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How to Make YouTube Webcam Videos That People Will Actually Watch (and Make Money)

How to Make Youtube Webcam Videos That Have IMPACT

I highly recommend starting a YouTube channel, regardless if you use it as a standalone or to supplement your written content.

Even a small channel (500+ subscribers) can be immensely valuable.

I will show you why.

YouTube is valuable for a host of reasons -

  • For one, it's the second most popular search engine in the world. 
  • For two, it's free.
  • For three, it's easy to use.
  • For four, it's quicker than writing a long blog post.
  • For five, it's the best way to establish an emotional connection with random viewers and people who already read your website.
  • For six, there's a bunch of other reasons that I'm not going to bore you with.

#5, for my content, is the most valuable.

YouTube logo-oldPutting a Face, Voice and Vibe With Your Name = IMPACT

You probably know this but it's worth chatting about.

If you aren't a great writer (I'm surely not) or don't even like writing, YouTube will be key.

While you might not be able to offer A+ written content, you can offer a personal connection.

In many cases, this is equally or more valuable for building an audience, communicating your message and future monetization.

In fact, you can communicate more about yourself in 60 seconds of video than a 6000 word blog post.

YouTube (especially non-professional, unedited footage) offers people a look at who you really are, how you really act, how you feel about yourself and if you really believe in what you are talking about.

People will remember your face and voice as much, if not more, than anything you ever write.

Your face, voice and vibe become your name.

No matter how fabulous of a writer you are, in order to take your non-fiction project to the next level (emotional connection), you need to SHOW who you are. 

Instinctively, people who enjoy your writing really want to know and like YOU - not just the words you write.

I know, there's plenty of examples of successful anonymous bloggers and writers out there. I'm not saying that "doesn't work".

But if the content is non-fiction, especially self-improvement based, it will never be as good as it could be without the personal connection. 

chris webcam

Professional Entertainment vs. Self-Improvement Webcam Videos

Expectations and milestones vary considerable depending on the niche.

In term of analytics (statistics - views, thumbs up/down, comments), you can't compare professional entertainment to self-improvement (non-entertainment) webcam videos.

Whether it's prank videos, music videos or "news", the vast majority watch YouTube to be entertained in as few seconds as possible.
(even 'pick up videos' are completely entertainment for most people)

Almost 100% of videos that go 'viral' are because the video offer laughs, outrage or some other usually not-very-intellectually-stimulating sensation.

Statistically speaking, if your entertainment videos get over 200,000 views and 2,000 comments - that is quite popular, relative to the niche. If your non-entertainment webcam videos get over 10,000 views and 100 comments - that is quite popular, relative to the niche.

The ratio is at least 20:1.
(my estimation) 

Even my non-professional unintentionally "entertaining" videos gathered a lot of traffic -

stats - entertainment videos

Compared to my webcam videos -

webcam videos stats

However -

Less clear and quantifiable is how much IMPACT a video has.

If, for example, a 30 minute webcam video with 10,000 views really touches people and earns 100 emotionally connected 'super subscribers', it will ultimately have greater IMPACT than a 3 minute professional entertaining-but-ultimately-forgotten video with 200,000 views that earns 1000 regular subscribers.

As you may know -

"Targeted Traffic" or "Quality Traffic" has far more IMPACT than just basic "traffic" or "views".

High-quality traffic (people willing to watch your video from beginning to end, spread your message and potentially make purchases) is the only traffic that really matters unless you are relying on extremely low paying Pay-Per-View (PPV) advertisements.

While "traffic" may earn you $0.00031 a view (only the YouTube celebrities earn over $100,000 from YouTube views), "quality traffic" (people who spend, not just watch) is all that counts in really monetizing your brand - if that is your goal.

"Traffic" or "views", whether on YouTube or a website, never tells the whole story.

I'll show you an example below. 

If you accept my 2 premises -

  1. YouTube can build an emotional connection/trust/IMPACT and earns 'super fans'.
  2. Super fans, not traffic, are the ones that make purchases (which earns you commissions or sales). 

Then you can see why YouTube can be valuable.

Do I Need to Shoot Professional or Edit My Videos?
(or are webcam videos okay?)

Unless your channel is for entertainment or reality demonstrations -

No, you don't need to do professional videos or edit your videos. 

In which case, you can do webcam videos.

But -

Your webcam videos (your message) has to be REALLY GOOD. 

Your webcam videos need to have IMPACT.

Nobody will sit through a non-professional, unedited webcam that doesn't have a powerful, semi-organized message.

It helps to gradually increase the quality of the webcam footage and audio, but it is hardly mandatory if your MESSAGE is the priority. If your message is good and the footage/audio is tolerable, people will watch your videos to listen to the message. 

