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How to Make Money Online Podcast (December 2015 Q&A)

27+ Topics On How to Make Money Online 

This post covers the questions you guys asked me in the comments section of this post, "17 Reasons Good Looking Loser is Successful and You Can Be Too (Even If You Aren't a Great Writer)".

Thank you if you wrote in.

Most of the questions were good.

If your question wasn't answered (just about all of them are), it's because I quick-replied a yes/no to your comment, answered on Twitter or the question was written too poorly to understand.

I appreciate you guys that wrote in and I hope this helps you.


How to Make Money Online Q&A (Unabridged Version)

* also available on Good Looking Loser's Soundcloud

Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction 2015 total sales (not profit) re: All Businesses, Good Looking Loser, Happy Hippo, etc.
1:45 Don't get worried about getting "stuck" in a business/project, hire a manager after it works
6:50 Think outside of the 'infopreneur' box - selling a product/service makes way more money
11:45 Don't ask "How to Make Money", ask "How Do I Make a Good Product and Get the Word Out?"
13:40 How to break into an industry (best product or cheapest above-average product)
15:49 Questions begin (see questions below for timestamps)

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(free blog setup, free domain, free B&D support, 4 free eBooks, 7 free plugins, etc.)


My Thoughts On Your 'How to Make Money Online' Questions

Before I get to the specific questions, I have some thoughts for you.

Remember how I discussed having a 'pulse' on your readership?

Your questions and comments allowed me to get a pulse on where guys are (in their head) with this stuff. It was interesting because I didn't have much of a current pulse since the last 'Get Paid' post was back in August.

Before we get to the specific questions, 2 things stood out - 

#1 Making a 'How To' Success Blog is not the Only Way to Make Money Online (6:50)
(You Already Know This)

I really want you guys to think out of the how-to success 'infopreneur' box.

A lot of guys are having 'infopreneur' tunnel vision and stuck on trying to write their way to riches when they would make a lot more money, do a lot less work and help a lot more people by simply selling a product/service that works.

99% of the websites on the Internet that make good money and make a difference in people's lives ARE NOT websites that sell information.

Your 'information' has to be innovative and insightful for a lot of people to pay for.

Besides, selling a non-information product or service generally makes you a lot more money.

Happy Hippo makes 5x what Good Looking Loser makes.

If you are already working on a success or 'life information' website - DON'T QUIT.

It is a GREAT way to gain online experience and it's to create your own digital products.

Even if it doesn't quite work out, you can turn it into a small passive income stream that you can be proud of.

See it through for at least 18 months, if nothing else - you'll gain valuable online experience to make a future project work.

One of the cool parts of having an online presence is that I meet other successful people that I never would have met otherwise. Many are close to me in age (33).

In the past few months, I've met guys who are making a killing.

Some are selling protein powder, fitness equipment, vaping accessories, simple t-shirts, home delivery organic beef subscriptions, you name it. We are talking young guys [that have businesses] that do over 1 million dollars in sales.

Many of their websites are just 5 or 10 pages deep and the majority of their day isn't spent online. 

Some of these guys have even broadened my horizons for what is possible (and how easy it can be once you know what you are doing).

There is an unlimited supply of money out there if you can meet a demand.

#2 Too Many Guys Asking "How Do I Make Money?" Instead of "How Do I Make a Good Product and Get the Word Out?" (11:45)

This was my immediate thought to a lot of the questions.

In many different forms, way too many guys are still asking - 

How Do I Make Money?

The better question is -

How Do I Make a Good Product and Get the Word Out? 

All you need to do is create a good product and tell people about it.

That is literally all 'How to Make Money' is. 

This is important and I want you to think about it.

Think about "How Do I Make a Good Product and Get the Word Out?", rather than "How Do I Make Money?"

If you create a good product (whatever it is) and get the word out, 'How to Make Money' takes care of itself.

There is absolutely no secret to this stuff.

Think about the last 5 things you bought.

The reason you purchased all of them is because you feel they are above-average (in quality and/or price) and they were available for purchase.

