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Is a Vegetarian Diet or Vegan Diet Actually Healthy? (Tony Gonzalez's Vegan Experiment)

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The Vegetarian Diet: The Good, Bad and Ugly

By: Good Looking Dietitian (CNS, ADS) w/ Good Looking Loser 
(formerly Good Looking Kangaroo)

Forward by Good Looking Loser

I was a personal trainer and sports nutritionist in Beverly Hills, CA from ~2009-2010. 

The nice part to being in Los Angeles (and around people with money) is that there is no lack of motivation to be fit and look good.

The downside to being in Los Angeles is that I'm always having to explain to my clients why a certain "[insert new diet]" doesn't work and in many cases - is unhealthful too.

The diet that I received the most questions about/people were most ignorant about was "The Vegetarian Diet".

Lets set the record straight on this diet.

* if you are following this diet (or vegan diet) or religious or personal reasons - then more power to you. I respect that. For those following or considering it for "health reasons" or "fat loss reasons", there might not be a worse option. There's a lot of "pickup artists" that are vegetarians/vegans, they are always getting sick and usually are severely underweight.

The Vegetarian Food Pyramid
(not the USDA Pyramid)

vegetarian food pyramid

What's Wrong With the Vegetarian Diet/Lifestyle? 

It’s the growing trend that really shouldn’t be.

The trend that some 7.3 million americans follow.

It sits in the same basket as the likes of “gluten free” and “raw energy” and in my opinion it’s the be all and end all for poor dieting.

I’m talking about vegetarian dieting.

I’m not one to hold back my opinion, you should know that by know if you’re an avid reader of my writing on here, and someone needs to be frank about vegetarian dieting.

Like Australia, America is a meat loving country. Ribs, burgers, steak, chicken wings... the list goes on and on.

So why on earth would anyone want to be a vegetarian?

Well it’s quite simple.

It’s trendy and it’s perceived to be a healthful way to eat.

Sure some people turn vegetarian because they don’t believe in the slaughtering of animals for food, but more then ever, people are turning vegetarian in hope that it will make them thin or improve their poor digestion or increase their energy or simply because they heard someone else talk about their recent decision to go vegetarian.

The truth is though, they are doing themselves more harm by trialling this style of dieting then they are doing themselves any good.

The exact definition of vegetarian will vary from one person to the next. But the general consensus is an individual that does not consume meat, particularly red meat, poultry, seafood or any other flesh of an animal. You may have also heard of a relatively new and again “trendy” form of vegetarianism known as semi-vegetarian. This form of dieting allows the consumption of fish or poultry on an infrequent or occasional basis. It’s otherwise known as the “half-assed attempt at vegetarianism” and defeats the moral reasons why some people choose vegetarianism.

Potential Advantages to the Vegetarian Diet?

I have always been a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. And There are some well earned credits about vegetarianism that deserve to be highlighted.

When it comes to strictly weight loss (not fat loss), there is no denying that vegetarian dieting works.

Vegetarian typically have a lower daily calorie intake then their meat eating counterparts do. I have personally seen numerous individuals shed lots of weight by going vegetarian, however it often comes at the expense of their health. More on this later.

Vegetarians can be quite healthy if they obtain sufficient protein intake from plant based foods.

I mean think about it, it's a diet based solely upon plant based foods. It’s rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants and some micronutrients.

In fact, vegetarians have been shown to have lower levels of blood cholesterol, resting blood pressure and have lower incidences of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. (2)

They also lower levels of mortality, due to their low levels of chronic diseases.

There has also been one study which showed that vegetarianism had lower levels of depression and reported having better mood levels then meat eaters did. (3)

But do these handful of credits really give sufficient justice for the exclusion of protein from our diets? Not in my opinion.

The Primary Problem with the Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

The Vegetarian Diet can be healthful because you aren't eating any "bad foods" such as burgers, buffalo wings, pizza and just about every dessert.

But problem is - the diet lacks a lot of "good foods" too.

Vegetarianism is not the complete package.

If you are going to cut out a complete source of macronutrients (fat and protein from meat/poultry/fish/dairy), then there are going to be consequences.