Can Low Traffic Non-Entertainment Webcam Videos Really Make Instant Sales?


It is a misconception that 'traffic' (extremely low paying YouTube advertisements) is the only avenue to monetize your videos.

In fact, I no longer have YouTube advertisements on my videos. It's not even worth it if you aren't a high traffic mainstream entertainment channel.

That goes for Google ads too. You will turn more new people OFF with advertisements on your website than is worth the insignificant amount of money you will make. You need to build an audience before you make them scroll through advertisements. 

Let's get back on topic and show you that webcam videos can make direct INSTANT sales - 

On December 31 2013, I decided to tell my YouTube channel about Victor's book. I thought it would be helpful for guys to get a fresh start in 2014.

I sold 60+ books in the next 4 or 5 days.

30 Days of Discipline Sales Jan 2 - Jan 5

Not a huge amount of sales, but 60 eBook sales ($450) in 4-5 days from a little webcam video with ~500 views (at the time) is pretty good.

Later that month, Victor cut me a check for close to $1000 bucks.

Not bad for a little webcam video that I did while rushing out the door for a New Year's Eve party.

Compare that to my semi-viral videos that never directly earned me a dime -

stats - entertainment videos

This is an example of low-quality "viral traffic". 

While those videos earned sexy statistics, the vast majority of people watching those videos have no intention of purchasing anything from me. In fact, a lot of the people that watched those videos hate guys that act and dress like I do.

The way to make money on "low-quality entertainment traffic" is put up advertisements, but you need A LOT of traffic to make it worthwhile.

But how do we know those sales are from the webcam video and not from your "30 Days of Discipline Review"?

Good question.

As you can see, my review was posted on October 31, 2013.

It earned a spike in sales for the week but gradually cooled off, just as any affiliate product always does.

As you can see, in the screenshot from gmail, the sales are from 1/2/14 to 1/5/14. 

Just the little webcam video that caused the spike.

Imagine what you could do selling Happy Hippo if your YouTube video topped 20,000 views!
(unusually shameless Good Looking Loser/Rooster plug)

You Spam, You Die

If you are trying to monetize your videos, you have to be careful that it is IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM considered a 'spam video' (a video [that appears to be] deliberately created with the only intention to funnel traffic elsewhere). You can lose your entire channel without notice. 

There's 2 basic rules for avoiding this -

  • Provide thoughtful commentary related to the title of your video.
    (aka don't make a fucking spam video, or use the words "buy" "coupon" or "discount" in the title or description)
  • Do not tell people via audio or images to click on links in the description within the first 30 seconds. 

If you follow those rules, you will be fine.

Hopefully I've convinced you that webcam videos with IMPACT can build an audience and even directly sell things.

Now you want to learn how to make YouTube webcam videos that have IMPACT

Let's talk about that.

How to Make YouTube Webcam Videos That Have IMPACT

There's a million little things that make a non-professional unedited webcam video "good", but I'll discuss the significant ones.

You will learn the small "1%" helpers as you go. 

#1 Discuss Any Subject, But Do So With SUPREME CONFIDENCE From Experience

This is key and I'm the last person that will just tell you to "be confident".

Confidence is a product of experience. 

In order to "be confident" you need to gain real experience so that you ACTUALLY BELIEVE what you are talking about. 

But even if you aren't yet a 'confident' person or if you just haven't done a ton of things in your life, you probably have experience with a few subjects (or products) that you can discuss with confidence.

There's a handful of subjects in which I have more experience/results than 99.999% of guys -
(humbly, yes 99.999%) 

  • Getting Laid (5+ years of experience of dedicating myself nearly full-time to Getting Laid)
  • Health & Fitness (15+ years of experience with fitness/nutrition, including anabolic steroids)
  • Kratom (5+ years of experience of living a 'Kratom Lifestyle')
  • Male Enhancement (10+ years of experience, including 3 years of taking it really seriously)
  • Making Money on the Internet (4+ years of experience with making significant money online)
  • Preventing Hair Loss (10+ years of experience preventing androgenic alopecia and hair loss from steroids)

These are the subjects I discuss on my YouTube channel and websites. 

Although it seems like I'm a 'confident' guy, if I did videos or blog posts on subjects that I had little to no experience (stock market, cars, construction, hunting, real estate, extreme sports, etc.) I wouldn't look confident and the content would be very average and everyone would see it and click away.

While some experts "aren't good on camera" (it does take practice), the majority of people who can't make good non-entertainment webcam videos simply don't have the experience with the subjects they are discussing.

You can't give quality speeches about stuff you don't know or haven't done.

There's no point in "faking it until you make it" because there's probably at least 1 subject (or product) that you significant experience with. 

Do videos on those.

