but women shouldn’t eat it either. (especially)

While nutrition is a bit more “black or white” than the other topics we discuss, there’s also a wealth of misinformation in just about every single dietary subject on the Internet.

One source will say the EXACT OPPOSITE of what another source will say and both will seemingly post credible clinical studies to argue their case.

That’s the best case scenario.

More often, the misinformation has financial incentive (buy our supplement!) and “eating trends” based on misleading statistics and information that is simply NOT TRUE.

Case in point-


If you were to Google “Is Soy Good For Me?,” you’ll find hundreds of “opinions” from Internet “experts” that will present bits of information to support their eating habits and lifestyle (and supplements).

The good news, the majority of the higher-ranking results on Google now show what most people in the bodybuilding community (they always seem to be on top of the science) have known for a decade-

Soy is not good for you.

While I don’t expect this to be the last article ever published on soy, I hope that we can close the topic for the readers of and GoodLookingLoser-Lifestyle.

I’ll turn it over to our resident in-house dietitian, not only does he have a Master’s degree but he also practices what he preaches and can speak from real experience. He’s also up-to-date on the cutting edge research- which, unfortunately, can’t be said for most doctors.

Don’t Listen to the Frail Hippies, Soy Sucks

Masculinity Defined.

Masculinity Defined.

If you are a normal human being, or even if you aren’t- you’d still be better avoiding soy.

Soy was never healthful, still isn’t and never will be.

Soy is for vegetarians who want to slowly get sick or those who are just uninformed or worse, maybe even oblivious.

A quick check of the ingredients on many of the health foods or protein shakes on the market will quickly highlight just how prominent soy is in today’s diet. Especially in “protein” bars. What was once a fancy expression used mainly by vegetarians, is now a colloquial term used with the connotation for “healthy”.

This is far from the truth.

Similar to Lance Armstrong, soy is a great liar! You can’t trust soy! You probably can’t trust people that eat soy foods, they are probably lying and might actually have brain damage. Especially those hippies.

Soy wants to be known as a health food. It wants you to think it is a healthy protein alternative. It wants you to think it can help you become more fertile or reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease. But let me be very clear –

There is nothing healthy about soy.

Soy will f*ck your body up real good.


Put simply, soy is an Asian legume more commonly known as Soy Bean or Soya bean. Prior to eating, soy must be processed by cooking in order to destroy the trypsin (an important enzyme needed for protein digestion) inhibitors in it. Eating soy in its natural state without cooking it first, will kill you. This is because it is toxic. Adding more proof to my case – that you can’t trust soy or hippies.

soy beans

Plutonium is also “all-natural,” it doesn’t means it’s good for you.

In today’s “more healthy” society, soy is a common ingredient in many processed foods as well as a major protein source for many people who follow a vegetarian diet. On paper, soy may come across as a good option for vegetarians – after all, it contains all the amino acids, making it a complete protein source, it’s naturally low in carbohydrates and is considerably lower in calories than a lot of other legumes.

But it’s what Soy isn’t telling us, that is the concern. It’s the lies about what else it contains that alarms many people including myself.

Lying Awful Hippies

Soy contains high levels of Phytates – a form of phosphorus, that is well known for its ability to bind to particular minerals and reduce their absorption. This process can lead to mineral deficiencies over the long term. Particularly, deficiencies in magnesiumironcalcium and zinc, as these minerals are the most commonly bound minerals to phytates. Soy is an anti-nutrient food, it depletes your body of essential minerals – tell me exactly how this is considered to be healthy?

Soy also contains Phyto-estrogens – a plant based compound that functions similarly to the hormone estrogen. Estrogen is the primary sex hormone found in women. Although us men do have some levels of estrogen, naturally these should be low while our testosterone levels should be high – after all this is what makes us hormonally different. Estrogen promotes the development of female specific features such as breast tissue and enlargement of the nipples. Whereas testosterone promotes the development of masculine specific features such as muscle growth, development of facial hair and broadening of the shoulders and chest. Soy based diets cause hormonal imbalances such as an increase in estrogen levels and a decrease in testosterone levels. The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University and the Sprecher Institute for Comparative Cancer Research at Cornell University agree.

Needless to say, Real men don’t eat soy!

Additionally, we’ve known for decades that women who are predisposed to or have breast cancer are encouraged to AVOID even trace amount of soy in their diet. After you read this article, you can probably assume that anyone who has/had/wants to avoid getting cancer should take this advice as well.

In its natural state, soy contains Trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an important enzyme required for protein digestion. More specifically, Trypsin breaks down the amino acids, Arginine and lysine. Without trypsin, the body cannot break down dietary protein and ultimately this will lead to malnutrition. The trypsin inhibitors found in soy prevent your body from being able to digest any protein you eat. This process is really going to mess with your body and ultimately your health.

Nice Health Food.