Create something that is good (and has a demand) and tell people about it. 

Reader Questions & Answers on 'How to Make Money Online'

IamMickeySingh [15:50]
(Niche Sites vs. Authority Site)

What about creating like 10-20 niche websites, each website is dedicated to a small topic like how to get rid of ants , the other would be like best way to peel fruit etc? 20-30 of those things?

Short answer: If you have 10-20 ~semi-related topics that you are an expert/near expert on - for traffic and branding purposes, you are way better off combining it into one brand and one community. Static niche sites work great though, I have a few, the income and engagement won't be as great however.

Florian [21:15]
(Writing with edge vs. popular appeal)

How do you develop an edge to your posts when you want to give as much value as possible?

Do you focus on giving value for your friends and followers first and disregard what "would be nice" for everyone?

Short answer: It doesn't take much to be 'edgy', the standard is pretty low. All you need to do is not be politically correct and you are instantly 'edgy'. I discuss the subjects that I do (girls, male enhancement, steroids/fitness, etc.) because it's all I'm good at. I have spent my entire 20's on them. Whoever likes it stays, whoever doesn't leaves. It's our entire "screening" life concept that we pushed from Day 1. If only 1 out of every 10,000 people is interested in your product/website, you'll never have to work a real job.

Zuberi [27:30]
(How to Pick a Business Idea)

How do you decide which business opportunity/idea to pursue?
- Logic & reasoning?
- Gut instinct?
- A mixture of both?
- Feasibility?
- Fulfillment?
- Market potential?

Short answer:

Given an above-average demand, expertise and enthusiasm. 

Check out Zuberi's high-end watch store.
(use code GLL2015CHRONODOS for $10 off)

Joel [37:25]
(Good Looking Loser Income Sources in the First 24 Months) 

What EXACTLY was your income sources for GLL in your first year?

Did that come entirely from Bathmate sales or did you start Happy Hippo at the same time and recommend your readers buy Kratom from there?

short answer: Sizegenetics and Penomet were the top ones in the first 12-24 months. Happy Hippo is a separate company and doesn't factor into any Good Looking Loser sales.

Brian [39:25]
(Importance of Presentation)

Love the post. This will help a lot of guys starting websites.

The only thing I don't agree with is that you don't need to make your site look good.

I think with how competitive the online landscape is now, having a good looking site is a must.

short answer: I disagree. I did just fine ($60,000 - $300,000+) with a very average looking website. I'm not saying how your site looks "doesn't matter", it's just not as important as guys might think.  If your product/content is good, your website works, you will be fine. People will forgive your presentation if they like your content. Some people still say that I have by far the worst looking websites on the entire Internet. 

Dave93 [43:15]
(Kratom vs. Provigil)

Chris, I have always wondered – If you had the choice between Kratom and Provigil- which one would you choose?

As Number 12 you listed: Kratom to Work 15+ Hours Straight on Certain Discussions.

So far I have never even considered taking Kratom, as I thought that Provigil is for very long lasting energy and I am a busy college student studying much more than just full time and I thought Kratom is just more for overall mood and a bit of productivity.

I already know about your Golden days and using Provigil then, but overall: which one would you pick and in which scenarios would you definitely make an exception and pick the other one?

short answer: Kratom or Modafinil (Provigil)? I pick Kratom, hands down, because I can use it everyday and it gives me so much enthusiasm. Consistency is more important than super long work days. Modafinil is great though but just like anything stimulant - users will build a tolerance and dependency. I only use Modafinil 1 or 2 times a month.

Grivendal [45:55]
(Disagreements with Business Partners)

I want to know the connections you have with other bloggers (DNP,BND etc). I know you are friends and business partners, but i am sure you have some disagreements about some stuff.

I currently experience some problems with my businesses partners, but we are still friends.

How you overcome, talk and not let the situation escalate or become awkward.

short answer: While we are strategic business partners, we all have our own projects - so we don't need to always be on the same page. While I can't speak for Victor or Mike, we have a mutual respect and we don't focus on the <1% of stuff that we disagree with each other on. I think we are also very accepting of each other's communication styles. We defer to each other on issues that we know are more important to the other.