For one, you will probably not be consuming enough dietary fat and complete proteins that your body can actually use (plant protein is not complete protein).

Remember - you can completely remove carbohydrates from your diet and be just fine (you will lose weight). If you completely remove fat and protein - you will die.

For two, micronutrient deficiencies not only possible - they are the norm.

Three critical nutrients tend to be in short supply among Vegetarians -

Iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency and zinc deficiency are typical to those living the Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is commonly found in animal based foods such as eggs, dairy and meats. A deficiency in vitamin B12 leads to a series of symptoms including anemia, muscle weakness and loss of balance. Vitamin B12 also plays an important role in energy production, your metabolism and even formation of red blood cells.


If you don’t get enough iron you will eventually become anemic. Everyone knows the best source of iron comes from meat, particularly red meat. Iron deficiencies bring a host of symptoms including fatigue, muscle weakness and increased susceptibility to infection. The source of iron found in fruits and vegetables is typically a lot harder for the body to absorb, so even though some fruits and vegetables do contain iron, you may not absorb much of what it contains. Additionally, many common vegetarian foods (whole grains) are high in phytates, a compound that is known to reduce the absorption of iron from foods.


A zinc deficiency will impact on both your ability to taste and to smell and not to mention compromise your immune function. Animal based proteins are a rich source of zinc within our diets whilst fruits and vegetables are a poor source, so exclusion requires supplementation to some capacity.

Then there is the host of other unexplainable symptoms that people tend to experience when they first transition to a vegetarian diet. These symptoms are often unexplainable from a scientific stand point but can include: headaches, altered sense of taste/smell, muscle and joint aches/pains and dizziness. Research has shown that vegetarian diets fail to provide the recommended daily intake for some micronutrients and as such it is medically recognized that anyone following a vegetarian diet should also take a daily supplement to ensure recommended daily intakes are achieved. (4)

How can any diet that requires significant nutritional supplementation to compensate for major micronutrient deficiencies be labelled as “healthy”?


It can't.


Are Vegetarians Really Less Masculine?  

Despite the obvious nutritional inadequacies, many vegetarians, especially among the trendy Los Angeles crowd, consider themselves to be more intelligent and moral than "regular people" who eat meat.

Extroverted Vegetarians that know how to use the Internet love to cite the 2011 study published in the Journal "Appetite", titled "Meat, Morals and Masculinity" where researchers found that the general public regarded vegetarians to have higher intelligence and morals than carnivores (meat-eaters). (1)

Ironically, the same study they also found that general public perceived vegetarians to be far less masculine - a part of the study that they never reference.

While that might be funny to hear, it's not completely a joke. 

In reality, the nutritional deficiencies (particularly - zinc) of the lifestyle can limit testosterone production.

Zinc is the most important mineral for testosterone production and a deficiency can result in a significantly lower testosterone levels.

So literally - most male vegetarians are less masculine. Vegans too, obviously.

It's not just public perception, however, it's reality. 

Even someone who is unintelligent can realize a diet with multiple nutritional deficiencies is probably not healthful. 

tony gonzalez peta

The Tony Gonzalez Vegan Experiment 
(Good Looking Loser)

Before I tell you about Tony Gonzalez, I want to mention that he is a good guy and his intentions behind his switch to an all-vegetarian (and then later 100% vegan diet) were noble.

He, like even myself at times, saw the disturbing PETA videos and felt extremely guilty about eating animals. 

Tony Gonzalez is considered (statistically) to be the very best Tight End in NFL Football history. He is considered to be one of the best football players of all-time and will surely be a 1st ballot hall-of-fame inductee when he is eligible. 

In 2008, Gonzalez reported that he became a full-Vegan due to the supposed health benefits of the diet to prolong his football career, his guilty conscious toward supporting corporations that treat animals inhumanely and his mission to prove that the diet could make football players bigger, faster and stronger.

He was highly discouraged by his Kansas City Chiefs' teammates and strength and conditioning coaches.

Still, Tony had made up his mind - he was going Vegan. 

