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Anti-Aging Facial Mask For Men (Skin Care Guide Part 2)

An Inexpensive Facial Mask For Men That Will Legitimately Impress You
(Good Looking Loser's Skin Care Guide Part 2)

Update 2015 - You can really see the big time differences in my skin and complex in this post -

For the first time in my life (that I can remember) I've been getting compliments on my skin. This facial is why.

Welcome to Part II of "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care".

In Part I, we discussed 'The Daily Routine' that costs less than $1/day and will slow down the aging process as well as possibly improving your current appearance after a few months.

I also posted my own pictures that covered my progress over ~3.5 months.

In addition to 'The Daily Routine', my skin care protocol involves a weekly/10 day at-home facial.

This part WILL improve your current appearance.

Like our suggestions in Part I, the suggestions below are super affordable and will cost you less than $1/session.

If it is your first time ever trying something like this, you are in for a pleasant (but gross) surprise, your skin will VOMIT oil, dirt, puss and bacteria like a volcano.

It's gross, yet addicting and liberating. 

You'll be surprised how much junk is lodged in your face.
(this was my experience, I had a ton of blackheads)


Good Looking Loser's $1 Blackhead Volcano Facial

Even if you wash your face on a daily basis (as you should be), I'm going to bet that you still have a lot of dirt, excess oil and bacteria deep inside your pours.

Look in the mirror, do you see little black specks? 


I sure did.

That's old dirt, oil and bacteria.

In your face.

Those are called blackheads.

Although they are quite small, cumulatively, they kill your skin's luster.

You can't get to them because they are below the surface of your skin - in the "pores".

This is what "clogged pores" looks like.

We are going clean this crap out.

You will see a significant difference after.

If this is your first time extracting blackheads - this might take up to 90 minutes. Don't worry, it won't take more than 25 minutes next time.

It is important to follow our instructions - DO NOT use your finger nails to squeeze the pore - this damages the skin and breaks tender facial capillaries (you will start to see little veins in your face). In some cases, these capillaries NEVER return to normal.

vascular lesions1
Broken Capillaries (Left) - Normal (Right)

Volcano Facial Explained
(How to safely extract blackheads)

This is what you need for the Good Looking Loser Blackhead Volcano Facial -

This is what you need to do -
(it's very easy, I will be thorough with the steps though)

  1. Shave as you would normally. Carefully shave your nose and your entire cheek area.
    (Shaving exfoliates and will help remove dead skin from these areas that have the most blackheads)

  2. Take a nice, long, hot shower (10 minutes will do). Close the bathroom door to keep the steam inside.
    (This opens your pores and gives you access to those disgusting blackheads)

  3. After you get out of the shower - immediately grab your blackhead extractor.
    (make sure it's clean - use alcohol to wipe down the end you are using)

  4. Locate blackheads and push down with the large end of the extractor. Use a hand mirror to magnify the areas. 
    (you will see a white/light yellowish substance come to the surface and the blackhead disappear)

  5. You can drag the extractor on your skin too, it's quite safe unless you are pushing super hard and you won't break capillaries.

  6. As your extractor gets filled with white/yellowish junk - clean it off with an alcohol pad/similar.
    (admire all that crap you are getting out of your face!)

  7. Continue this until you have extracted as many blackheads as you can.

  8. Grab the Aztec Clay and mix up a mask solution.
    (use as directed - takes 3 minutes to make)

  9. Put the clay on your face and neck for 15 minutes or more.
    (you will feel a bit of pulling, it's like an inside-out tingling - that means it's working)

  10. Hop back in the shower and clean the clay off your face.
    (you can also do this with a washcloth and warm water)

  11. Extract any remaining blackheads after you get out of the shower.

  12. You can apply your Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (or alike moisturizer) to finish.
    (as mentioned in Part I, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties and may keep blackheads away)

There you go.

You tell me if you don't look noticeably better, with your complexion - significantly clearer.


There is nothing on the planet as inexpensive and productive as our $1 Blackhead Volcano Facial.

What Extracted Blackheads Look Like

blackheads removed watermarked

Before - During - After
*A month before I started doing this routine

before during after facial

This picture is NOT to suggest that the facial (or our Skin Care Routine) takes away major forehead lines, it doesn't.

I get a small amount of Botox every 5-6 months on my brow region and that kills those lines.

The facial is for SKIN COMPLEXION, which is significantly better when the blackheads are cleared.

There is absolutely no question. I can see it and hopefully you can as well (compare to my previous videos).

Try it, seriously - YOU TELL ME if it doesn't make a difference. Right away.

It's addicting.

Don't be surprised if you get compulsive about removing these nasty, oily dirt and bacteria reserves.

Just make sure you "warm up" in the shower and open your pores, you shouldn't have to push or drag very hard.

skin whitehead blackhead acne cyst 

Stupid Stubborn Nose Blackheads
(another $1 solution)

Your nose will be the hardest spot to extract blackheads from.

Just try your best.

Open up the pores and target your nose area first with your blackhead tool.

Resist the urge to squeeze your nose you push your nostrils up and inward.

I have another suggestion for you that I stole from my former stylist-turned-Playmate that is pretty good.

You will need -

It goes like this -

  1. Open up your pores with the shower method or put a hot washcloth on your nose for 30-45 seconds. (optional)
    Dry your nose after.
  2. Using a glove, cotton swab or some other tool - apply a thin layer of Elmer's Glue to your nose.
  3. Let it sit on there for 5-10 minutes.
    (you will see your blackhead become clearer or closer to the surface)
  4. Peel the dried glue off your face. It should peel off in 1 or 2 pieces. (see video)
  5. Look at your nose - it lost a lot of blackheads.
  6. Repeat if necessary.
  7. Wash your face when you are all done.

There you have it - again.

We got a good solution and kept it under $1 again.

This method works as good if not better than those overpriced Bjore nose strips.

How to Remove Blackheads From Your Nose Using Elmer's Glue

Additional Tips for the DIY Blackhead Volcano Facial

If it's your first time clearing blackheads, you might have A LOT of junk to get out. Just patiently go through and pull the crap out. It's liberating, in a bizarre way.

When making the Aztec Clay mask, it just takes a little bit of clay powder and even less water and apple cider vinegar. When I tried for the first time - I made a liquid clay drink that I had to dump out.

If, for some reason, you don't want to take a hot shower to open up your pores, you can hang your head over a pot of boiling water and let the steam hit your face for 5 or 10 minutes. You can also buy a facial steamer.

stovetop facial steam

The shower/steam part is really important - you want your pore WIDE OPEN so you can dig out the hardened oil that is deep inside your face. This protects your capillaries as well. 

If you do add apple cider vinegar to your Aztec Clay, make sure you mix it an equal amount of water or more.

The nose is the hardest region to extract from because of the thinner skin and weird surface angles. You might want to start there while the pores are open.

Resist the urge to use your fingers to squeeze out stubborn blackheads.

If you find the process totally gross (germ-a-phobe) or want to prevent your fingers from touching your skin in all cases, buying a pair of throw away plastic gloves can help.

When you finish, especially if you are a first timer, look at all the gook and crap you extracted. Admire it. It was hurting your looks.

Repeat at least 2 times a month.

"Good Looking Loser's Guide to Inexpensive Skin Care" continues here -

If you have any questions or comments, I prefer if you ask them in the Good Looking Loser "Get Groomed" forum.

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