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How to Get Taller In 4 Seconds (Men's Height-Increasing Elevator Shoes)

All About Elevator Shoes and Shoe Lifts
(special commentary, picture submissions from "---")

Although not a completely revolutionary idea, Good Looking Loser "---" (5 foot 8 inches tall) was the first to bring our attention to these products. He is a big advocate of height increasing footwear and has plenty of results to back up his recommendation. So is "Joe", "The 5-1 Guy That Gets Laid More Than You".

Forward by Good Looking Loser

For the record, with the exceptions of "shoe lift inserts", I have not experimented with any height increasing products or shoes.

I don't recommend products I have not used and I always let you know if my recommendation is not from personal experience. Which is rare.

But there's a reason that I haven't purchased any height increasing shoes to test drive.

All 5 major stylish brands only offer height increasing shoes that are size 11.5" (I literally checked every shoe that was good). My foot upwards is of 12.5" and would simply be too small to comfortably use.

I do feel strongly that you should consider trying a pair however and urge you to not be resistant to the idea.

Height is very important, especially for 'cold approach' in the night scene where mainly taller guys get noticed.

Do not be too proud to take advantage of this safe, easy, inexpensive way to add 1-4 inches to your appearance, it will make a big difference in how women look at you.

Elevator Shoes/Lifts Are Popular in Hollywood
(Socially Acceptable)

The reason that most guys are hesitant to wear shoes that instantly boost their overall appearance and social presence is because they are worried about "looking gay" or "getting caught".

It's the same reason that many are afraid to "Dress Like a Somebody, Not a Nobody".

Instead, like the other ~100% of males, they don't stand out unless they are good looking. 

If you are still on the fence about it, it might help to know that elevator shoes (goofy name, I know) are shamelessly worn by celebrities, both on set and in public.

Here are some examples -

tom-cruise-shoe-liftsTom Cruise - a dramatic difference

 Robert Downey Jr ShoesRobert Downey Jr

Mick Jagger ShoesMick Jagger (Lead Singer - Rolling Stones)

brad pitt elevator shoesBrad Pitt gives you permission too

Referencing popular culture and mainstream celebrities is very "un-red pill", but ironically - it will be a reason why a lot of guys stop worrying about "being gay" and take advantage of this tremendous asset.

Where to Get Elevator Shoes? (sizes up to 11.5") and (ALL SIZES!) are your best bet.
(should get free returns on all shoes for 30-90 days, double-check before purchase, this is pretty standard though)

Unfortunately, getting them online is basically your only option.

Since most guys are too scared to wear them, elevator shoes/lifts are really tough to find locally.
(even the #1 shoe retailer 'Zappos' didn't have any options for men)

Sadly, there's not much of a demand (relative to height increasing shoes for women).

I did that search (and several similar searches) to try to get you a list of popular department shoes that consistently stock Elevator Shoes/Lifts.

No such luck.

Another option might be to search or call your nearby shoe stores and inquire about these THREE MAIN brands that specialize in height increasing elevator shoes -

  • Calden (sizes up to 11.5")
  • Calto (sizes up to 11.5")
  • Toto (sizes up to 11.5")

Other worthwhile brands -

You are very unlikely to find a significant selection locally however.

Retailers just don't stock these because so few guys feel they have the permission to wear them.

Selections by Good Looking Loser
(and how much taller you will get!)

Update January 2016 
This guide was written in 2015, some of these shoes are out of stock or discounted.

There's still a lot of good choices out, here is an a nice list of your options -

We went through every shoe we could find and picked the ones we liked best.

Based on -

  • Style
  • Versatility
  • Discreteness of height increase

Here is what we recommend.

Good Looking Height MAX Shoes (Dress Shoes)

Toto InexpensiveThese shoes are a steal at only $30. For such an inexpensive shoe, they can go with any 'dressier' look. 2.8" taller. #affordable

calden 4 inchesIf you really want a boost - these elegant yet basic shoes will make you 4 inches taller. #affordable

calden 3These were our favorite from the dress shoes. 3 inches taller. #GLLPersonalFavorite

Good Looking Loser Height MAX Shoes (Casual Shoes)

 toto casualThese trendy shoes do 'casual' correctly and escape the "bowling shoe" look that so many imitations have. 3.2" taller

toto causal 2These are ideal to pair with a nice pair of jeans. Casual, but not "athletic" or gym shoe casual. 2.8" taller #affordable

toto casual 3This is the most versatile casual shoe of the three. Can be worn with shorts as well. We don't usually recommend anything brown, but these are an exception. Wear with a white top. 2.8" taller

Good Looking Loser Height MAX Shoes (Boots) 

rocco bootBoots are a good way to add a masculine edge to your style, this boot is careful to avoid any sort of "platform shoe" look. It maintains a classy edge, but isn't going to be mistaken for a out of style/lower class Neo-Nazi combat boot that girls despise.
A very significant 3.5" taller

Good Looking Loser Height MAX Shoes (Sneakers)

sneaker 2This sneaker is stylish and will go well with anything white or even jeans that are equal to or lighter than its shade of blue. A significant 3.1" taller without a "platform" look.

sneaker 2 blackA very nice athletic sneaker, built very similar to a basketball shoe but without too much of a juvenile look. A whooping 3.9" taller.

sneaker 3Another nice sneaker from MNX15 built in the popular style of New Balance. Other colors available too.
2.7" taller

What About Shoe Inserts/Lifts?

The more versatile or inexpensive option is to get some shoe inserts/height increasing soles that give you a vertical boost in your current shoes.

About 3(?) years ago I bought the least expensive pair I could find just to try and discuss with guys on the old forum.

While I do recommend that you consider this option, I ran into some trouble with getting them to universally fit in my shoes and they made a lot of my shoes tight. Some were unwearable because they squeezed my feet so tightly. 

You will likely have to cut them and they might not fit all your shoes, so you might have to buy a few pairs.

It's definitely worth a try and "---" has certainly made it work for him.

hieght increasing solesHigh-rated soles that add up to 5.5" (14cm)!

Pour Conclure

In the past year or so, I've kept my eye on several of our forum 'Get Style' threads that discussed and presented height increasing shoes.

The options get better and better every season.

No longer are the selections "bulky" or "platform" looking and although these won't be for everyone - I totally recommend ANYONE of ANY HEIGHT take a look.

Why wouldn't you?

For some guys, these will literally be a "game changer".

Those resistant to the idea are often resistant to so many things that can instantly help them.

We have to stop caring so much about what other (usually undersexed) people think or "what happens if..." and take advantage of the resources we have.

Yes, IT IS important what girls you are sexually attracted to think.

But let the other guys stand on the side and hate on your shoes (no one will even notice). 

Stop pondering a trip to Shanghai for a $10,000 limb lengthening procedure or shooting massive doses of growth hormones until you've exhausted the MUCH SAFER, less expensive, faster options. 

Feeling self-conscious about your height is not just an insecurity or something that you need to "get over" and "be confident" with, it's about sex appeal and how women see you.

Insecurity is your best friend and these are an easy option to significantly level the playing field.  

Let me know if you find a pair of shoes that is 12.5"+ and that adds at least 2".

I will buy them, I have no shame whatsoever.

For feedback on specific height increasing shoes and any questions you may have, please refer to the Good Looking Loser "Get Style" forum.

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