In this video for the Wall Street Journal, Tony explains the Vegan diet he has been following - seemingly not appearing overly confident about it.

To make a long story, short - Tony, like everyone else, found that it was IMPOSSIBLE to retain muscle mass and strength with complete proteins in his diet.

He showed up to training camp about 10 pounds underweight and he a hard time releasing (getting off the line of scrimmage) and blocking linebackers because he was so weak.

It was embarrassing for the All-Pro (all star) athlete who was used to completely dominating his competition.

He immediately stopped the diet and scrambled to gain the strength and weight back before the regular season began.

Gonzalez never spoke positively about the diet again.

In a 2014 article in Sports Illustrated, Gonzalez backtracks on his commitment to the Vegan Diet and claims that he actually wasn't that into it -

SI: You’re well known for having a super-healthy diet. What’s in your fridge right now?  

Tony: Right now, it’s [primarily] plant-based, but I still eat meat. I was a vegan for about a month but that was it. I eat chicken. I eat beef. I eat pork. I try to stay away from the processed meat like bacon, and then eat it from a good source like grass-fed beef. Sustainable foods — not processed foods. I just try to keep a good balance and be smart and try to listen to my body, what makes me feel good after I eat and what doesn't make me feel good. 

Again, Tony's mission was noble.

I wish it didn't work this way but animal/dairy protein is the very best for building and maintaining strength and mass.

After all, smooth muscle tissue is made of protein, not plants and berries.

It would be virtually impossible to excel at a contact sport without it.  


  1. Ruby M, Heine S. Meat, morals, and masculinity. Appetite. 2011;56(2):447-450.
  2. Rizzo N, Sabate J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fraser G. Vegetarian dietary patterns are associated with a lower risk of metabolic syndrome: The Adventist Health Study-2. Diabetes Care. 2011;34(5):1225-1227.
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  4. Waldmann A, Koschizke J, Leitzmann C, Hahn A. Dietary intakes and lifestyle factors of a vegan population in Germany: results from the German Vegan Study. Euro Jour Clin Nutr. 2003:57;947-955.

Hi, Chris from Good Looking Loser. "Get a Life" is our safe for work, non-adult site that features lifestyle, health/fitness and style information. Feel free to leave a comment!

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  • Craig

    Protein deficiency is not an issue for most vegetarians with basic of knowledge on nutrition. The misconception that "Vegetarians are protein deficient" stems from people not actually knowing how much protein require. People tend source their information from fitness websites that survive by selling or advertising supplements.

    You mentioned the health benefits of a vegetarian diet:
    Lower cholesterol, Improved blood pressure, Lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, lower levels of mortality, better mood.

    Then went on to say these benefits weren't worth the lack of protein? Even if that were true that it was harder to build muscle on a vegetarian or vegan diet, you would choose DEATH before having slightly smaller muscles?!

    If you're still not convinced, I urge you to check out Patrik Baboumian. He is a world record holding vegan strongman.

    In addition to the health benefits, there are also ethical and environmental benefits to a plant-based diet. So please don't dismiss the idea because of misinformed articles like these. Do your own research. Find sources that AREN'T selling protein supplements. There are plenty of peer-reviewed academic journals that reveal the pros and cons of a meat-free diet.

    1 Short URL: Reply
  • It has been proved numerous times that vegetarianism and expecially veganis is not a very smart way of nutrition. Nevertheless if ideology rules reason has no chance.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Duncan

    I enjoyed this article, but I must disagree with the notions around primitive diets to an extent. I was born and raised in Africa and have interacted with many different tribes who have not changed their eating habits all that dramatically for decades, from the Xhosa to the Zulu to the Masai and so forth. Their beliefs around food differ from tribe to tribe and from home to home within the tribe itself. The men and women generally eat the same foods and food choice is usually lacto-vegetarian (maize and dairy). Sometimes the men hunt smaller animals and buck, but this is not done daily. During sacrifice days, sheep and goats or chickens are used to appease the ancestors of the families and this meat is then consumed. Most tribes in Africa see their animals as their wealth, and so killing an animal makes them poorer (much like the Hebrews in the bible who had flocks as a sign of prosperity) and some tribes are strictly vegan because they believe this is what their ancestral spirits want from them. With such diversity in Africa, I can only imagine that making a statement about what "primitive" people eat can never be all encompassing. And in a land where animal fat is often burned on hot coals to the gods and ancestors, I cannot imagine that the males in these tribes eat animal fats while the women eat vegetables. I have not seen this myself and I am doubtful of its accuracy.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • billyboby

