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The Best Hair Loss Concealers - Toppik & Dermmatch Results (How to Stop Hair Loss Guide - Part 4)

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How to Conceal Hair Loss with Toppik & Dermmatch
(How I Make You Think I Have a Full Head of Hair)

Welcome to Part IV of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Hair Loss Prevention".

In this part, I will explain and show you pictures of how I conceal my hair loss in an area (top of the head) that is significantly thinned.

Although my hair hasn't experienced any significant miniaturization in several years (thanks to the Hair Loss Prevention protocols discussed in Part II and expanded on in Part III), by no means do I have a full head of hair.

I just look like I do.

My effort seems to be working quite well.

In the latest video, a hot girl with a ridiculously full head of hair (she knew how thick it was and suggested that she should be in a Pantene commercial) commented that my hair was "nice" and "pretty". 

That's actually a significant compliment considering what I'm about to show you.

In fact, compared to most guys my age (I'm 32 as of September 24th), I actually look like I have a better head of hair.

It's all smoke and mirrors. 

As you should know, if you've read through our Hair Loss Prevention Guide, I've had two small(er) hair restoration surgeries (just under 4000 grafts in total) applied directly to my hair line and frontal zones. 

The crown (top of my head) hasn't received any work however.

There's a significant thin spot there and its been since 2006.
(see picture below)

This portion and the entire "Hair Loss Prevention Guide" is subject to our Medical Disclaimer
It is not medical advice nor the replacement for advice from a qualified physician. 
This is for educational purposes ONLY and should be followed if approved by a physician.


What to Expect & Opening Thoughts

Despite the depressing subject we are about to discuss, I'm actually excited to introduce to you a few recommendations that you probably have not heard of or never considered trying.

More significantly -

I really like to be the first to show you recommendations that can be LIFE CHANGING and have you say "Holy shit!" 

You try them.

You love them.

You come back to thank me and rave about how good they are.

It happens all the time and is one of the primary reasons I like my "job". 

These should work exceptionally well for most guys, even "diffuse thinners" who have hair loss throughout their entire scalp and not just on the hair line.

Unless you are completely bald in a certain area or lost over 75-80+% of the hair density in that area - all of these recommendations should significantly improve the appearance of your hair.


It will take some practice but you can give yourself the appearance of a FULL HEAD OF HAIR.

For many of you guys - this is something that you haven't seen in YEARS.

As good as these products are - it's important to still follow our Hair Loss Prevention protocol to prevent further recession. 

If you can keep your thinning zones from completely disappearing, these recommendations will give you nearly full coverage and help you avoid surgeries.

toppik resultsAlthough this isn't the most recent example (I've since had my hair line restored), this before and after picture shows how well these concealers work. Even with the camera just 12 inches away, it's ~undetectable. In my "pickup" prime, this was basically how dense my hair was.

Here Are My Recommendations That Will Significantly Improve the Appearance of Your Hair -

These are all excellent and I highly recommend them. 

If you've never tried them - you are in for a pleasant surprise, especially the first recommendation.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

This is my #1 recommendation and will be an absolute game-changer for a lot of guys.

Yes, it's THAT GOOD for a lot of guys.

This specific product has been all over Hollywood for almost three decades but only recently caught on with the mainstream population in the past decade.

Why it is not advertised in the mainstream media is beyond me.

Toppik is basically millions of keratin "hair fibers" that attach to your existing hairs and can completely fill in balding spots.

It is literally like getting a 20 or 30 second hair transplant.

Once applied, it looks no different than your real hair.
(provided you pick the correct color - make sure to do that)

In fact, it just makes your existing hair look thicker.


The only potential limitation to hair fiber products is if you don't have enough natural density for the fibers to attach to. The end product can look "clumpy".

So long as you still have 30-35%+ hair coverage in the area, you should be okay.

Some guys with 10-15% still can use it on the top of their head.

Toppik is best applied to the crown and mid-scalp zones but I use it on the hair line and the frontal zones and it's fantastic.
(my frontal zones are quite good though, I've had ~4000 grafts installed up front)

This is exactly what it does -
(notice that he only has ~35% coverage in some areas)

How to use it

This takes some practice and you'll get better and better at it.