To no surprise, many soy based products also contain MSG – a common ingredient in many Asian foods. If you haven’t heard of MSG before, you must be living under a rock. But that’s okay, that’s where non-urban hippies tend to live.

For the purpose of this article I will re-tell the MSG story.

MSG is short for Mono Sodium Glutamate, an ingredient commonly used in processed foods to improve taste. Although the FDA class MSG as safe when consumed in small amounts, MSG is a well known neurotoxin (toxic to your brain). It causes headaches, numbness/tingling, hot flushes, fatigue and generalized weakness in some people who react adversely to it. In some individuals it can also exacerbate the symptoms of pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma or fibromyalgia. Like soy, MSG is not safe and should be avoided at all costs.

Really Healthy… 

But isn’t soy a staple in Asia?

Chris (Good Looking Loser) raised the question-

“Soy has been mass-consumed for centuries in Asian countries- so why aren’t there bodies (corpses) lying in the streets of Tokyo and Shanghai*? Certainly these populations should shed REAL LIFE exposure results…”

Ever wonder why the average Asian will live a longer life then the average American will?

If you’re thinking it has something to do with diet, then you’re not far off the nail. Many diseases of the Western population are hormone dependent and are strongly related to dietary intake. A great example of this is diabetes whereby blood glucose and insulin are the hormones and diet is the strongest risk factor. So if you’re thinking, well everyone in Asia eats soy, it can’t be all that bad… think again.

Food Pyramid Fat Guy

This picture is in the majority of GLL-Diet articles.

A common misconception is that soy is an Asian staple.


It’s not.


Asian’s have long known that soy is toxic and will really f*ck with your health. They aren’t stupid, so they know that soy should be kept to a minimum in their diet in order to live a long and healthy life. They do this well, they use soy for condiments such as soy sauce or mentsuyu or wafu dressing to name a few. They eat soy based products such as miso, nato and tempeh which are all fermented – a process which removes some of the toxic properties within the soy.

But even with all this knowledge, the FDA still allows the use of soy within processed foods. In fact the FDA even goes as far as to endorse the consumption of soy for health. The FDA believes that 25 grams of soy protein per day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Their rationale for this is that Asians have the lowest rates of heart disease and they consume approximately 25 grams of soy protein per day. But this is far from the truth. In fact, researchers believe Japanese men and women actually only consume an average of 8.4 grams of soy protein per day. Soy is by no means a staple in Asia.

Remember- the FDA are the same group of obese liars that build the food pyramid.

* When the communists were at their height of power in China, there very well could have been bodies in the streets of Shanghai with no documentation.

unconfirmed- Mao Tse-Tung suggested that people avoid soy. The FDA hasn't made up it's mind yet.

unconfirmed- even Mao Tse-Tung suggested that people avoid soy. The FDA hasn’t made up it’s mind yet.

Hidden Soy

As I mentioned earlier, soy is often hidden in many processed foods.

It’s added because it is cheap.


It’s in there because companies can MAKE HIGHER PROFITS while you ‘count’ the dog shit (soy) that is disguised as healthful protein.

The most commonly seen form of soy in processed foods is soy protein isolate.

Does that sound familiar?

Soy protein isolate is genetically modified – meaning it is mixed with acid and alkaline solutions to remove the fiber and increase the overall protein quantity. During the manufacturing process a toxin called lysinoalanine is formed. Lysinoalanine is strongly associated with renal (kidney) toxicity. And if that hasn’t scared you off soy yet, all of this processing is done in aluminium tanks which leeches high levels of aluminium into the soy protein isolate. Soy milk has over 100 times more aluminium in it then cow’s milk does. It almost qualifies as a heavy metal!

Soy protein isolate is commonly used in protein powders, meal replacements and protein bars as it is a great protein imitation. I call it a protein imitation because it’s not the real deal. Comparing soy protein to animal protein is like comparing cheap knock off designer watches with a rolex. It’s just not ever going to cut it. Soy protein isolate adds cheap protein to the product, but due to the exposure of high temperatures during processing, much of the amino acids in the protein are denatured, leaving them largely ineffective.

Technically- you could count dog shit as protein too. Not all protein are alike. Dog shit might be healthier.

Do yourself a favor, check the ingredients of your protein powder – chances are it contains soy. Choose protein powders or protein bars that specifically state the source of the protein – look for whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate.

Soy is definitely no health food.

It’s not even food – if you consider food to be an edible substance with nutritional value.

Soy is the opposite- it depletes your body of nutrients.

I really can’t stress this enough! In fact it’s an anti-health food. It impedes the digestion of protein, blocks the absorption of essential nutrients, fills your body with toxic nutrients and not to mention it completely f*cks up your hormones! I don’t eat soy, I never have and I never will. Why? I know it’s bad, and now so do you.