If and when there is a problem with your partners, politely discuss it IMMEDIATELY and don't go into passive-aggressive mode. Successful men aren't passive-aggressive in business.
(a lot of successful men are passive-aggressive and submissive to their wives however) 

Bones Jones (54:30)
(Are You Deliberately Being Positive?)

Chris, this is such a great post, I'm not even a blogger and I'm focused on my sex life like you suggested at 22.

You are very positive in all your posts? Is this deliberate?

It seems like there are mostly negative blogs out there, what are you thoughts on these sites?

Short answer: Thank you. My writing is 'positive' because I'm a very positive person, it's not something I have to try to do. Like you said, the majority of stuff out there is really negative. But don't underestimate how well negativity sells, just look at the media. Miserable content offers "comfort" (understanding) for others that are also miserable. It's just not me though. 

Modern Life Dating (57:15)
(First Year Income Sources)

How exactly did you earn the 60k your first year?

That seems impossible for me at this rate. I'm shocked.

short answer: My main products my first two years were Sizegenetics and Penomet (which I don't sell anymore). I made it work with all reasonable expectations, above-average content and the strategies I mentioned in "17 Reasons Why Good Looking Loser is Successful (and How You Can Be Too)"

G4 (1:01:20)
(Keyword Research and SEO)

Will you ever talk about niche sites and keyword research?

I have a hard time with long tail keywords. Cheers!

short answer: Don't "do SEO" except for the pages that need it (sales pages, popular keyword). Just use the Google Keyword Tool. Long keywords often get picked up in comprehensive blog posts. The key to 'getting' the long tails is to write excellent stuff that has the comprehensive, specific content that people are searching for. Don't focus on this stuff though.

Chaz [1:07:00]
(Time Commitment: All In or Nothing?)

Great post, do you recommend someone in their 20s doing this part time like 3 hours a day so they would benefit when they hit 30 then go beast mode?

short answer: 3 hours a day, over the long-haul is a ton of time. If you were thinking more like 4-5 hours a week (for learning purposes), while you worked on your primary goal (90% of your free time), then that might be good. For most, that 4-5 hours is better spent in the gym though.

Way too many guys come to Good Looking Loser saying that they want to pick up girls, but they actually want to write a success blog (and vice-versa).

It's not the same thing.

For learning purposes, I think it's a good idea to setup a blog and play around with it in your free time.

Brazo [1:12:10]
(Picking an Affiliate Marketing Program)

My question is how did you choose an affiliate program, any criteria?

How can you verify the legitimacy of those affiliations you have? Where do you find them?

short answer: Pick a product, not a program. I haven't been burned by affiliate programs. You can do some research on the affiliate program to see if there are any complaints. If there's no program, just email the company, most companies are totally willing to pay you to make sales, they would be stupid not to.

Bond70 [1:14:45]
(How to Hire Your First Employees)

Where do you find good people to work with and is it advisable to hire an entry-level employee?

Short answer: Hire one person to do the work of 5 people and overpay them. It's cheaper, ironically. Start with non-jealous friends and family because they are loyal. Hire and promote from within.

Brad [1:17:17]
(Concept of Good Looking Loser)

How did you come up with the idea of making a self-improvement, non bullshit, non generic, self-help, men’s improvement blog website? aside from actually struggling in the past labeled as “douchebag”, do you have other more issues that gravely needed solutions? does your passion for helping others fuel you to strive better and work harder?

short answer: Good Looking Loser wasn't really supposed to exist. Let alone be fairly popular. Scotty twisted my arm to start a little website, I agreed but only wanted to tell my story and be done with it. As it grew in popularity, I realized that there was a lot more I needed to cover. I don't deliberately read or 'do' self-improvement anymore, I learn all I need to learn via 

Elle (1:23:10)
(Tendencies and Success in Business)

I wish I could be as random like you are. Throwing in something to write about just from thinking of it that very moment. I’m the type of person who organize, plan, and is systematic. Everything I do is timed and calculated so if anything fails I easily get frustrated especially when that particular thing failed because of other people’s mistake. Example when I’m meeting someone and they get late for like an hour, it really pisses me off.