After you shower and dry your hair, before applying any hair styling products, sprinkle Toppik hair fibers to any and all thin zones on your scalp.

They will fill in the area IMMEDIATELY.

Your scalp will DISAPPEAR right before your very eyes.

Some areas will obviously require more product than others but so long as you have some hair in the area - you can usually fill the entire area in.

It sometimes helps to run the tips of your fingers over/around the areas you applied the Toppik to make sure it attaches and gives a layering effect to the thinner areas.

After you apply the Toppik and fill in the thin zones, put a light layer of hairspray over these areas.

This will secure the fibers to your natural hairs. 

Let the hair spray dry or make it dry with a hair dryer.

Don't touch the area until it's dry.

Once the hairspray dries - THE PRODUCT WILL NOT COME OUT.
(a small percentage can flake off, but the vast majority will remain until you shower)

When you do shower to remove the fibers, I suggest using Baby Shampoo to wash the fibers out and then using the Ketoconazole shampoo as we suggest.

If you are using Minoxidil (or other topical solution) you probably don't want to use Toppik at that time.

If you wear contact lenses, put those in before you apply the Toppik.

2014 toppik before and after ChrisBoth of my hair restoration procedures focused only on the crown and frontal zones. I don't really need much Toppik in these areas anymore. I wanted to show how it looks on the hair line though.

2014 Toppik Before and After CrownThis is what the top of my head has looked for 5 years now. It hasn't gotten much thinner thanks to the treatments I use. Although it is noticeably thin, it's nothing that Toppik can't completely fill in. Eventually, I may get the rest of it filled in but I want to save the majority of donor hair for my hair line and simply use Toppik on the crown and back zones.

Product I use

There are plenty of cheaper Toppik "clones" out there.

Every single one of them is not as good as Toppik in my experience. 

I have a specific less expensive hair fiber product that I order in bulk that works well for me because I have JET BLACK hair.

This alternative will not work as well for most guys and has received lousy reviews from some of my friends. If you are interested, private message me on the forum and I'll tell you what the product is. Again, it seems to work well for me because of my hair color.

I recommend Toppik because that is the product I got started with and is absolutely THE BEST hair fiber product that I have tried.

If you have areas that are thin but not completely gone - Toppik will be a Godsend.

Some of the guys I've recommended this to have broke down in tears and thanked me for giving them their life back.

It can be that dramatic!

toppik-sizesDermMatch Topical Shading

DermMatch works especially well on the hair line - although you can apply it all over.

It is basically "shadowing" and conceals thin scalp areas.

Like Toppik, it will take some practice until you get the hang of it.

You will want to use TOPPIK and DermMatch.

The combo is the ultimate concealer and DermMatch only goes so far.

How to use it

After you shower and dry your hair and before you use Toppik -

Put a thin layer of color on the DermMatch applicator and lightly apply it to the areas that need coverage.

You don't exactly want to "paint" it on - just lightly apply it.

You'll get the hang of it.

It's not hard and takes about 30 seconds once you figure it out.

Product I use

DermMatch was a staple of mine until 2009 when I got my hair line restored.

Since my hair line is pretty tight, I don't need the DermMatch so I don't usually use it unless I'm doing something different with my hair.

Free Replacement Applicators

Your DermMatch will come with a couple of applicators.

Even though you can use a single applicator for years, it's best to use a new one every 3 or 4 months so your shading doesn't start to have a thick "paint" effect.

DermMatch, Inc. will send your free applicators if you contact them. They are a USA-based company and they pick up their phone if you call them at (941) 486-4200. They have never turned me down for free applicators.

dermatch colors

Kiehl's Ultimate Thickening Shampoo

This is the shampoo that I use when I'm going out and need my hair to look good.

The whole idea of "volumizing" hair has a bit of a lousy rap because the vast majority of mainstream products are generally terrible and often leave your hair even more flat and lifeless.

I've tried the usual suspects - L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell and even 'Progaine' (by Rogaine) were all waste of money.

Some other products, namely "Nioxin" and "Tricomin" offered more results and I recommended them for years on

There's a new option that beats all of them - BY FAR.

It's unfortunately not available on Amazon at this time (November 2016), but it's totally worth buying at Nordstrom or going to your local Kiehl's store.