    You can definitely get all the nutrients from an all-vegan diet, it's just extremely difficult, and in practice, most vegans are NOT trying to be body-builders, let alone top NFL talent. It's a radical lifestyle change. I've never tried it, but I HAVE tried to reduce meat intake (had acid reflux, plus most meat in America is utter garbage from factory farms).

    Something like Hemp protein, for instance, has every essential amino acid and fatty acid you need -- it's a complete protein. All the other micronutrients can be obtained by eating (a TON) of other vegetables and fruits.

    Personally, I try to limit meat intake a bit (Americans eat more red meat than any other country) -- and try to mimic the Japanese diet more --- far less red meat, and a lot more fish (like a pound a week). And a good amount of substitution with hemp protein a couple times a week.

    Also, it's kind of funny about the masculine thing. You know what super-buff creature is vegetarian? Gorillas. And those things can lift far more than any human on Earth ever has, period. It can pull a man's limbs apart like a doll.

    Turns out, it gets most of its protein through eating bugs (perhaps incidentally) -- on the leaves and plants it eats.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Jon

    I used to eat meat all the time fish, bacon, steak eggs butter you name it but after watching Earthlings I couldn't eat meat anymore. I know realize that eating a plant based diet is more about being ethical. 99 % of people aren't pro athletes and like you said the ideal body is has a decently developed upper body and is lean (8-10% bf) more than achievable naturally and on plant based diet (with higher protein obviously) Brad Pitt which you used picture to represent the ideal vegan. Fitness Youtubers like Frank Medrano and Jon Venus also have impressive bodies which are achvieble naturally. Most people are living in ignorance about how we treat the animal we slaughter, we aren't starving cavemen eating what ever we can to survive anymore...Is it really the mature thing to do to say things like "Don't tell me i don't want to know what they do them" Hiding from the harsh truth/redpill or is it better you get properly informed (watch it with your own eyes) and then make the decision

    I suggest anybody who reads this gets informed and watches documentaries like "Earthlings" with Joaquin Phoenix and youtube videos by peta like "Face your food" (3 mins) with Peter Dinklage and "Glass Walls" (11 mins) with Paul McCartney

    I'll finish off with this
    “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” - Paul McCartney

    1 Short URL: Reply
  • Peter

    There is a lot of truth to this article, but the main problem of vegetarianism and veganism is quite different than what it states. I speak as a vegan and a competitive olympic-style weightlifter (105kg weight class) and former rower. The main issue with veganism isnt nutritional deficiencies (with the exception of b12) or lack of complete protein. The main issue with veganism is that when people begin these lifestyles, they do not realize the sheer amount of food volume you must take in. I can almost guarantee this was the problem with Tony Gonzales's diet, and it would certainly explain his loss of ten lbs and lack of energy. Plant foods, with the exception of nuts, grains, and potatoes are not calorically dense. As a result, the volume of food you have to take in is much, much higher. As someone who ingests close to 5000 calories of plants a day, I can attest to this. As for protein, technically all plants are a complete protein as they contain the full spectrum of required amino acids. The difference is that some contain higher contents than others. This is why beans and rice is referred to as a "complete" or "perfect" protein. There are several of these food combinations that can help anyone eliminate any protein deficiencies, but in the majority of cases, simply focusing on sufficient caloric intake will yield more than enough protein, even for those working to build muscle mass.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Speaking of masculinity and diet, apparently among some primitive peoples any vegetable food was considered "women's food" and the men, the hunters and warriors particularly, would pride themselves on eating only animal fat and protein. This article mentions the Masai tribe in Africa and some North American groups of the Great Plains, but I'm guessing this practice was even more widespread amongst primitive cultures that started vanishing from the face of the earth 10,000 years or more ago...