How can I change that kind of mentality? Although being organized is strength and rarely a weakness, I see it as my downfall because of my emotions. I easily get frustrated that I tend give up quickly. Maybe I am just not that good with other people.

short answer: It's not a weakness unless you are a perfectionist. I wish I was more systematic and organized. As for quitting, you simply have to lower your expectations and commit to do it for a year - win or lose.

More importantly, winning in business is about MEETING DEMAND, not about personality traits. So long as you have an excellent work ethic, you will eventually be wealthy.

BATMAN (1:26:35)
(Good Looking Loser Retirement?)

Do you have plans in retiring from blogging? If so then what would be the reform for GLL site?

What’s would it be like if you weren’t personally updating this site anymore?

Do you have someone you can pass the torch to? Sad to picture that out but it is a possibility.

short answer: No plans to retire. I could hire other writers to write under their name (not ghost writers), phase myself out and sell Good Looking Loser to one of them. I'd never do that though. 

King (1:28:15)
(Financial or Social Consequences of Good Looking Loser) 

What you do or post is more personal than expected, like posting pics of your private parts. So how did you cope up with the consequences, if you ever had one? What did your family say about all of these, your girlfriends’ thoughts on what you do for a living? I have to admit what you do is unique so I was just wondering how it affected your personal life with the people close to you. Do they cheer you like you’ve just graduated from college or do they think it’s too much and you needed to stop at one point?

short answer: There's no consequences at all. In fact, girls write in a lot asking if I'm single and if we can meet. I don't think I'll be able to run for president though and some affiliate programs don't want to be tied up with Good Looking Loser (that's why I made Good Looking Loser - Lifestyle). When I say I don't care about 'social consequences', I actually mean it.

Captain America (1:34:25)
(What Did I Do For Money Before Good Looking Loser?)

HEYA! Thankz for this post!!! You aren’t the hero we asked for but the hero we needed after all. What have u been doin’ to earn money before you did the website thing? And at what point in your life you decided to step up your game and lead an entire army of douchebags?

short answer: That's a funny way of putting it. Thank you. I was a personal trainer/nutritionist in Los Angeles and I worked online for websites such as I may or may not have made money selling HGH too.

Rhino (1:42:00)
(When to Hire a Web Developer)

Great topic! There is so much to learn from people like you.

You mentioned hiring a web developer that does all the technical stuff. My problem is I can’t afford (for now) that kind of talent. Did a little research on website creation and came up with a tedious amount of work. No wonder why it’s quite expensive hiring a web developer although it sure is worth it.

What are some of the resources you use like the web hosting company and domain? I believe there is an affiliate market for that too which can help us starters get discounts while earning you a commission. It’s a win-win situation.

Aside from Google Analytics, what are the other tools you use that help track and monitor the site’s progress? Also, do you have a keyword analytic tool in hand?

Lastly, your writing is quite decent – easy to read and straight to the point. Do you have an editor that proofreads and make minor edits?

Many thanks Christopher and advance Happy Holidays to you and your family!

short answer: You can get a decent ~full-time web developer for about $1000 from the Philippines or India, so it's not free - but it's doable if you save a little bit of money.

I recommend this for web hosting (and free domain) -

(free blog setup, free domain, free B&D support, 4 free eBooks, 7 free plugins, etc.)


I use Google Analytics, I look at traffic every once in a while. I don't do keyword research very often.

I have a proofreader, he's awesome. I average 1 mistake:100 words, 30+ per article.

Dan Hustler (1:45:20)
(How to Create and Sell an App)

I have a question that I think may help a lot of people who's starting.

As far as I know, you didn't launch any "app-based" business, but you got a lot of experience promoting your stuff, so I'm pretty sure you'd be able to successfully launch such a business today.