So the next time you are offered a plate of soy beans or a plate of dog shit…

The responsible answer is- “GIVE ME THE DOG SHIT, I CARE ABOUT MY HEALTH.”

Rumor Mill: The Stanford Cardinal Football Team that Couldn’t Win?

A good journalist will cite his sources, so long as they are credible.

I’m not a good journalist though.

While following might just be “oh that’s interesting…” to the readers here, there are some people that absolutely will not want their name with the following “rumor” that I have been told [by those credible sources] is true. I respect their privacy, it’s not worth starting a fire.

So consider this a “rumor,” okay?

(hell, just consider it fiction)

In the early/mid-2000s, the Stanford Cardinal (yes Cardinal, it’s a tree) didn’t win many football games. In 2006, they were 1-11 and barely competitive in most games. It wasn’t until Jim Harbaugh, now with the San Francisco 49′ers, came to Palo Alto that the team finally started to put together some winning seasons.

From what I “heard,” the nutrition/dietary protocol that the Stanford Cardinal football team was on, pre-Harbaugh, was a “cutting-edge” diet FULL of soy. Soy in the protein shakes, tofu for lunch, edamame for snacks and even a soy-based “performance” drink as a substitute for water.

This was shocking to me. I didn’t even know soy was “bad,” but knew that the little cute snacks aren’t exactly a recipe for a BIG, FAST and STRONG athlete.

It’s impossible to blame the football team’s record on soy, but according to those involved with the program- many of the athletes literally did not gain muscle or size from their freshman year to their senior seasons. It wasn’t from a lack of effort, though not “genetic freaks” like players at Florida or USC- Stanford typically has some of the most determined and hardest working student-athletes in the entire country.

As someone put it, “the seniors looked like they were still in high school, I’m serious, whoever had the guys eating that shit should be banned from the NCAA.” The source also noted that many of the players would gain weight and strength in the off-season, only to shed it when they got back to campus.

Again, it’s a rumor. You didn’t hear it from me.

This “rumor” however seems be in line with many of the top health and human performance authorities say, especially on soy’s role (or non-role) in building STRONG, POWERFUL, LEAN muscle.

In this article, “Soy is for Dorks,” Charles Poliquin (who trains professional and Olympic athletes) advises athletes to avoid soy… even in moderation. Good Looking Loser’s favorite Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Jonny Bowden, says the same thing on his blog regarding soy bean oil.

Soy es no bueno.

With the exception of soy sauce (which contains VERY SMALL amounts of soy) I’ve removed soy from our weight loss diet completely.

Feel free to write in below- I’m not going to fight you or censor your posts if you ‘disagree’ with us or our supporting authorities or even if there is ‘evidence’ saying otherwise. (like I said, there’s hundreds of studies contradicting each other)

Literally, I won’t debate you on it. My mind is made up.

I’ve done a lot of research over the past 5 years on “Is Soy Good?” for my private clients. I’ve read the clinical studies, academic research, etc. I even wrote some articles for stating it has benefits, in moderation. I have changed my opinion. It’s not good.

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Comments (13)

  1. Horny

Woah, I didn't know it was THIS bad. When I was 20yo I used to eat almost a pound of ground soybeans per day for protein because I was a poor student. That lasted a little over a year and then I read that men shouldn't use it at all...

I hope I...

Woah, I didn't know it was THIS bad. When I was 20yo I used to eat almost a pound of ground soybeans per day for protein because I was a poor student. That lasted a little over a year and then I read that men shouldn't use it at all...

I hope I haven't fucked my body up. I HAVE managed to increase my muscle mass pretty significantly after that (I was really skinny back then), so probably not.

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  1. Boy Toy

I believe the same. No human people ate soy 10.000 years ago. Fuck soy.

  1. Boxxy

Totally switching over to UN-sweetened Almond Milk from now on.

  1. Good Looking Loser    Boxxy

Same here.


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  1. Ade Eel

Where can I find a good whey protein powder without soy?

  1. Lj    Ade Eel


[&] discussed how Soy is for Pussies (But Even Women Should Avoid It) [&]

  1. Lj

Your article is right on regarding soybeans but I don't understand the hippie bashing. I don't think hippies own the multimillion dollar industry of soybeans. Your anger at someone that is poisoning you is justified but get it right....

Your article is right on regarding soybeans but I don't understand the hippie bashing. I don't think hippies own the multimillion dollar industry of soybeans. Your anger at someone that is poisoning you is justified but get it right. Corporations and corporate farms own the soybean industry and are making billions selling them to the public and making claims that they are good for you. As they say, follow the money.

Read More
  1. Good Looking Loser    Lj

its a joke - nothing serious


Soy is a waste of time. I like everything to be natural. I embraced soy for a while and felt like crap. great content, thanks for sharing.

  1. Jonathan Maxwell

I love learning about natural remedies and the powerful effects of herbs. I even write about natural remedies supported by science at

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