    I think it's very important to note that we're not talking about high protein diets, these people would get 2/3 to 3/4 of their calories from fat and the rest from protein.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Jason

    Mac Danzig (the UFC fighter who won the Ultimate Fighter 6) is also a good example who is a vegan. Here he talks about his diet:

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Alex

    I know this is an older post but I would like your opinion on Alexey Voevoda. This guy is a professional arm wrestler and full time vegan. Arm wrestling is my hobby so I know this guy is one of the best arm wrestlers of all time, and is making a comeback after his Olympic bob sledding career. Here is a short video of him explaining his diet

    What do you think of this?

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Billy

    One guy failing to adopt a 30-day diet challenge as a lifetime change isn't really a convincing argument that a certain diet is 'unhealthy'

    Also, re the masculinity point. There hasn't been one epedemiological study showing that veg*ns have lower T than omnivore, quite the opposite, as the most well known two studies on the subject show a 10% and 16% increase in total testosterone among vegan men relative to omnivores.

    Also, re: the supposed lack of complete proteins. Sure if someone eats nothing but soy protein isolate, they will get an incomplete blend of amino acids. However in the real world, people eat foods from a variety of sources, allowing them to achieve a complete protein blend based on various food combinations.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • every vegetarian/vegan client I've had had at least 2 glaring deficiencies in their diets.
    Supplementing is possible, but the diets usually lack.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Pbw

    Some of the most powerful animals in the wild are vegan. Rhinos, elephants, horses. hippos etc. Most herbivore animals live a lot longer than carnivores. The elephant lives up to 60 years. It only eats grass, leaves and plenty of water. Lions are lucky if they make it to 25 years. Humans are closer in biology to herbivores. I am a vegetarian for over 30 years. I have never been sick yet -- touch wood. I weigh 220 lbs and weight lift regularly. Bench press 250 -- but now I use lower weights are more reps. I also jog half a marathon -- 21km -- once a week. I am also 53 years old. So I have to disagree with your main arguments. The other important factor is the harm animal farming is doing to the planet. In fact animal factory farming and animal agriculture is the number 1 leading factor that is destroying the planet. A new documentary called Cowspiracy explains it well. In 1812 - world population was 1 biliion. In 1912 it was 1.5 billion. Only 100 years later in 2012, world population exploded to over 7 billion. However what about animal population. Animal farming as per Cowspiracy doc says there are about 70 billion farm animals. The resources that it takes to grow and feed such a large amount of animals is staggering. Humans consume about 5.2 billion gallons of water and 21 billion lbs of food -- where as the 1.5 billion factory cows consume 45 billion gallons of water per day and eat 135 billion lbs of food. Therefore there are compelling environmental reasons to reduce or stop meat consumption.

    Another worthy note is most do not want to be super athletes. In fact most competitive athletes are often not healthy and have shorter life spans. Athletes does not necessarily mean healthy.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Interesting stuff,
    We can't compare animals though. The metabolic syntheses are apples to oranges.

    Birds eat 2-3x their weight, everyday. They will never be as big as humans.
    Hippos are born large than most humans, regardless of diet.

    0 Short URL: Reply
  • Jason

    People should be able to eat whatever they want to eat as long as they do not break the Golden Rule against others. The obvious problem is that we are breaking the Golden Rule (failing to treat others how you would want to be treated if you were them) when we eat meat. The biggest problem is that over 99% of the animals we eat go through factory farms ( using USDA statistics). If you had said this fifty years ago I would have agreed with you because Old McDonalds farm was the rule instead of the exception. Today, McDonalds factory farm is now the rule instead of the exception. I think this post is a little out of step with the reality of our day. All I can say is that back when I was a speciesist when I ate factory farmed meat I was responsible for sending thousands of animals through factory farms that are just like our dogs and cats. I wish I had known what I was doing. The question is not what does the speciesist (or the racist or the sexist) lose, the question is what does everyone else gain.

    1 Short URL: Reply
  • Thanks for writing in Jason

    0 Short URL: Reply
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