How to use it

On the days/nights when you are going out and want your hair to look as full as possible use these instead of Lipogaine Big 3.

If I need to wash out hair fibers or oily Minoxidil, I will begin my shower with Baby Shampoo for about 60 seconds.

After that, I'll apply the Kiehl's Shampoo and leave it on there for 5 minutes.

After 5 more minutes, I'll wash it out, hop out of the shower, lightly dry my hair with a towel and use a hair dryer to dry the rest of it.

Since I'm going out, I'll then apply the Toppik Hair Building Fibers and continue the process I described above in the Toppik section.

Product I use

Kiehls Thickening Shampoo

Anticipated FAQ

Here are some questions that I get asked a lot.

q: Will the Toppik Fibers come out on the pillows I sleep on?

a: Yes, a small amount can get on the pillows. Locking the fibers in place with hairspray (the Toppik holding spray isn't necessary) helps minimize this but they can flake off onto the pillow. No big deal, you can remove them by brushing them off with your hand.

q: What hair spray do you use to lock the Toppik Fibers in?

a: This is the hairspray that I use. This is not a big deal though. You can use any hair spray you want. Even a really cheap one (so long as it doesn't flake).

Since I style my hair with hair spray too, I use a hair spray that provides a strong (but not maximum hold).

Get a lighter hold if you don't want to style it with hairspray.

q: Can I swim with this stuff on?

a: Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

Dermmatch won't come off at all and Toppik won't, unless you rub it off.

q: What if I follow your instructions (and the directions that come with the products) and I can't get it to look really good the first time?

a: Try again.

You will figure it out.

Eventually it will take you about 60 seconds. 

q: What if I'm hooking up with a girl and she touches my hair and Toppik gets on her hands?

a: I get this question all the time. I think it's ridiculous.

Girls cake on makeup, hair extensions and get silicon bags put in their chest to improve their appearance.

Half of the female population starves themselves so you and I might notice them. 

They are very understanding and generally applaud guys that use beauty "tricks" to maximize their looks.

Especially the hottest girls who know their natural beauty only takes them so far. 

I have left hundreds [of thousands] of hair fibers on girl's pillows, clothing and in their bathrooms.

I never gave a shit and neither do they unless you make a huge mess and dump the whole bottle everywhere.

I once got a bunch in this girl's coffee and she knowingly still drank them down.
(they are non-toxic but coffee is probably better without them)

If you are self-conscious about it, tell the girl that you have a product in your hair that will come off on her hands if she plays with your hair.

I have NOT ONCE ever had a girl react negatively or think less of me for adding thickness to my hair.

Very few of them even notice (including the ones I sleep with) or care if they find hair loss concealer in my bathroom.
(I have the Bathmate in my bathroom too)

The ones that do notice often ask me what the product is called, how it works and if they can try it.



Their job is to look sexy.

Your job is to be cool.

If you are literally too scared to wear Toppik for this reason, you won't be getting with too many girls and Toppik ain't the problem. 

You feel me?

hair from distanceOnce you get beyond about 12 inches, you can't notice any of the concealers.

Pour Conclure

These recommendations are awesome.

They make a big time difference and I love recommending products that will have a near 99% success rate.

Most guys will really like these.

So long as your hair isn't almost completely gone - you can achieve ~full coverage in thinning zones.

The hair line is a bit more tricky and you'll need a decent amount of density there to make these work perfectly.

That is why I suggest focusing on your hair line if you get a hair restoration procedure and simply shooting for medium/just-enough density on your crown area. You can always add Toppik to the crown and non-frontal areas and achieve near full coverage. Your hair line shouldn't contain too many thinning hairs if you want it to look good.

In the meantime, DermMatch is a big helper on the hair line. (I no longer use it because my hair line is solid again)

We will talk about hair restoration (transplant) procedures and "Hair Loss Prevention - Hair Restoration (Part VI)".

Good Looking Loser's Guide to Hair Loss Prevention continues here -

For questions on our Hair Loss Prevention Guide -

Visit the Good Looking Loser Hair Loss Prevention Forum.

Hi, Chris from Good Looking Loser. "Get a Life" is our safe for work, non-adult site that features lifestyle, health/fitness and style information. Feel free to leave a comment!

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