If you had no big platforms established (like GLL) to promote a new app-based business, what would you specifically do step by step to promote it from absolutely zero?
[Let's say you developed the first version of WhatsApp; no one knows about it and you need a lot of users, cause otherwise this app would make no sense whatsoever]

I guess that, like everyone else, apart of the company website, you'll start a business page in every important social media platform. But what about the content you'll provide to your visitors to keep the few who initially come and then make more people coming? How would you provide value using social media so people will be finally installing your app on their phones (WhatsApp)?
What else would you do other than making grow your social media pages?

I will be really thankful if you could include this subject on your podcast, Chris.

*I'm not an expert on developing and marketing apps*

Short answer: Good question. I'll cover more in-depth in the audio. For the most part, in order to get just about any project off the ground ASAP without free organic (Google) traffic, you'll have to advertise it and get good reviews. This isn't a 'bad' thing, it's just different. Making the app free and selling a version with more features is the way to go for a first App project. It is worth hiring a company with a proven track record to handle this for you. I'm not an expert on this subject however.

Shady McCoy (1:51:30)
(Exact Same Website Theme That Everyone is Using)

Saw your tweet for questions.

GLL should I switch my [often seen] website theme? I will tweet to you now.

short answer: Yes. Change it. The main problem with the common theme that everyone uses is not that it's "copying Mike or Victor", it's because there's a ton of other copycats that use it. You absolutely don't want to look like those. 

LiveRight (1:53:20)
(Can Awful Writers 'Make It' With an Information Site?)

Chris, how about this hypothetical:

Suppose a guy is really Top .01% at [whatever the skill is] but he's an awful writer, can he make a website that can reflect his legit experience? Or not so much?

short answer: ANYONE with legitimate real life, insider experience with success can make a great "how to" site. Just like bad writers can have a best selling book. You'll have to hire a few people to get your words on paper though.

Ryan (1:55:40)
(Interesting Business Ideas?)

What are some of your interesting business ideas that didn't make the cut?

How hard is it to make it in the Manosphere these days for an up and comer? 

short answer: I once made a website called '' on the topic of 'how to get a football coaching job' (failure). I always thought of starting a hot air balloon business. Don't limit yourself to the Manosphere, it's only a small niche that isn't necessarily looking to buy anything.

Check out Alex Kirby's website -

JAKA (2:02:10) 
(Fear of Success?)

Can you talk about psychology of fear of success? Also like some of the pitfalls, like do you have to get a business license or a LLC or something? 

I find myself thinking of putting in the work but then think like "oh taxes would be high and everything would be much more complicated at the top".

short answer: We discussed 'Fear of Success' here, I don't believe it really exists for most guys. Fear of rejection/success is a sign that you aren't as focused as you need to be. 

In order to start an LLC/business - just start an LLC/business.

JASON (2:07:30)
(Products to Sell Online)

I know I'm a little late to the party, but could you give a few examples of some products to sell online Chris?

It seems all you ever hear about in online business is doing affiliate marketing or selling an ebook. Thanks.

short answer: Here are some ideas, you can literally sell ANYTHING online. Women sell their panties, people sell dead crickets, others sell handmade weapons. Literally ANYTHING can be monetized.

Just sell something that you are an expert on, make it better or offer for a lower price.

Pour Conclure

Making money, just like meeting women or any other 'skill' is something that just about anyone can be above-average at - if you put in the time.

The key is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

At the end of the day, making money is all about meeting a demand.

If your product/service is great or good enough and inexpensive - you can be successful.

Make a good product and tell people about it.

There is literally tens of millions of ways to make money.

Just get started, make the business work and hire a manager and start another one.

That how you create multiple streams of income.

Create 1 business every 2-3 years and you'll eventually be a millionaire if they are managed correctly. 

Since writing takes a lot longer than audio, I've decided that I'll be doing the majority of the 'Get Paid' content via Podcast.

To discuss making money online, please ask your questions in the Good Looking Loser Forum - Get Paid.

Thanks for listening!

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