#2 Intimately Know EXACTLY Who You Are Speaking To 
(and Visualize Speaking To Them In-Person)

Other than having confidence (from experience), this is the second most important element to making good webcam videos.

You absolutely have to know who you are speaking to and what would make them sit through a not-for-entertainment, unprofessional, unedited webcam video.

It was my goal when I started and I've successfully become anointed "the big brother I've never had", by a lot of my YouTube audience -

big brother 1

big brother 2

big brother 3

This is not by mistake.

I LITERALLY consider each member my audience the "little brother I never had".

I visualize, think and speak to them in the exact fashion that I would to a younger sibling who needs guidance on the subject.

Although I speak to thousands of guys (18-35) on YouTube, I try to speak to each individual viewer as if I know them - because I do know them.

I was them - at their age.

I know their strengths, weakness, goals and fears. I know what they are excited about. I know what they get discouraged about. I know how they spend their time. I know what they tried that didn't quite work for them. I know what keeps them up at night. I know how they feel about and treat themselves. I know how they see the world. I know where they are and where they want to be when they reach my age. 

This is why, despite my appearance (douchebag), I am able to intellectually and emotionally connect with viewers, even if not every video/message resonates with every person, every time. This is why my lower traffic webcam videos "work", even though they get less traffic than more entertaining videos.

Keep in mind -

This runs a lot deeper than just knowing the "demographic" and the gender/age you are "marketing" to.

That is just the surface.

You need to know their intimate (no homo) details and speak to each individual person on that basis.

You need to be a step ahead and anticipate the questions and responses they will have and treat them like humans.

Who is the person that will be watching your webcam videos?

You'd better know him, just as well as you know yourself.

If you can't be one-step ahead of your potential viewers, you should discuss a different subject that you have more experience with.

#3 Share Intimate Details From Your Life

In order to build an emotional connection with ANYONE - you have to share (show) your emotions. 

This is particularly valuable if viewers have had a similar experience and can fully relate, but respectable even if they can't.  

Although I never intentionally planned to "share intimate details from my life" when I started, it just ended up happening. Learning to pickup women is hard and it brings all your baggage to the surface

Like #2, "Intimately Know EXACTLY Who You Are Speaking To", this runs far deeper than "keeping it real". 

You have to put yourself out there and show (not just tell) who you really are and what you've been through. 

#4 Directly Engage Commenters on Webcam Videos While Your Channel Is Still Small

Until you get more comments than you can possibly read or respond to, it would be wise to reply to those who comment.

Even if you just say - 

Thank you for writing in.

It goes a long way with someone that is starting to form an emotional connection with you.

They appreciate it and you should show appreciation for them watching your unedited webcam video. 

These days, I still read the comments on my webcam videos (and respond to comments for the first 24 hours after the video is posted).

#5 Consider the Feedback on Webcam Videos or Occasionally Ask For It

Until you really know what you are doing, you need to pay attention to what people on your webcam videos say.

Those who watch your webcam videos and comment are your 'super subscribers'.

They are your "high-quality traffic" that hear and spread your message (and potentially will make purchases).

If someone asks a question or leaves feedback on a webcam video, chances are several other guys have the same question or feel the same way.

Take this seriously.

On your higher-traffic non-webcam videos (especially a viral or semi-viral video), you can disregard the vast majority of the comments because most of these viewers are not "high-quality traffic" and are just killing time.

Although you should always be 1 step ahead and trust your instincts since you know your viewership, asking for feedback (the more specific - the better) once in a while can be valuable. 

#6 Write a Blog Post First

I've done the majority of my webcam videos after I've written the corresponding blog post. 
(hint: embedding a video in a blog post will get more eyes on it and more high-quality subscriptions)

Although I don't simply read the blog post (and often discuss things not mentioned in the post) in my webcam videos, it serves as a good outline to organize my thoughts.

If I did it in reverse (and wrote the post from a 1-take video), the quality and structure would be significantly lower. There will definitely be significant points that I would miss.

Experience with the subject and organization from a blog post makes for a down-to-earth, high-quality video. Link the video to your post in the description.

If you want to start an inexpensive website and have someone else completely set it up for you in less than 24 hours, check this out.

#7 Give It Time and Slowly Improve

Starting a successful YouTube channel from scratch takes time! 

Especially if you are doing non-entertainment webcam videos.


It also takes time to get comfortable in front of the camera and to just figure out what you are doing.

Just try your best and don't be a perfectionist.

Remember -

It's your MESSAGE that counts. People know and accept that an unedited 1-take webcam video can be choppy. They will allow you a certain amount of sloppiness if they see that you are legitimate, genuinely trying to help them and are trying to get better at filming. 

4 Frequently Asked Questions

Since I know you guys, here's the answers to the 4 questions you are going to ask me.

Can I Sell Things With YouTube Webcam Videos Without Having An Audience or a Website?

So you just want to make a bunch of "review" videos huh?

This "works" but it's much less effective.

You won't establish an audience or an emotional connection if you are solely doing review videos. 

Those two elements are far more important than just having lots of content.

Let me show you some statistics (based on my Amazon income for June 2015) -

amazon stats lifestyle vs youtubeAs you can see, "Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser" (this website) made $1625.72 while "YouTube" made $88.28 from Amazon in June.

To be fair, I only have a handful of YouTube videos with Amazon affiliate links.

None of them are on either the "Good Looking Loser" or "Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser" YouTube channels. 
(this is why sales are low, they are purposely not on my main YouTube channels)

My point is -

A no-audience YouTube channel with webcam video reviews will be at least 15-20x less effective than having a small audience YouTube channel with a website to supplement the content.

Also, if YouTube notices your "channel" is just a bunch of review videos you may lose the entire thing if they feel it's just a bunch of spam.

You can certainly do review videos on a product specific channel, but you should also have several other engaging helpful videos that discuss other aspects of the product you are recommending.

I highly suggest linking your YouTube videos to a written review of the product instead of directly linking to the product. 

What Webcam and Microphone Do You Own? Do I Need to Buy One?

When you start out, a super high-quality webcam is not necessary, but I suggest having a good microphone. That is one thing I would have changed when I started.

When I started out, I had no microphone and used the iSight on my MacBook from 2007 (and later the iSight on my 2009 iMac desktop).

Here is how the old videos looked.

All those videos did really well (for a new channel), but the audio was a frequent complaint. 

Here are the 3 things I use today -

I record the videos in the software that comes with the Logictech webcam. They will provide you a link if your computer doesn't have a CD-rom drive.

Damn, Uploading Videos to YouTube Takes Forever! Is There a Way Around This?

As you will quickly discover, it can take hours to upload a video to YouTube.

Even little webcam videos. 

My advice is to record them in 480p instead of HD 1080p. The file will be smaller and really doesn't matter that much to viewership or YouTube SEO if you have HD webcam videos. This is what I do.

Also, converting the video to .mp4 (which YouTube will automatically do and make you wait through) will dramatically shrink the file size. I don't do this because the suggestion above is effective enough.

If you really want the fastest way to record a video and have it ~instantly on YouTube, you can actually just record in on YouTube and skip the entire upload/processing hassle.

Apparently, this is a trick that many people actually don't know about.

Just click this button and YouTube will turn on your webcam, you can record without uploading -

how to skip the YouTube upload process

You can record and publish a 15 minute video in about 20 minutes.

Just make sure to download your video and save it. 

What About Doing a Podcast? Is YouTube Really Better?

In my opinion, ideally, you should just do both.

Some people prefer reading while others like videos/audios, so you should have your content in as many places as possible.
(Vimeo and Dailymotion are not necessary however)

We have audios of all of our YouTube webcam videos on iTunes and Soundcloud.

You can record your YouTube webcam video and record your audio at the same time.

Or you can make an .mp3 of the audio from YouTube video after you record it.

It doesn't actually take that long.

You can hire someone for $5 (or less) on Odesk (now Upwork) or Fiverr if you don't know how to do it. 

For emotional connection, however, watching someone speak to you is more personable than just listening to or just reading something he wrote.

Also, as I said - YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.
(YouTube viewers don't usually listen to audios that have absolutely no video however - so don't upload just an audio to YouTube)

Personally, as a viewer/listener, I don't actually prefer YouTube webcam videos to Soundcloud/iTunes podcasts. It doesn't matter to me.

I prefer GOOD AUDIO since I'll be listening to the message.

Pour Conclure

It's been a while since I did a "Get Paid" post. 

I wanted to make this one count though.

It's coming along a lot slower than I thought (I'm just really busy), but I think a lot of you guys will LOVE my "How to Make Money Online" stuff.

I'm living proof that you can do it without being a great writer, a great speaker or knowing much about web design. Experience trumps all.

I highly recommend that you start a YouTube channel that has a website to supplement the video. If you know a subject really well, even a small non-entertainment YouTube channel with decent webcam videos can be quite powerful.

I'd have to look back to August 2011-2012 (my first full year of "blogging"), but I think my websites earned at least ~$50,000 when neither my HairLossFromSteroids (defunct) and Good Looking Loser YouTube audience had 3,000 subscribers combined. 

It's definitely worth doing, it can be fun and can earn you money if you can legitimately help people out.

If you haven't yet -

If you want to get an super inexpensive domain and website, but know nothing about how to do it (or don't want to go through the hassle) -

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice weekend!

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